Reports of domestic violence on rise among Canada's soldiers: MP

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Canadian military is receiving an increasing number of reports about soldiers acting out violently against their families, according to the NDP defence critic.

NDP defence critic Dawn Black says reports of domestic violence in the military have been increasing. (CBC)

Dawn Black, who is also MP for New Westminster-Coquitlam in British Columbia, has been collecting serious incident reports filed with the Canadian Forces. They suggest violence in military families is increasing, she told CBC News.

"Certainly there's more reports of wife assault and angry soldiers exhibiting the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder after returning from Afghanistan," said Black.

"What I've found over the last many months is that there are many more — maybe even 50 per cent more — reports of post-traumatic stress disorder acting itself out in domestic violence."

Some soldiers have trouble reintegrating with their families when they return to Canada, she said, and they need better supports to help them deal with the issue.

"This is something that just must be dealt with," she said. "To really support the troops, there has to be the kind of care and treatment provided to ensure that they and their families get through this experience."

'Families are falling apart'

At Canadian Forces Base Shilo in Manitoba, a woman who is a victim of domestic violence agrees the military needs to take action.

Since her husband, a combat soldier, returned from his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, his behaviour has changed and he can be easily triggered into a rage, said the woman, who did not want to be identified out of fear of retribution.

Hundreds of soldiers are returning to Canadian Forces Base Shilo in September, after a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. (CBC)

The woman still can't believe the abuse she suffered at the hands of her spouse: he's punched her, choked her and slammed her against a wall, with their children just a bedroom away, she told CBC News.

"How I kept quiet, I don't know. I think it was just, 'I can't believe this is happening,'" she said.

Hundreds of soldiers are returning to Shilo in September from a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. By speaking out now, the woman said, she hopes the military will take action to help other families so they don't experience what she has.

"They offered him no help. No psychological help. He never saw a doctor. He never got a debriefing. He had nothing," she said.

"Families are falling apart. It's time for them to get off their collective butts and put things into place."

Military addressing the issue

Military officials say the Canadian Forces watches for signs of psychological trouble.

Most soldiers returning from Afghanistan undergo a five-day "decompression" in Cyprus, and they are also required to undergo a psychological assessment three to six months after they return to Canada, said military counsellor Capt. Wayne Brockington.

Capt. Wayne Brockington, a military counsellor, said he has not seen a large increase in domestic-violence cases in Winnipeg. (CBC)

But not all soldiers complete the assessment.

In April, of the nearly 9,000 soldiers who were supposed to have completed the psych test, just 71 per cent had completed it.

"I know that typically 71 per cent do get the screening within the three to six months. The other 29 per cent are usually caught up to, usually within their medicals, which happen every two years," said Brockington.

"The military is looking for 100 per cent completion, and they're probably addressing these issues as we speak."

Brockington said he couldn't comment on specific numbers, but he hasn't seen a large increase in domestic violence cases in Winnipeg in the couple of years he's been there.

But the Shilo soldier's wife says that's not what she's seen and heard on the base.

"I know I'm not alone," she said. "I know so much that I'm not alone, and that's why I thought someone needs to speak up."



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre posted on  the CBC comments

ottawamenscentre wrote:Posted 2008/09/11
at 11:40 PM ET

Dawn Black is NDP who has an invested interest in support from the those in the domestic violence industry, aka one stop divorce stops.

That said, Dawn Black comments have merit, our troops see horrible things and its absurd to assume that no-one has any long term psychological problems as a result.

I’ll say it like it needs to be said, mental health is a taboo subject in society, not just the military, in fact, the military have more guts in dealing with the issue, even if it is a taboo issue than many other sectors in society.

Dawn is right when she says they have trouble “reintegrating with their families”, separations are terrible, many of our troops are not the same personality when they return, some are able to return to normal and others never will.

I’ll disagree with Dawn on this issue, most returning soldiers do not suddenly turn violent on their wives. The incidents on base are extremely rare across Canada. Military wives support each other a great deal, most soldiers would act immediately against their best friends if and when one turned violent on their spouses. It simply does not happen in epidemic proportions, yes, it happens more when they return from overseas, from combat missions but not a great deal more than any other profession that might require an extended stay for similar lengths of time.


Now, when it comes to 2nd and 3rd tours of duty, our government is pushing all the limits to expect that our troops will not return without any psychological problems.


If you spend several years living every day with realistic fears that someone is trying to killing you very violently its extremely difficult to do what is called ‘decompress” or “get back to normal”.

If you live death, tragedy and destruction for long periods of time, you will never be the same again, it’s a personality changing experience.

For many, their attitudes and beliefs will change, that requires a typical military wife’s compassion and understanding which is almost impossible to understand fully unless she also was there experienced the same events.


If our government continues to treat mental health as a taboo subject, the cost of that attitude will be many many times much higher than dealing with the issues now.

To deal with those issues, every single returning soldier needs counseling to determine what his needs are and how he might be suitable for another mission or if he should receive a suitable level of support that is exactly that, appropriate and suitable for each individual.


Our returning troops need dignity, respect and appropriate support no matter what the issues are.


I don’t know Dawn Black.  I do know the NDP and Jack Layton’s notorious long history for support of extreme feminist issues, that makes the NDP an terrifying anti-male organization however I don’t see Dawn Black necessarily fitting that general description other than towing the party line.

Lets look at the issue, “abuse”, its not “domestic violence”, that’s when you have blood, bruises or broken bones.

Abuse is by the person with the power in the relationship, generally that’s the woman, she is the one who can up and leave with the kids at any time.

Now, in the military, you have a breed of wives who are extremely supportive, loving devoted wives who are also patriotic and well generally very nice people.

Military wives are in many respects no different to women anywhere else however, if you a male in the military you are open to the most incredible forms of abuse that don’t exist in the civilian world. How you might ask right?

Well some “military wives” are not really wives, they were looking for a “sperm donor” and simply married for ‘security’, the victim finds out when he is about to be deployed or has just been deployed, he gets served with court documents just before he gets on the plane.

She has just moved on to victim number two, often on the same military base.

Then we have another category of male victim. His divorced partner waits till he is sitting on top of mountain in Afghanistan before sending him a letter telling him that she’s moving, to another country, where she met another “military” guy on the internet and there is diddly squat he can do about it right then or later, she moves and literally never sees his kids again.

Abusers come in all sorts, its generally not physical violence, that’s the typical NDP portrayal of men. Most abusers are in fact women, its generally not physical, its more about abusing power and knowing that we have a corrupt family court that will assume that children belong with the mother regardless of the evidence, evidence that they choose to justify their preformed conclusions in favour of women.  



wrote: Posted 2008/09/12
at 1:10 AM ET

The NDP’s allegations have more to do with an election and their feminist anti-father attitudes than any genuine concern for abused military wives.
You will never ever hear the NDP talking about the problem of abused military husbands or husband abuse. The fact of the matter is that in Canada, for every abused woman there is an abused man and that’s assuming some violence. If there is no violence then we are talking about an even more serious problem, abuse, verbal, psychological and emotional is a lot more damaging than physical or sexual abuse and women are more highly skilled at it and do it more than man.
You see, the NDP refuse point blank to support any notion of equal parenting, they gain a solid support from the feminist and G,L& TD groups than regular husbands and wives, their closet groups actually suffer much higher rates of “partner abuse” than regular families with a mother and father.
The worst abusers in society are those with the power in any relationship, and those with the most power in Canada are none other than Family Court Judges who as everyone knows have a flawed beliefs that men are violent and children belong with mothers regardless.


ottawamenscentre wrote:Posted 2008/09/12
at 1:29 AM ET

Do a google search on Dawn Black, she not a "critic" she is a professional promoter of "wife assault' and, its at election time'!. I've interviewed No Dads Party candidates on the issue of equal parenting and each time they regurgitate feminist ideology that is nothing less than the promotion of hatred towards men.
Again, do some research on Dawn Black, Remember that private member's bill for a Day of Remembrance on Violence Against Women?
What about a day of Remembrance for men who never see their kids again because a mentally ill violent woman got a man hating feminist lawyer from the extreme feminist lobby group to fabricate evidence personally?

It happens ever day across Canada, that kind of fraud wins custody battles and fathers are totally destroyed for ever, not that you will ever see the NDP aka No Dads Party show any empathy for father's who never see their kids again because of feminists promoting a myth that men are violent and women are innocent victims with halos around their heads.

If you ask them about a legal presumption of equal parenting for children, they start talking about violence against women, not domestic violence, not domestic abuse, not partner abuse, its the Official doctrine according to the Canadian Man Haters Association. 01:29 am post 3


ottawamenscentre wrote:Posted 2008/09/12
at 1:43 AM ET

Domestic Abuse in the Military.
Dawn Black is a rampant promoter of myths , very negative myths that is nothing less than a promotion of hatred towards men that being said, Domestic Abuse, note that I'm not using the word "violence" is a serious problem in society and the military is just another part of Canadian Society.
The Canadian Military deserves some credit, a lot of credit. Unlike the Judiciary, the Canadian Military carry out psychological assessments on every single person before they get to join the military, they are assessed during training and in some professions its ongoing assessments by their peers, if you are a nut, you get booted but not always.
There is a unique problem in the military, its a what you call a psychopaths worm hole, some psycho abusers know how to manipulate the system, instead of getting booted some of them actually get promoted, not for performance but because its the easiest way to "get rid of them". Once transferred they slowly ramp up their psychological destruction and soon enough a significant number under them all start asking for transfers even though their superior knows exactly what the problem is.
That's not necessarily a mental health problem, its more accurately described as a personality disorder, it makes life hell for everyone around and it makes it is just one of the factors that affect "retention".
The military needs to avoid any blind vision towards the problem of personality disorders, that belong to abusers of both genders and in their various forms at home and on the job wherever and whenever there is absolute power in one form or another.



The NDP are doing what is called strategic marketing.
The NDP know and assume that most of the Military won't be voting for them, so, how can they turn that into a vote creation exercise, Simply have a few key voices, promote hatred towards men, label Canadian military as spousal abusers and get the support of those in Canadian society who have a pathological hatred towards men.
The No Dads Party, know that by these attacks, they can attract votes from those in society with a vested business interest in marriage destruction, that is the destruction of marriage between a man and a woman. The No Dads Party actively support those same organizations that have financial and political interests in the destruction of heterosexual marriages and support that other form of marriage known for its high incomes, and low probability of reproducing. Its effectively a promotion of hatred towards heterosexual marriage and heterosexual relationships.

I recall talking to a charismatic NDP candidate, and apart from what I would call Green Party members, his support came from those who had a vested financial interest in promoting very negative myths about men.
This promotion of hatred towards men has been very successful, its permeated the judiciary and its getting worse day by day with what can only be described as a war against men.

I have several gay and lesbian friends and they also enjoy having heterosexual friends, they believe in equality and don't want anything to do with the No Dads Party promotion of hatred towards men.
Its a very sick way of asking for votes.



ottawamenscentre wrote:Posted 2008/09/12
at 11:33 AM ET

Our troops are far more afraid of the Family Court Judiciary than they are of the Taliban or international terrorists and it doesn't take much of a brain to figure out which of those two categories are the greatest danger to Canadians.
The Taliban might give you a bullet to the head, that's going to be relatively painless.
If you end up in family court at 161 Elgin Street the odds of being destroyed are a lot higher than running through a hail of machine gun bullets and the later is a lot easier to achieve.
The pain and terror is going to be worse than you can imagine.
There is nothing worse than not being able to see your children while they remain in the care of a mentally ill very violent abuser simply because our Judiciary are engaged in a War of Terror against Men, but worst of all they carry out the worst form of child abuse there is, its called "parental alienation".
Family Court judges have a hatred towards men that rivals the Taliban, they don't behead their victims, they choose a far more painful way get rid of the their victims, First, you are not allowed to have the right of reply, you get served with an application to terminate your right to a relationship with your children, when you attempt to file a response, good old Justice Power or Sheffield are likely to "strike your pleadings", issue draconian orders for "security for costs" or label you a "vexatious litigant".
These orders generally have no justification whatsoever, they used by the worst child abusers in Canada to ensure that children NEVER see their father again and generally, its the mother's who have a severe mental health problem, a violence problem that just happens to be too politically incorrect to mention in a supposedly democratic society like Canada.
Our family court judges use a style of justice that would horrify any third world and in particular, the Taliban and the Islamic world.
Men don't have ANY rights in family court, Any allegation by a woman or in particular, a Female Feminist Lawyer is deemed to be true, and regardless of the evidence there is a reverse onus applied, that will result in a criminal conviction , without even a trial or the right of reply.
That's C A N A D A were the greatest danger to Canadian children is being permanently removed from their fathers for no other reason than a Man Hating Judge willing to flagrantly abuse his judicial power, all to support those in Canada engaged in Canada's War Against Men.


ottawamenscentre wrote:Posted 2008/09/12
at 11:55 AM ET

"one more clue", you don't appreciate or understand the problem. Society wants subject matter in simple McBurger ideas.
Domestic Abuse is different from Domestic Violence. DV can be seen, its determined to exist when there is blood, bruises or photographic evidence and upon the verbal evidence of a woman who gets her man arrested , thrown out of the home, unable to see the kids on a fabricated false 911 call.
The reality is DV occurs equally to men and women, MOST MEN do NOT report DV to themselves, Most Police will arrest Male victims , Most men know exactly what is probably going to happen to them if they call the CAS or Police, it will backfire and HE will be arrested.
IF HE goes to Family Court, the underbelly of the Judiciary will probably issue a typical man hating order that has nothing to do with the Rule of Law.
Domestic Abuse is a far greater problem, its not physical violence it can be as little as "total control" or "a borderline personality disorder" and it can be by either gender.
One thing is certain, the Abuser is most probably the person with the power in the relationship, and in Canada, the person with the power is generally the mother of the children, she can lift her little finger and tap 911 and he is gone forever, its just too easy and it happens just too often.

The 911 solution is the brute force approach. Many women choose to just paint him with a black enough brush to get what they want, any responding material is then deemed to be "harassment' deserving of a restraining order, thats right, our Man Hating Family Court Judiciary simply issue restraining orders to "get out of town" that is another increasingly favorite way for Man Hating Judges to effectively "deport" a father.
Their next solution is to order child support at a level that does not and never did exist knowing that the father cannot pay it and then , in round two, an automatic process called the FRO starts that results in indefinite repeated incarceration that never ends, you see, the same Family Court Judges, in particular Justices Denis Power and Allan Sheffield are the two most famous judges for making these sorts of orders while their administrative judge avoids any attention by letting the hatchet men do the courts dirtiest deadly deeds that is very obviously torture and child abuse.

This "news item" is nothing more than an NDP gimmick, they know they have few supporters in the military, in fact, the Anti-Father leader of the NDP is less than affectionately known as "Taliban Jack".
If you think Jack Layton is disliked in the Military, just ask any father who has been to family court and been the victim of Jack Layton's massive resource called the "feminist lobby group" whose "growth industry" is achieved by fabricating increasing statistics of domestic violence.

Canada has several serious problems, the worst is a declining birth rate, our unisexual lobby groups have gained control of our judiciary who make it an economical danger to have children. Any father runs a risk of never seeing his kids again and either having a life of poverty and or indefinite repeated incarceration simply for wanting to see his kids.

Most Canadians have no comprehension that our Family Court Judiciary are out of control, not all of them, its just most of them , and some of them create most of the destruction. Some are next to saints, most are not and a few well, they are straight out of a horror movie that is beyond the comprehension of anyone who has not watched these terrorists at work.

Jack Layton stands for this pathological hatred towards men, he was involved in a disturbing campaign called the "the white ribbon campaign" whose purpose was very obviously a promotion of hatred towards men.
It worked, spectacularly,.

Every day, the Gender Hatred towards men gets worse, its in a graveyard spiral, Family Court Judges are now routinely issuing orders that can only be described as terrorism and torture, its legal, because these crimes are being committed by Family Court Judges who have absolute power and absolutely no accountability.

The only accountability is Public Embarrassment, and they attack that with a vengeance.
Take Ottawa Judge Richard Lajoe , formally of Timmins Ontario Provincial court, he did not like being described as an "insult to justice" so he had the father arrested on a charge of criminal defamation".

Just ask any criminal lawyer within hundreds of kilometers of Ottawa or Timmins and they will tell you all about, the dishonorable Richard Lajoie.

Judges have a fiduciary duty to Canadians, some have no respect for the Rule of Law, the principles of justice or any notion of fairness. Many engage in issuing "draconian orders" that would rival that of the Salem Witch Hunts.


Arbyburns wrote:Posted 2008/09/12
at 12:08 AM ET

Ottawamenscentre - that's good stuff here, thanks for your efforts at enlightenment.