The Honourable Madam Justice Dannielle M. M. Genesee (Family Court Branch)

Wow, you just have to read her decisions. Take one famous case involving the CAS whose position was the mother fabricated allegations that THE FATHER had sexually abuse the child, and, that the mother had a borderline personality disorder. After a "long trial" Justice Dannielle M. M. Genesee found that the father had sexually abused his daughter.

Justice Dannielle M. M. Genesee stated at the end of that decision that:

"this is not a finding beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the criminal burden — in the light of my finding of fact in this regard, my disposition in regards to the father follows ineluctably from that decision.

Remember, a massive CAS investigation resulted in the CAS forming a very different opinion. The lawyer representing the mother was non other than Carole Curtis who was appointed to the bench as a judge in the Ottawa Superior Court despite a large number of public objections.

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"The Child Abuse Unit of the Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police Force investigated the matter (ref: para. 4.11 of the Judgment of Genessee J.).  The father through counsel had agreed to both phallometric testing and a psychiatric assessment at the Clark Institute of Psychiatry (ref. para.4.15 of the Judgment of Genessee J.).  An assessment was conducted and updated by the Child Advocacy and Assessment Program.  Dr. Benoit, a court appointed psychiatrist, prepared an extensive and detailed report.  These are the sources of information which are ostensibly credible and no doubt contributed to the agency’s belief that there was a live protection issue.  No doubt the cumulative effect of such information would work against the acceptance of this offer put forth by the mother.  The fact that Justice Genessee ultimately did not agree with these opinions does not detract from their apparent validity."




How do you interpret all those decisions?

Police Forces are only all to willing to investigate a mother's claims of sexual abuse, they are bound to, as are the CAS, who get tied up in massive investigations. The father went through "phallometric testing" , thats like a penis lie detector, and "psychiatric assessment". All these reports were apparently in favour of the father. Justice GENESSEE decided after hearing all that evidence in favour of the father that he did do the alleged acts. Justice Genessee can make all sorts of decisions in favour of a mother that defy the CAS and the Police. Just  why did she make that decision.

Fact is, we have feminist lawyers, feminist judges and all too often they get together in court and put on a show of engaging in law when despite all the evidence its common knowledge to the local legal community that the decision is going to go the mother's way despite what ever evidence there is. You see, its called unofficially, "the process of justification".