The Honourable Mr. Justice
Alfred J. STONG

Stong formerly respresented YORK CENTRE in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as a Liberal member from 1975 to 1981 when he was defeated by Don Cousens for the provincial seat.


The Honourable Mr. Justice Alfred J. Stong is what you call a "man hater", who subscribes to the doctrine that women who kill their kids must be the victims of spousal abuse. He is also an abuser, kicking Mr. Campione with some horrible conclusions in a trial where Elaine Campione did not even take the stand.

It's enough to make you want to puke.


Stong is just another of the underbelly of the Ontario Judiciary who create an atmosphere of terror in the courtroom where you can smell the odour of hatred and sheer terror oozing out of the court room walls.


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"Stong can’t undo the verdict. But by his bizarre words, he has given succor to a killer and considerably shifted the onus of responsibility, diminishing the impact of the jury’s finding.

Elaine Campione, in July 2005, had her husband charged with assault, claiming Leo had hit her and slapped their older daughter.

Those charges were stayed for 12 months and are now done with.

The allegations of abuse were made by a woman who never took the stand in her own defence, who spewed venom at her estranged spouse and damned him to hell for the murders she had just committed — “How does it feel” Elaine had so cruelly snarled, anticipating Leo’s discovery of the corpses — and who, by the testimony of her own mother, was profoundly disengaged from the lives of her daughters, endlessly putting her own needs first."




20101116 Mother who drowned daughters guilty of first-degree murder

"But she had also availed herself of a plethora of help from a large and disparate group of supporters, ranging from her mother, who came for extended periods from New Brunswick to look after the girls, neighbours in her subsidized apartment complex, workers at the shelter where she briefly lived and, most critically, a worker from the Children’s Aid Society of the County of Simcoe."

"Mr. Campione, as local reporter Tracy McLaughlin reported on Monday after reviewing family court records, went into debt, desperately trying to persuade the CAS the children weren’t safe with their mother."

"As it turns out, he was right, but as no one would listen to him then, even now, with Ms. Campione a convicted killer, the judge was loath to hear from him."



And what makes a judge like Stong so biased? This case may have something to do with it.

20070502 Father jailed 15 years  "Marco Trotta"

"And when he died on May 29, 1993, his death was dismissed as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. A second autopsy, performed when Paolo's body was exhumed on July 20, 1994, found he had suffered three skull fractures, a broken arm and several bruises. "

20100408 Soft sentence in racially motivated attack

"Outrage and anger were front and centre at a Newmarket Court February 12, as Trevor Middleton, of Sutton West Ontario was sentenced to two years less a day in jail for his participation in racially motivated hate crimes on Asian-Canadian anglers on September 16, 2007."

"Susan Eng, a lawyer and activist in the Chinese community in Toronto, was disappointed with Justice Alfred Stong’s sentence, stating, “it was really appalling in the view of everyone in the room except of course of the family and friends of the perpetrator. Those of us in the advocacy group wanted to hear the judge have an absolute finding; that in fact the activity was motivated by hate.”"