Cheryl Robertson creates quite a positive first impression, She has a certain charisma, that  is shared with psychopaths and devious charming criminals. She uses her position to advance feminist doctrines and at the end of the day when the order is made, it most probably has very little to do with law and more to do with giving a woman what ever she wants. Her bias in against men is chronic.

Gossip in the legal community from Hamilton is that Cheryl was a real good buddy of Sheila Copps before she was appointed to the bench. She makes decisions in a similar vein to that of a crocodile. If you are a father, odds are you will be very slowly digested and end up as excrement.

Cheryl Robertson now sits in Ottawa, seems after a number of years in the boonies, judges get to move to the big smoke.

Now she wreaks lives of fathers at the drop of a hat.

She is a sought after judge for feminists who engage in "judge shopping", that is, motions will be brought when they know she will be the judge hearing the motion.

She is the most sympathetic judge towards the FRO and is one of the few judges in Ontario and perhaps the only one in Ottawa who will issue a warrant for arrest for a father who fails to appear on a FRO default hearing.


Cheryle Robertson thinks nothing of "doing indirectly what is prohibited directly", to satisfy feminist doctrine.

Cheryl Robertson also issues draconian orders for security for costs to prevent other judges orders for a trial of the issue of access and or custody.

If you have been on the receiving end of this judge, please let us know in an email to 


Some of the Dirty Games of Cheryl Robertson

"Striking Pleadings"

This is a game where you use any excuse to obtain an order that is impossible to comply with, then, the lawyer for the mother simply asks for an order "striking pleadings" on the basis that the father, has failed to comply with a court order and therefore, is not entitled to set foot in a court room every again for what ever reason.

Another version is to demand "disclosure", that could be as irrelevant and as practical to supply every bit of toilet paper used between 1 and 3 years ago, and if you can't supply it, therefore ANOTHER JUDGE will find you are in contempt of a court order and, that you will have your pleadings struck.

Yet another version of the Cheryl Robertson, one two assisted father knock out is , making an order for costs, an order that she knows the father can't pay, and because he can't pay ANOTHER JUDGE will issue an order for security for costs and unless its paid, thats right, he can't set foot in a court room every again, Cheryl Robertson plays the first or second judge or both judges in this game.

Basically, she is corrupt, a man hating extreme feminist who has a reputation as being the ONLY JUDGE in OTTAWA who will issue an order for incarceration on a "no show" on a FRO default hearing.