Durham police officer charged with sexual assault

Durham Region police have charged an officer with sexual assault after an allegation about his conduct while he was off-duty.

The force’s professional standards unit investigated Const. Jack Stelwagen, 40, this month after a woman came forward.

Durham Region police charged one of their own officers with sexual assault after a woman came forward with an allegation about his off-duty conduct.  (RENE JOHNSTON / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO)

Stelwagen, who’s been an officer on the force since 2007, has been suspended from duty.

Durham police are asking anyone with information to call their professional standards unit at 1-888-579-1520 or contact them anonymously through CrimeStoppers.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Stelwagen got charged because his offence was against a female.

That is, he "automatically" got charged based on gender.

Now, if Stelwagen had fabricated evidence to NOT charge a violent female

as did Ottawa Rotten Cop Sgt. Peter Van Der Zander, the Durham police would have

charged the vicitm.

That's exactly what the Corrupt Ottawa Police do, "Fabricate Evidence", Obstruct Justice to NOT Charge violent female offenders.

 Check out Peter Van Der Zander