One Thousand Dollars Reward is offered

to anyone including present and or past members of the Ottawa Police

for information leading to the conviction of



Tel: (613) 236-1222 Ext. 5261

After the Ottawa Police became aware that Peter Van Der Zander fabricated evidence and obstructed justice

they promoted him to Sgt.  They then took him off the street and where they thought, he could do any harm

at the court services desk in the Ottawa Court House.


You can email this lowest form of humanity at

Sgt. Peter Van Der Zander is armed and extremely dangerous to society in that he will abuse his duty by fabricating evidence, intimidation and threats.


Sgt. Peter Van Der Zander HAS FABRICATED EVIDENCE, he also arrests and incarcerates male victims of Domestic Violence.

He also uses his police employment to intimidation of witnesses, another criminal offence.

This creep displays at least, some of the personality attributes of a psychopath that include,

a ccharismatic personality, a compulsive habitual liar. Has a serious lack of real empathy and

gains sadistic pleasure in terrorizing others.

If you have the right contacts in Ottawa, you can get Ottawa Police officers, unpublished contact information

and have others threatened, arrested and thrown in jail.


While he was  in Partner Assault he fabricated evidence, obstructed justice and engaged in intimidation.

He then went to  District Investigations East, Court Services and is now loose on the street and a danger to

the justice system.


He is supported by his equally morally and ethically deficient superiors all of whom turn a blind eye to his

criminal offences and in doing so, obstruct justice. That's the normal life

at Canada's most corrupt Police Force, The Ottawa Police.


The Ottawa Police support their associates in Crime, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who employ unconvicted fabricators of evidence and child abusers like Phillip Hiltz-Laforge, Claudette Knuckle-Dougan who calls children who disclose abuse liars, and who are supervised by a "Supervisor" Robert Godman.


The Ottawa establishment is riddled with corrupt officials who engage in criminal offences and it goes

from the cop on the street to those who hold the highest office in Ottawa.


If you have any information regarding Det. Peter Van Der Zander

please email  or call 613 797-3237


Check out the commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre in the News section where the  unconvicted Fabricator of Evidence and Obstructer of Justice,  Det. Peter VanDerZander gets a regular dishonourable mention.

If you don't like the Ottawa Police employing Criminals, send an email to

If you don't like Det. Peter Van Der Zander you can email him at or you can call this Criminal  at  (613) 236-1222 Ext. 5261

Here are some News Items where you read our comments on criminal offences committed by Ottawa Police low life, unconvicted criminal, Detective Peter Van Der Zander.



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