Former hostage Joshua Boyle to stand trial next spring on assault, harassment charges next spring

Boyle faces 19 charges, including two counts of sexual assault, criminal harassment, administering a noxious substance, common assault and uttering threats

June 22, 2018


Christie Blatchford


Former hostage Joshua Boyle will stand trial in Ottawa next spring.

The dates were set in a brief routine appearance before Ontario Court Judge Norman Boxall Friday.

Boyle faces 19 charges, including two counts of sexual assault, criminal harassment, administering a noxious substance, common assault and uttering threats, all in connection with his alleged conduct in the capital after his return to Canada last fall with his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, and their three children.

The youngsters were born during the couple’s captivity in Afghanistan and Pakistan; the pair was abducted while backpacking in Afghanistan.

The 34-year-old Boyle, who was released on strictly monitored bail earlier this month, wasn’t required to be present and was represented by his lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon, with Jason Neubauer there for the Crown.

The details of the proceeding and the identities of two alleged victims remain under a publication ban.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Jason Neubauer is Ottawa's "Political Prosecutor". He is chosen by the Crown in difficult cases where the Crown does not have a "normal" hope in hell of securing a conviction.

His role, is to stick handle a conviction of the innocent, to collude with the Crown to fail to provide disclosure that will exonerate the accused.

He also obstructs justice in criminal proceedings to knowingly convict the innocent.

There are plenty of respectable crowns who have the respect of the legal community. Jason Neubauer is not one of them.

In particular, if you are a self represented individual, Jason Neubauer will trample over all of your rights in order to get a conviction.

Jason Neubauer is a very smart highly skilled crown that tragically is compromised by his lack of ethics and his propensity to put the innocent in jail, and get revenge. If you want to see witness intimidation, witness retaliation, etc, just watch Jason Neubauer in action.


Jason Neubauer could not give about the incredible trail of destruction he leaves behind devoid of empathy. He is the executioner of the innocent, the abuser of the abused, and worst of all, he is directly responsible for the abuse of children.


One of the most disturbing aspects  of Jason Neubauer is his propensity to knowingly cover up , fabricate for "Rotten Cops" whose names are mentioned below. He covers up for the lowest forms of life in the Ottawa establishment and brings the administration of justice into ill-repute.


The Ontario Government most probably plans to have this sycophant appointed as a judge where he can go on to be like Ottawa's Smiling Assassin, the Hockey Judge , the psychopath, Diane Lahaie.

The Ontario Government "establishment" uses judicial selectors to "select" those sycophants who will do the government's bidding and throw due process out the window. That's why Jason Neubauer is most probably at the top of list to be a Judge.

Ottawa is famous for "political prosecutions" and, also famous for

Ottawa prosecutors, Ottawa Police and the worst of the worst, the Ottawa Children's Aid Society  orchestrating "cover ups".

In Ottawa, Van T. Nguyen No. 952 fabricated evidence, and to protect him, Samuel Wayne Smith No. 880 did the same. Then knowing that the other two officers fabricated evidence, Peter Van Der Zander No. 1639, did the same.


Ottawa Mens Centre