Ex-Cop Could Get 20 Years For Helping People Beat A Polygraph



A former Oklahoma police officer was caught in a sting operation charging undercover officers thousands of dollars to teach them how to beat a lie-detector test


By James King


May 15, 2015 at 3:18 PM ET



Lots of government employees take their skills into the private sector where they make a healthy living telling clients how to beat the system. But for Doug Williams, it didnít work out so well. The former Oklahoma City police officer faces up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal charges that he operated a business that trained people how to successfully lie during polygraph tests.


Williams, 69, abruptly ended his trial this week when he decided to plead guilty to five counts of obstruction of justice and mail fraud after he was caught in a sting operation by undercover federal agents posing as customers who wanted to cheat a lie detector testóa service Williams openly advertised on his website, Polygraph.com. The Website has since been shut down. The federal indictment is here.


Showing a person techniques to use during a lie detector test isnít a crime. Knowingly helping someone who admittedly broke the law to successfully lie on a government polygraph is obstruction of justiceóand thatís what led to the arrest of Williams, who spent 10 years as the OCPDís internal polygraph division before leaving the force in 1979.


ďI havenít lived this long and f**ked the government this long and done such a controversial thing that I do for this long and got away with it without any trouble whatsoever by being a dumbass,Ē Williams said to the undercover agent, according to the indictment.


In another sting operation, Williams agreed to help an undercover agent posing as a police officer who was applying for a job with Customs and Border Protection and was asked to take a polygraph. He explained that had used drugs and had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl and he didnít think heíd pass the lie detector test. Williams agreed to help the agent lie.


Contacted by phone, Williams hung up when asked for comment by Vocativ.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Note, Doug started his sentence on October 30, 2015

and is in jail simply for protesting

"the loudest and longest against the polygraph".


Take a look at this ex cop on YouTube




A Conversation with Dr. Gordon Barland & Douglas Gene Williams


99% of the advice in this video is very accurate.


Video Clips






A Reasonable Doubt Jake Elrlich Snr interview by Johnny Carson 1964 on the Polygraph





A message from Doug Williams regarding the charges, mail fraud etc.

"The whole process is to go after the person who protested the most"



Polygraphs are used by Police Forces to abuse.

If you OFFER to take a polygraph, you need to know

that such tests are rigged to get the result that the police

wish to see.


It's a classic example of seeing what you want to see and

of Police fabricating evidence to be the evidence they want to see.


Read the Indictment


Polygraphs as the man says, are no better that random tosses of a coin

and only an idiot without a lawyer will accept a police offer to do a polygraph

as the odds of you finding a criminal lawyer who believes in polygraphs

and who trusts police polygraph operators is entirely remote.


If you are considering paying a private polygraph operator, generally

an "EX COP", be warned that you are most probably being ripped off

and your money will be far better spent on legal advice and or

real professionals in a real occupation.


Doug Williams is in Jail because he "spoke the truth" that the police did NOT wish to hear.

There appears to be nothing illegal about what he did.


The fact is, Polygaphs are used by Police for CRIMINAL PURPOSES.

IN Ottawa, Ontario, the Ottawa Police use Polygraphs to not to allow someone to

prove their innocence but as a weapon of intimidation,

"sorry, but you failed the polygraph" which can and does cause

false confessions.


Can you imagine any ethical cop wanting to be a polygraph operator

when the result is well known to be as good as flipping a coin?


When every criminal lawyer warns their clients to forget the idea

of using a polygraph to prove innocence?



Doug Williams will appreciate your letter of support and of course

send him a money order for his canteen account.


Letters and money are very important to victims of political prosecutions.







If you're a polygraph victim, please share your experiences with Doug.


You can write to him while in prison, at the following address:

Make your money order out to Douglas G. Williams and just attach

it to the letter.


Note: even his social security payment is stopped while he is in jail.


Douglas G. Williams 29159-064

FCI Florence

Federal Correctional Institution

Satellite Camp


P.O. Box 5000

Florence, CO 81226-5000




Ottawa Mens Centre




Doug wants to hear from you. If you want to brighten his day, or if you're a polygraph victim, please share your experiences with Doug. You can write to him while in prison, at this address:

Douglas G. Williams 29159-064
FCI Florence
Federal Correctional Institution
Satellite Camp
P.O. Box 5000
Florence, CO 81226-5000