The Honourable Madam Justice Carole Curtis

On January 18, 2008 Carole Curtis was appointed to the bench.


Until January 30, 2008 Carole Curtis is nothing but an appointee someone who is about to become Her Majesty's public servant. Her appointment is entirely at Her Majesty's pleasure and rescinding it does not require any explanation and does not give a cause to any legal action. We as a public were given 12 days notice and we better use it wisely.
After Carole Curtis gets sworn in as an Ontario judge everything will change we will have to prove that she is not fit to sit on the bench based on her performance as a judge. It might take us years to accomplish that task at the cost of many men suffering great injustices. 
During next week all we have to do is convince powers that be that Carole Curtis is not fit to sit on the bench based on her performance as a lawyer

Karol Karolak


Carole Curtis  has a long track record  of representing almost exclusively female clients and in one case

advised her client to disappear

with the child justified by a classic fabricated allegation of child sexual abuse.

That resulted in a complaint to the Law Society who held a hearing and said she did nothing wrong.

That is an opinion that is not shared by a very large number of people.

What was not written is that the Law Society knew that a finding of improper activity

would have prevented her from becoming a judge and of course, she had lots of friends in the feminist world.


Carole Curtis is probably going to fit right into the feminist judiciary world and become yet another feminist family court judge who will leave a trail of destruction all to help out mentally ill violent women with severe personality disorders. Odds are Carol Curtis will be rather sympathetic to that classic silver bullet of fabricated allegations of sexual abuse.

If you have any news about her, drop us a line.

News Items

Carole Curtis won custody of a child for a woman who was diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder.
Hamilton CAS tried to appeal that decision


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