The Dis-Honourable Mr. Justice Robert L. Maranger

JUST US  Robert L. Maranger is another cowardly judge who "Rubber Stamps" any and all requests of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

Robert L. Maranger turns a blind eye to incontrovertible evidence of criminal offenses by Ottawa's worst criminals  such as

Marguerite Isobel Lewis - A corrupt lawyer for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

Det. Peter Van Der Zander - Rather amazing when almost every criminal lawyer and judge in Ottawa knows that Peter Van Der Zander is corrupt and a fabricator of evidence.

Phil Hiltz-Laforge - A child protection worker for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who abuses children and fabricates evidence.

Claudette Knuckle-Dougan - A child protection worker who fabricates evidence and abuses children not to mention, calls children's liars who disclose violence b y mothers.

Robert Godman - A supervisor at the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who appears to rule Ottawa in terror. GODman believes he has the power of god

and appears to be the "supervisor" who directes the criminal activities of the "The Gestapo", that's the name local lawyers give the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.


Justice Robert L. Maranger was appointed to the bench on October 31, 2001 by the then Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Anne McLellan who also on the same day appointed George Patrick Smith of Thunder Bay, Helen M. Pierce of Sault Ste. Marie

Justice Robert L. Maranger replaced Mr. Justice R.C. Desmarais who elected to become a supernumerary judge.

Justice Robert L. Maranger graduated with Honours from Ottawa University in 1984 and was admitted to the bar the following year.

Justice Robert L. Maranger began practice with the Sudbury firm of Dumont, McAndrew in general litigation practice

In 1995 he opened the "Robert L. Maranger Law Office primarily in family, criminal and personal injury law.

Justice Robert L. Maranger is one of the few bilingual judges. He was the president of the Sudbury District Law Association from 1996 to 1997.

Justice Robert L. Maranger formerly practiced family law in the Northeast Region in Sudbury.



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