Ian Bush charged with first-degree murder in 2007 killing of tax judge, wife and neighbour

February 20, 2015


Ottawa management consultant Ian Bush has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the 2007 killings of tax judge Alban Garon, his wife Raymonde and their neighbour Marie-Claire Beniskos.

Ottawa Police Staff Sgt. Bruce Pirt, who was on the case eight years ago, said that it was a “big moment” when investigators were able to match DNA from a recent home invasion to the 2007 crime scene at the Garon’s home.

“Any unsolved case has its difficulties and this case was plagued with difficulties,” Pirt told reporters following a press conference to announce the charges at Police Headquarters Friday.

“It just took a long time, a number of teams and a lot of people and we brought it all together. From past investigative teams to current investigative teams, it was a very big moment.”

The DNA link came in December when Bush was arrested for breaking into 101-year-old decorated war veteran Ernest Côté’s upscale home. Bush had tied Côté up and placed a bag over his head before leaving him for dead. But the war hero got free and called police. Bush was subsequently charged with a slew of offences, including attempted murder in the break-in.

Police then began to build their case against the 59-year-old on the Garon slayings and arrested Bush outside the Ottawa courthouse Friday morning, following a court appearance on the attempted murder charge.

Pirt said police are now looking to link Bush to possible other cases, both locally and nation-wide, but he wouldn’t speak on specific cases.

He wouldn’t confirm whether police are searching for more suspects or accomplices in the 2007 killings, but told reporters to “read between the lines.”

“We have closed the file and it’s final and we have laid charges,” said Pirt.

Bush’s brief court appearance Friday was to submit a court-ordered psychiatric assessment to the Crown, which stated that the 59 year old is fit to stand trial on charges of attempted murder, robbery, forcible confinement and several other charges relating to the December break in at Côté’s home. His trial on those charges is scheduled to begin March 6.

It was a media circus at the Elgin Street Courthouse Friday morning, as reporters, photographers and police detectives packed into the courtroom to get a glimpse of Bush, who was wearing a brown leather jacket and a dark blue turtle neck.

He sat motionless in the prisoners box, only chatting with his lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel. Not once did he look out into the packed crowd.

Five major crime detectives were also in the crowd – officers who later arrested Bush outside the courthouse. Bush’s lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel wouldn’t comment on the psychiatric report or the murder charges as she fought her way through a line of strobing cameras and microphones pushed in her face.

“I am not saying anything at all,” she said, making her way to her vehicle, already waiting for her outside the courthouse.

Family members of the Garons and the Beniskos released a statement Friday afternoon, thanking police for their hard work in solving the notorious cold case.

“The friendship that linked Mari-Claire, Raymonde and Alban also unites our families by force of circumstance,” the statement read.

The family has asked for privacy while they search for closure.

Bush is scheduled to appear in court on the three murder charges Saturday morning.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

It seems the Police could not contain themselves and just had to start shooting their mouths off to the press some four days before the arrest and then tip off the press about the pending arrest.

The court house's only door available to the public was surrounded by cameras and the press who apparently had been tipped off.

So who are the names

Staff Sgt. Bruce Pirt was quoted for several paragraphs that included saying it was "a big moment when investigators were able to match DNA from a recent home invasion to the 2007 crime scene at the Garon’s home."


Then there were FIVE "Major Crime Detectives" who were "in the crowd".   these are the ones known for wearing "classy suits and ties".

While the Police can take pride in their work, its when they start doing their own publicity promotion it does nothing to add to their already tarnished credibility as one of the most criminally corrupt police forces in the western world.


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