Maclean's columnist blasts rights panel hearing


From Thursday's Globe and Mail

June 5, 2008 at 5:17 AM EDT

VANCOUVER Columnist Mark Steyn denounced the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal's scrutiny of his work this week as part of a "ludicrous" system run by "pretend judges."

The tribunal is meeting because of a complaint filed by the Canadian Islamic Congress over a piece by Mr. Steyn published by Maclean's magazine in October, 2006. Muslim critics have said the article, titled, "The Future Belongs to Islam," spreads Islamophobia by alleging the religion will soon take over the Western world.

Mr. Steyn, making his first appearance yesterday at the tribunal's hearings, won't testify in the case but had plenty to say outside the courtroom.

"I think we are almost certain to be convicted and then we will appeal," he said.

If that happens, he added, "We are going to have a privately owned magazine under state regulation. There are countries where that happens. And there's a word for that: totalitarian."

Mr. Steyn expressed frustration that the tribunal does not allow him to confront his accusers and does not provide him due process.

He was absent the first two days of the hearings because of an important prior commitment: He had dinner with media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

While Mr. Steyn couldn't confirm whether he'll stay until the hearing concludes, he suggested that once he leaves Vancouver, he won't be back.

Inside the courtroom yesterday, claimant lawyer Faisal Joseph called two expert witnesses to point out inaccuracies in Mr. Steyn's article.

The first, Faiza Hirji, a professor at Carleton University and an expert at analyzing stereotypes in the media, suggested Mr. Steyn's work brought up recurring negative images of Muslims.

The second, Mahmoud Ayoub, a professor of Islamic studies at Temple University, said he was concerned that the article could lead to Muslims being subjected to the same treatment once endured by the Jewish community.

The hearings continue today.




You Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: Canadian Judges have a Phobia about any negative publicity. Increasingly, Canadian Judges are becoming a law unto themselves for themselves and their friends to not just "silence" but crush and terrorize anyone who dares to suggest that many of them form the underbelly of society who betray their fiduciary duty to society and make political self interested political decisions rather than legal decisions.

Increasingly Canadian Judges are having critics arrested and thrown in jail while fabricating reasons for declaring imputed incomes that are entirely unsupported and contradicted by the evidence.

Canada is turning into a state run by Judges for Judges.