Hundreds attend March for Men event in Melbourne

SYDNEY Watson calls herself an anti-feminist and speaks about Aussies “demonising” men. Today, she took her fight to the streets.

SYDNEY Watson regularly preaches to her thousands of social media followers about how Australia is “demonising” men.

And today, the self-described anti-feminist has taken to the streets of Melbourne for her ‘March for Men’ to show that “men matter too”.

More than 700 people said they’d attend the Federation Square event on Facebook with 2600 more interested.

At least two people were reportedly arrested at the protest by the more than 100 police officers in attendance.

Footage from the event shows protesters and police officers shoving each other.




- Another man taken off in handcuffs from Federation Square. @theheraldsun

Two people have been arrested at a March for Men rally in Melbourne after scuffles broke out between protesting groups. The rally was organised by a political commentator to combat what she describes as an “assault on men.”



In a statement, Victoria Police confirmed two arrests — a 25-year-old man for wilful damage and a 33-year-old man for riotous behaviour. Neither have been charged.

“Over 270 searches were conducted as part of the police operation and two men will be issued with penalty notices for possess controlled weapon (knife),” a Victoria Police spokeswoman said.

“A significant amount of planning was undertaken in relation to the protests with a sufficient and effect number of police deployed.

“Overall the majority of people in attendance at the protests were well behaved.”



The March for Men rally is met with a Campaign Against Racism and Fascism counter rally at Federation Square. Picture: Jake NowakowskiSource:News Corp Australia


Protesters screaming at each other. Picture: Jake NowakowskiSource:News Corp Australia



A counter-protest, called ‘Stand up for equality: March against Men’s Rights Activists’, was also held in the same location, at the same time.

Close to 500 people said they’d attend the counter-protest while 1300 more expressed interest.

Victoria Police promised a heavy presence at the event and warned anyone attending they’ll be conducting weapon searches and will immediately eject anyone who hides their face.



Sydney Watson was one of the organisers of the ‘March for Men’ rally.Source:Facebook



Ms Watson, who studied journalism before moving into conservative commentary, regularly posts piece-to-camera videos for her burgeoning YouTube audience.

In a video announcing the march, Ms Watson said the march was not going to be about “vilifying each other”.

“As many of you know over the last number of weeks, it’s felt like there has been an assault on men collectively. I want Australians to rally together for masculinity for men’s rights and just to demonstrate that we know that men matter too.

“The purpose of this rally is not to hate on women, diminish women’s rights or make any negative statements about women

“What we’re trying to do is show that we care about the men in our lives and the issues that affect them

“This is about men and women standing shoulder to shoulder to show that we’re here for each other,” she said.

Ms Watson regularly discusses feminism and masculinity on social media.



Sometimes I wish I was born in the 70s or 80s.

Sure, life was probably harder, but at least I wouldn't have to worry about offending someone and being fined or jailed.



I'm not going to apologize for supporting men.

I'm not going to apologize for anything I've said about feminism and its veiled misandry.

I won't be shamed into backing down - and if anyone wants to go head to head with me, may the odds be ever in your favour.



Via Facebook, the counter-protest’s organisers the National Union of Students Women’s Department and the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, encouraged people to attend to “publicly maintain a counter-narrative”.

“Globally Mens Rights Activists (MRAs) have operated as a gateway drug for the all-right. Their campaigns seek to enforce rigid gender norms, sexist stereotypes and violence toward women,” the Facebook event reads.

“In Australia, new groups such as the Proud Boys have been established which celebrate rape and decry women’s equality. These are worrying trends.”




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

This is not what it seems. At first glance, it sounds like "mens rights" but its not. This is a attempt by the "far right" of politics, to claim to represent all "mens rights". It is basically, a "trump supporters" supporters group who confuse "mens rights" with extreme right politics.

Its this association with the "far right" that was seen as a red rag to a bull by those feminists who see all men as "trump supporters".

Its a world gone mad devoid of common sense or logical reasoning.

Then there is the behaviour of the Police conducting "weapons searches" of protestors

that resulted in "two knives" being found. Makes you wonder if these were pocket knives. We have

yet to hear the rest of that story.

There were however a few protestors taken off in handcuffs and it appears to be that this protest was not for any genuine purpose but a staged social event, organized by the social media arm of extreme conservatives. It raises the question as to who motivated them and who if anyone funded this debacle.

It also appears that the police set it up by failing to keep the two groups apart.


There are very obviously, a group of "instigators" who were looking for a confrontation. These included "feminists" who improperly attempted to portray all men's rights" as those who "celebrate rape and decry women's equality.

The problem is, that if you look just at the extreme far right there are men and women who turn a blind eye to rape and women's equality. Donald Trump is a classic example. Donald Trump is also despised and hated by the vast majority of the community. Donald Trump is exactly the sort of target that enrages feminists.

Men's and Women's "Equality" should not be taken over by the "alt-right". This protest was a tragic example of how the "alt-right" don't really care about equality, or the rights of men and women.

Expect to hear more disturbing news about "Sydney Watson", the voice of Trump Supporters in Australia.