4 Women's efforts to warn others about their alleged abuser

4 women’s efforts to warn others about their alleged abuser

11 April 2023

Warning: This video contains distressing details | Four women who share the same ex who they say abused them say they are speaking out to warn others about him because the justice system won’t.



Commentary by the Ottawa MensCentre

Notice that CBC run lots of stories on female victims of domestic violence but never on male victims of female violence.

While the CBC correctly refer to this as 'containing distressing details'

the problem is deflects from the issue of Female upon Male domestic violence

which encourages women to be violent towards men and worse still

men know that society, the police and the courts will not want to see any thing

that does not agree with their preformed conclusions.


This results in the criminalization of police forces, where the lowest forms of life

like Sgt. Peter Van Der Zander of  the Ottawa Police fabricates evidence against male

victims of domestic violence and even releases without charge extremely violent women

minutes after expressing concerns that next time she might kill him.


If  you think that is bad spare a thought for the poor Ottawa Police who have a culture of fabricating

evidence and obstructing justice, to then fabricate evidence to incarcerate male victims of female violence.


Ottawa Mens Centre