Facing defeat, Kathleen Wynne shifts to legacy mode

On Kathleen Wynne’s campaign bus there is an old Liberal couch. It was there during the last campaign when she won a historic majority government and became the first woman to be elected premier of Ontario. It was in Justin Trudeau’s bus in 2015 when he won the top job in Ottawa. Soft, green and worn, it looks like the corduroy pants that were popular when Wynne first burst onto the political scene in the 1990s, a community organizer and mother of three from North Toronto fighting against then premier Mike Harris’s cuts to education, protesting against the megacity.

As part of Citizens for Local Democracy, she railed against the government’s plans to cut school boards and was one of a few ushered away by security after showing up at a Queen’s Park cabinet room, looking to confront the education minister. (Unruffled, she later denounced the megacity to a legislative committee.) She chaired meetings where thousands of people showed up, worried about amalgamation, but she was calm, on top of the agenda.




Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne makes a campaign stop at a Hindu temple in Scarborough on Sunday. Wynne cut her teeth in politics protesting against PC government cuts in the 1990s.  (COLE BURSTON / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

“She has a real presence. I think people realize she hears their opinions,” said John Sewell, a former mayor who founded the anti-megacity group, which opposed the province’s amalgamation of former Toronto municipalities. “She doesn’t want to dispute with them; she’s got the ability to find common ground, which is very extraordinary. As a politician, she hardly ever attacks other people in a personal kind of a way.”

Two decades ago, she was one of the people who marshalled anger towards change, but now, it appears the anger has ricocheted towards her. With the election days away, the Liberal party, in power since 2003, are polling in third, and her own riding of Don Valley West, where she has been MPP for almost 15 years, is going to be a fight. On Saturday, Wynne conceded that her party cannot win provincewide.

“I don’t know who voters will choose but I am pretty sure that it won’t be me. After Thursday, I will no longer be Ontario’s premier,” she said in an emotional speech urging voters to vote Liberal to avoid a majority NDP or PC government.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Ontario can be grateful that the Kathleen Wynne Corrupt Liberal rein of terror is well,

partially over.  This nasty piece of extreme feminism is a classic example of why

she has become the most hated person in Ontario.

This lowest form of life was a supporter of Ontario's largest Criminal Organization

'The Children's Aid Societies of Ontario", that's right that gang of 55 criminal club houses

across Ontario that all claim to be independent contractors for the Ontario government

paid at public service rates but without any accountability with an unlimited legal budget

to litigate on behalf of mentally ill extremely violent women.


Then we have decades of Corrupt Liberal Judicial appointments that have

stacked our Superior Court and Provinical Court with Government rubber Stamps.


Take Ottawa Superior Court, a large number of the judges are former lawyers for

Ontario's largest criminal Organization, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

The latest is probably the future's most dangerous criminal in Canada.

One Tracey Engleking who personally obstructs justice, has a record of

using the her sister criminal organization, the Ottawa Police anytime she wishes to intimidate

or have investigations or charges dropped against her friends.

There cannot be a least suitable criminal in Ontario who has just become

" A judge" of the corrupt Ontario Superior Court of Justice.


Good riddens Kathleen Wynne, make you take Tracey Engleking  with you

one the way out to door.