ELIGIBLE: Bachelorette, pharmaceuticals sales manager Elaine Bond
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MEET Queensland's "bachelorettes" the stunning, successful and single women who are more than a match for their reality television counterparts  .

Our bachelorettes with brains and beauty NEWSHOUND: Television reporter Renee Buckingham is looking for someone with the right values

LAWYER: Kate Hynes is driven by helping talented people

ELIGIBLE: Single girls Karen Obern (above), Elaine Bond (right) and Johanna Barclay (inset)



The Sunday Mail today reveals some of Queensland's most eligible bachelorettes, from the law courts to the catwalks.

KATE HYNES, 30KATE leads a double life, combining her creative and corporate sides into one job.

At 30, she is the managing lawyer of the entertainment division of Hynes Lawyers of the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and is helping set up a new office in Fortitude Valley.

And, unlike the stereotypical lawyer, Kate is driven more by helping talented people get their films, scripts or bands off the ground than making money.

"Apart from my clients at Hynes Lawyers, I also have eight pro bono clients and I am the president of the Gold Coast Music Industry Association, where we hired 12 long-term unemployed people to start their own record label, Elston Records," she said.

From the outset it appears Kate's best qualities are her ambition and self-direction, but it is equally as hard to get past her dazzling smile.

So why is she still single?

"I have such a full life, which has led me to where I am at and I don't think I have had the opportunity to stop and wonder why I haven't met the right person."

Kate's ideal man is tall, dark and handsome with a sense of humour and intelligence. "My perfect date would be sitting across the table from someone and killing myself laughing."

ELAINE BOND, 34LESS than two years after joining Sigma Pharmaceuticals Elaine has progressed quickly to become a sales territory manager.

She says the best part of her job is the freedom she has to build her client base and the travel involved.

When Elaine isn't busy selling drugs to pharmacies across Queensland, she enjoys travelling, art house films, shopping, decorating her new apartment, good wines and great restaurants.

Newly single, Elaine says the only reason she hasn


"I am looking for someone who is affectionate, appreciative, stable and sane," she laughs.

JOHANNA BARCLAY, 26YOU would think being surrounded by beautiful people all day long, Johanna Barclay would have snapped one up by now.

However, this Viviens Model Agency manager is looking for more than just looks.

"I need a person who is very similar to me very loyal, no hang-ups and respectful," she says.

"It's all about personality for me intelligence and personality.


She enjoys listening to music, going out and being outdoors.

"I love going to gigs, from Splendour in the Grass to seeing DJs in the City," she says.

"My ideal date would be going to the beach for the day and flying kites it is all about being outdoors."

KAREN OBERN, 30KAREN says all she ever wanted was to own her own business but she never expected that by her 30th birthday she'd have two OutShine Beauty Salons in Brisbane and plans for expansion.

When Karen isn't giving massages and beauty treatments, she enjoys socialising, dancing, eating, drinking and visiting Byron Bay.

"I have thought before, 'I need some more activities to do', but I love eating and drinking and enjoying the good life," she said.

Karen says she enjoys the single life and believes these are the moments she will treasure.

"I met my dream guy and he passed away when I was 26 it will happen again for me and in the meantime my life is fantastic and I am happy."

Karen's idea of the perfect date is to go to Isis Brasserie in Fortitude Valley and then go out dancing, or alternatively go to Byron Bay for lunch.

RENEE BUCKINGHAM, 25TELEVISION reporter Renee Buckingham says she is a sensitive Pisces who isn't meant to be cut out for working in the media. But after almost five years with Channel 9, her star sign has been proven wrong.

She says the most exciting aspects of her job are the pace, the interesting people she meets and the fact she is always learning.

When Renee isn't chasing breaking news on the Gold Coast she enjoys meditation and sport and is currently touch-football-mad.

Newly single, Renee says she is a "relationship girl" and is looking for someone tall, athletic, with nice values.

"I can tell straight away if we are on the same level I just think that emotional level is so important and I like my boyfriend to be my best friend," she said.





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