Fargo woman lured pregnant neighbor to her apartment, killed her and took her unborn baby




Brooke Crews, who has pleaded guilty in the killing of her pregnant neighbor, appears in court in Fargo, N.D., on Dec. 11. (AP)

The neighbors downstairs first heard the noise on a Saturday afternoon in August. Bang. It echoed down from the apartment overheard on the third floor of a boxy bone-white seven-unit building in Fargo, N.D. Bang. Bang. Bang. It seemed to be coming from the bathtub.

The tenants below were used to the ceiling-shaking fights between the couple living upstairs — Brooke Crews and William Hoehn — so they didn’t give the sound much thought. As the neighbors would later tell a local newspaper, the ruckus continued for about 20 minutes, then they heard the shower kick on. Nothing remarkable.

But as authorities now know, the banging upstairs coincided with the last time Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind was known to be alive.

LaFontaine-Greywind, a 22-year-old with long brown hair and bright green eyes, was living with her mother, father and brother in the building’s basement apartment. It was temporary. She was about to launch a new phase of her life.

A year earlier LaFontaine-Greywind had moved to Fargo for a new position as a nursing assistant at a local elderly home. She had just signed a lease for a new apartment with her boyfriend of seven years, Ashton Matheny. She was due to give birth to the couple’s first child — a girl — in late September.