May 14, 2009


May 13, 2009

The latest charge was dropped the next day and Peter is currently released but expecting to be repeatedly arrested and thrown in jail.

May 12, 2009

Peter was released and immediately rearrested on Tuesday May 12, 2009 on a charge of failing to appear, thats right, failing to appear when in jail. The Ottawa Detention Centre refused for ONE MONTH to let him have his reading glasses.

For those interested in Peter's case, you should read




April 12, 2009

Peter Roscoe is presently incarcerated at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre as a result of various draconian orders issued

in Ottawa Family Court. These included an order by Justice Denis Power that he was a Vexatious Litigant. Peter appealed

that order successfully to the court of appeal but that court, known for its extreme bias to fathers, put in a poison pill, to effectively,

sentence Peter, to indefinite periods of incarceration till the day he dies, he has been banned from brining any variation proceeding

and this is happening increasingly to Ontario Fathers.


You can contribute to his jail canteen fund by sending a money order made out to Peter Roscoe

Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre, 2244 Innes Road  Ottawa ON K1B 4C4

Your letters of support will be appreciated.

Here is the last known email from Peter

There is currently a blog in the Globe and mail see

20090424 That toxic tug-of-war  - Justice Harvey Brownstone  ( )





--- On Sat, 4/25/09, Peter Rossccoe <> wrote:

From: Peter Rossccoe <>
Subject: help
To: xxxxxx
Received: Saturday, April 25, 2009, 7:28 PM

Broke 7 ribs good friday.  Easter sun. cops broke down my door and arrested me.  In jail need help, lawyers, outside contacts.


It appears that the Ottawa Police let Peter send one email.





Here is the research and blogs by Peter Roscoe prior to his arrest on April 25, 2009.

If you receive any letters from him, please email and we will post what we can.


20090401 Blog - Canada Invades Foreign Country to End Discrimination Against Women

20090331 Divorce Bankruptcies November 2008 Version 3.0

20090331 Cost Penalties in Family Law Sep 2008 Version revised 

GRAPHS ( Check out these pictures of Judicial Hatred towards men )

Divorce Trial Cost Penalties By Sex

Divorce Trial Cost Penalties

Interim Motion Cost Penalties By Sex

Interim Motion Cost Penalties

Total Cost Penalties By Sex

Total Cost Penalties

Variation Cost Penalties By Sex

Variation Cost Penalties



20090321 Blog - Hard to come up with a taunt for CEPC every day.

20090321 Summary of Data for Total Spousal Support


20009 03 17 Here's todays rant on my cost study - BLOG


20090416 Cost Penalties Introduction


Parental Alienation  Draft version February 17, 2009


January 3, 2009

Self Represented Parties In Divorce Litigation htm  word


December 29, 2008

Parental Alienation In Divorce Litigation  htm    word

Divorce Bankruptcies htm    word

Depression and Psychological Trauma In Divorce Litigation   word (revised edition Jan 18, 2009




Regions and Judges of Ontario

Ontario North Eastern Judicial Region (htm)   word doc

Ontario South Western Judicial Region  (htm)  word doc

Ontario North Western Judicial Region (htm) word doc

Ontario Central East Judicial Region (htm)  word doc

Ontario Central West Judicial Region (htm) word doc

Ontario Eastern Ontario Judicial Region (htm) word doc

Ontario Central South Judicial Region (htm) word doc

Ontario Toronto Judicial Region (htm) word doc



20081125_Ont_Sup_Judge_Study_draft    word doc  Note 5 meg file !

The complete 8 page letter in Black and White with the first pages in Colour PDF FILE.

Complete 8 page letter in web html format for easy opening.



Research by Peter Roscoe

Percentage of Family Income (file support 003)

Child Support Payor's Disposable Income Based on Claimed Income

 Child and Spousal Support in Ontario

Federal support study VIII i court ordered  (support data)

Superior Court Cost Penalties

Superior Court Sentencing I Murder and Major Assaults

Gender Bias in Family Law at the Court of Appeal Ontario 2007

Part V    Cost Penalties

   Part I     Judicial Decisions on Family Law Cases

Part II     Discrimination by Issue 

Part III   Discrimination by Year

Justice Goudge

Justice Weiler

Justice Charron

Justice Abella

Justice Feldman

Justice Lang


Superior Court Penalties  Imputed Income

Intentionally Unemployed / Underemployment

Supervised Access

Freezing / Non Encumberance / Non Dissipation / Non Depletion Order

Striking Pleadings



Lump Sum


Criminal Restrictions, Restraining Orders, and Non Harassment Provisions








Summary of Judicial Data Overall Discrimination Indexes



Appendix B





 By Sarah Boulby - An article that has some interesting comments on contempt orders