But when the president is monetizing the Oval Office with his hotel down the road, pardoning right-wing delinquents like Joe Arpaio and Dinesh D’Souza, demanding that an investigation into his campaign be shut down, arguing that colluding with a hostile foreign power in its attack on the American electoral system isn’t illegal, and generally being, well, Donald Trump, what’s the message being sent to the people who work for him, or the people who might want to work for him?

Just as Gates apparently decided that since he and Manafort were breaking all kinds of laws already there wouldn’t be much problem with padding his expense reports to squeeze some extra cash out of his employer, plenty of people around Trump are likely to say to themselves, “Everyone’s on the take around here, so why can’t I get a little taste for myself?”

Which is why there are going to be many, many more stories of Trump administration corruption that will be revealed by the end of this presidency. It’s only getting started.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Paul Waldman of the Washington post is one of the most articulate writers, I've ever seen.

This article explains  how and why, criminals associate with each other. Its a very accurate portrayal of how Judges in Ontario are selected for political purposes by the criminal minded politicians who have zero concern for principles of justice.


These criminals , former lawyers for the Children's Aid Society of Ontario who are selectively chosen for their criminal motivations to engage in lifetimes of obstruction of justice.


It describes the Ottawa Police, their culture of criminality, of how and why the worst criminals are chosen to be police officers where they spend their careers, not fighting crime but engaging in it.


Ottawa Mens Centre