The Honourable Mr. Justice Michael Brown

20080520 Mom not criminally responsible for drowning girls, judge rules

"I find that the accused committed the acts," Justice Michael Brown ruled this afternoon in Newmarket court in the second-degree murder trial of Sivananthi Elango, 33.

"But ... she is not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder," the judge said.


"Elango told psychiatrists that she drowned her daughters Renu, 2-1/2, and Movlika, 3 months, at supper time March 2, 2006, in the bathtub of their family home because she wanted to bring them with her to heaven."


It's nice to see a Canadian judge make this kind of statement. Mental illness in Canada is a taboo subject. The reality is that prior to a criminal act like this senseless multiple murder, Sivananthi Elango probably had a 90% or better chance of getting custody. If she had called the police on her husband odds are he would have been charged not her.

No doubt the feminists will love this decision.