Edmonton lawyer launches website to make divorce as easy as the click of a button

It's like the TurboTax of divorce

June 16, 2018

Filing a divorce can be a stressful and costly process, but an Edmonton lawyer wants to change that.

Tim Mallett, a partner at Brock Law, is the creator of Clickundo.ca, a website that is like the TurboTax for divorce.

It provides clients with different options, from basic legal information to a full service divorce package, which includes the cost of filing for divorce, and a lawyer who will come to your house to pick up the signed documents and drop them off at court. Unless requested, this is the only time a client will actually meet with a lawyer, which makes filing for divorce a lot cheaper and quicker.

After five years working as a divorce lawyer, Mallett says he knows what clients struggle with during a divorce.

We have a calculator that updates in real time what peoples finances will look like,” Mallett said. “Most people don’t even know the financial things they need to thinking about.”

But finances aren’t the biggest worry. Most people don’t even know how to tell their spouse they want a divorce. Click Undo can help with that, too.

The website also includes information about spousal and child support.

The most recent report from Statistics Canadaestimates 41 per cent of marriages will end in divorce before their 30th anniversary.

A divorce is either contested or uncontested. While contested divorces are complicated and can result in lengthy litigation, uncontested divorces are mutual, where both parties agree on the terms of their split. In 2011, Statistics Canada reported that 80 per cent of divorces were uncontested, which means a service like Click Undo can help the majority of Canadians to reduce their legal costs during a divorce.

Clients can also ask a lawyer to review their documents to make sure they are filled out correctly, but Click Undo does not offer legal advice for individual cases.

“We show people the tools they need to use to think about all their options,” Mallet said.

Click Undo can only be used in Alberta and Ontario, but Mallet’s hopes to roll out the service to the remaining provinces


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The fact is, men in Canada have next to no legal rights when it comes to parenting issues.

Canada's courts treat fathers as sub-human devoid of legal rights.

Its riddled with judges who are appointed because they are politically correct

sycophants willing to do what ever extreme feminists demand.

In Criminal law, a she said will get your convicted and in jail in a flash.

For example a she said might include "maybe he did it" and in Ottawa

that's good enough for a criminal conviction, 18 months in jail and 3 years probation

all without any proof as any reasonable person would deem it.


Why has our system become so corrupt?

We can thank our politicians who appoint, their sycophantic associates as

judicial selectors who select, the sycophants of the legal profession.


Worst of all, they generally, but not always, select, the least suitable persons

who are the most notorious of the legal profession for fabricating evidence,

obstructing justice and most importantly, a demonstrated hatred towards men.

Its that later quality that you will find in recent appointed judges like

Tracey Engleking a former lawyer for Ottawa's largest criminal organization

the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who has a long history of having lawyers

personally fabricate evidence, demonstrate a pathological hatred towards fathers

which, gets them rewarded with a Judicial appointment.


This article is also a joke. Anyone two agreeable people with half a brain

can jointly fill in the paperwork for a divorce. If there are kids involved odds are

if there is a divorce, one or both the parties has at least a personality disorder and or

a mental health problem and when that occurs, total destruction is virtually ensured

by lawyers who have the general societal bias against fathers and then Judges who

generally don't get to be judges unless they have a demonstrated track record of

hatred towards men and or an ability to fabricate evidence personally.


If you are self rep male litigant, get ready for the lawyer on the other side to pit their

credibility against yours, and you will loose most of the time. Get ready for the lawyer

and the judge to jointly fabricate evidence in such a way that their vision of reality

has no connection with the facts which are all generally a forgone conclusion based

on gender.


Oh Canada, what a corrupt country.