Shooter cop emptied most of magazine at fellow cop: Source


Sam Pazzano Courts Bureau

December 1, 2018



A Niagara Regional police officer shot most of his 15-bullet magazine at a fellow officer after an altercation between the two in Pelham on Thursday, the Sun has learned.

The victim — wounded Const. Nathan Parker — had a portion of his nose blown off by one round but survived the barrage of bullets because he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, say sources.

Parker remains in stable condition.

It’s believed the two officers have a history but no one has revealed the origin of their “bad blood.”

The shooting followed a heated argument between Const. Parker and Det. Sgt. Shane Donovan about the reconstructionist work being done at an impaired driving collision in the area of Effingham St. and Roland Rd.

Parker became infuriated and conflict escalated, sources said.