Christie Blatchford is looking for information about lawyers who have tackled Section 41/default hearings. She is also keen to speak to any fathers who feel they have been improperly jailed under this section, and who are willing to be interviewed.

You can email Christie Blatchford at

Don't expect her to get back to you until after the Olympic games.


Some more about Christie Blatchford.

Before joining the Globe and Mail she was a well known journalist with the National Post.

She has a reputation for reporting on stories that other reporters shy away from. Christie uses her unique personal style to address issues of public importance.

You can read her articles at the Globe and Mail or if they are about justice or family law have a look at the news section of the OttawaMensCentre.


Christie Blatchford Joins The Globe and Mail  June 20, 2003

    Award-winning journalist adds new voice to Globe's roster of writers

    TORONTO, June 20 /CNW/ - The Globe and Mail, Canada's National Newspaper,
announced today that Christie Blatchford, one of Canada's best-known
journalists, is rejoining the newspaper where she began her journalism career.
Blatchford is renowned for her tenacious ability to get to the heart of
stories whether from the courtroom or the streets of the nation. Her gritty
reporting will deliver a front-line viewpoint to Globe readers.
    Ed Greenspon, Editor-in-Chief of The Globe and Mail said: "Christie is
one of Canada's unique voices in journalism and will further strengthen The
Globe's roster of diverse writers including Margaret Wente, Roy MacGregor,
Eric Reguly, Andrew Willis, Jan Wong, Stephen Brunt, Jeffrey Simpson, Leah
McLaren, John Ibbitson and John Barber, among many others."
    "With dozens of awards among them, The Globe and Mail's writers are the
finest group in Canada. They provide an extraordinary depth of insights and
range of views, and their perspectives help readers assess and understand the
key news and issues of the day. Christie is a great complement to the team,"
said Greenspon.
    Blatchford, a recipient of the National Newspaper Award in 1999, started
her journalism career as a 20-year-old copy editor at The Globe and Mail. She
went on to be a city, feature, and sports writer at The Globe including
writing her own sports column for five years.
    "In some ways, I suppose I'm coming home," said Blatchford. "The Globe
and Mail is where I started; the first place I wrote a column. It was a brave
thing to give a 23-year-old a column in the country's most prestigious
newspaper. I'm excited and nervous to be coming back to The Globe. I will be
working in a competitive environment with lots of great writers."
    The Globe and Mail, Canada's National Newspaper, is a division of Bell
Globemedia, a dynamic multi-media company, which also owns CTV Inc., Canada's
number-one private broadcaster.