This department of the Ottawa Police takes up the largest part of the Ottawa Police Budget and their own statistics show that 90% of it is used to commit crimes not prevent them.

The Ottawa Police Promotion of violence and hatred towards men

The Ottawa Police has a long record of charging male victims of domestic violence and or refusing to lay charges against violent females.

The Ottawa Police will bend over backwards inventing justifications for NOT charging women while bending over backwards to lay the most dubious of charges sometimes dating back years from the date of the alleged offence.

For men who are victims of domestic violence, it is a bad idea to report domestic violence to the Ottawa Police without independant legal advice from a lawyer who practices both Criminal and Family Law.

The statistics of the Ottawa Police Partner Assault Section claim that 10% of perperrators are female. Their web site is riddled with gender bias, references to "the White Ribbon Campaign" which is a government funded promotion of hatred towards men in that it promotes a myth that men are violent and women are victims.

Now most males in Ottawa know that if they call the police as victims of spousal violence, they will be arrested.
It is not uncommon for a woman to say punch a man in the face, and with blood trickling down his face, the police will arrrest him, charge him, for being a victim of domestic violence.

Take Detective Peter Vanderzander who arrests and incarcerates male victims of domestic violence and then FABRICATES EVIDENCE to support his fabricated defences as to why the woman must have been provoked or why she acted on a "reflex" as a reason for NOT charging her.

The Ottawa Police Partner Assault write their notes to assist women and cause prejudice to men. It reeks of a sytmatic promotion of hatred towards men combined with a corrupt cop mentallity that political correctness decrees police abuse of victims.



Cst. Ann Menard

Sgt. Dave Ball  ( Partner Assault)

CCst. Ahmad Bayaa Badge No. 2110

Cst. Daniel Bargh Badge No. 1686

Cst. Carol Brunet Badge No. 3213

Cst. KARI  COLUCCI  Badge No. 1677

Cst. NATALIE FORTIN  Badge No. 1531

Sgt. NORMAN R. FREILL  Badge No. 968 (supervisor Partner Assault)

Sgt. Kristin Jennings Badge No 1301 Partner Assault

Cst. Brenda J. Kerr Badge No. 20319

Cst. SUSAN K. LASKA  Badge No. 2246

Cst. VAN T. NGUYEN Badge No. 952

Cst. LILA SHIBLEY Badge No. 1871

Cst.  JENNIFER SIMPSON Badge No. 2240

Cst.  SAMUAL W. SMITH  Badge No. 880 of the Ottawa Police see file



The following officer has a track record for Fabricating Evidence.


Det. Peter Van Der Zander Badge No. 1639  Ottawa Police Partner Assault see file


Complaints about Ottawa Police Officers

If you have a complaint regarding an Ottawa Police Officer or have filed a complaint, send a copy to or call (613) 797-3237