This judge suffers what is called "court rage" and falls into the small category that can be best described as “the underbelly of the judiciary”. For this web site, plain language has to be avoided but feel free to use your brain while reading this web site.

Denis Power was civil litigator and a partner in law firm Nelligan-Power famous for its close connections to the Liberal party. His incredible legal knowledge is only exceeded by his arrogance.

Since becoming a judge, he has left a trail of destruction in family court, and this is probably the reason why he is not generally scheduled to sit on family court matters and is more likely to appear to sit on civil litigation matters where he does have some experience.

Ask any experience lawyer in Ottawa and they will tell you he suffers from a familiar illness to the judiciary called “judgitis” which simply means he has been a judge too long and unfortunately he is unlikely to ever admit that he is unsuitable to be a judge and society will be burdened with a never ending flagrant abuse of judicial power.

Denis Power generates more complaints to the Ottawa Men’s Centre than any other single judge just leading Aitkin and Desusa.

Justice Denis Power is hell bent on enforcing his god like powers with scant regard to the fundamental principles of law.

Denis Power is what is called “a fem box”, that is in family court he will engage in the unofficial legal process called “The Process of Justification” and to provide an example, in one recent case of September 2006, Denis Power lowered a mother’s declared income by 30% and imputed an income to the father of around 40% higher and ordered spousal support when in reality both earned a similar income and the mother had failed to comply with several dozen undertakings any one of which probably would have shown that she was coming before the court with some very dirty hands, something that Denis Power knew or ought to have known but chose to ignore so he could make a decision for the mother.

Back in January 2001, Denis Power issued a restraining order against a father permanently prohibiting him from entering the City of Kingston, not because of any threats or potential of violence but because he “litigated” which he called harassment of the mother even though another judge had recently ordered a fast track trial of custody when the father provided that judge evidence that the original order had been obtained by fraud, the evidence of the fraud resulted in 5 criminal charges against the mother. Denis Power claimed to have read the pleadings and said “I can’t understand how the police laid the charges” when the charges were in fact laid by a JUDGE, in an extraordinary exercise of discretion. In the same matter, Denis Power stated “I can’t do anything about the order for a trial of custody but I can issue a restraining order and I will do so”.  The entire transcripts of that proceeding will be posted shortly on this web site.

Almost every month, another father files a complaint about Superior Court Judge Denis Power with and the complaints never end. Don’t ever underestimate how dangerous Denis Power is, he acts with impunity with criminal immunity.

The moral of this story is , if you ever have “Superior Court Judge” Denis Power, do not try and represent yourself, he appears to have a pathological hatred of anyone who is self-represented and if you are a father, you need a very experienced lawyer who understands the “realities of family law”.  If you are looking for a lawyer make sure you ask if the lawyer is familiar with Denis Power. Many experienced lawyers have stories of their own experiences with Denis Power and will only repeat them in confidence. If you are thinking of representing yourself, you need to think of the risk of running across the likes of Denis Power. In law you often only get one kick at the can and Denis Power will make decisions specifically designed so that the victim is most unlikely to ever get a second kick at the can and of course, to ensure that his dirty deeds are never successfully reversed and exposed.


If you have any interesting unreported decisions of this judge please send us a copy in word, wpd, rtf, html, or pdf at 400dpi.


20070504 Canada Sexist?  -  Globe and Mail re Justice Denis Power of Ottawa


20060128 Peter Roscoe v. Kendra Roscoe - Justice Denis Power made a decision that Peter Roscoe was a vexatious litigant when in fact, Denis Power found that there was some merit to his application which was partially successful. Here is a classic example of a flagrant abuse of judicial power by Justice Denis Power. 

20040716 Kingston Lawyer John T. Zuber wins his appeal before Justice Denis Power for removing stumps

Note: Justice Denis Power regularly works in the Kingston courts which is where John T. Zuber has his law practice.


  1.  Hey Look at this Justice Power being Overturned from Toronto, Canada writes:
    R. v. Elliott, 2004 CanLII 46816 (ON C.A.)

    Date: 2004-12-13

    Docket: C40836




    HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN (Respondent) v. ALLAN ELLIOTT (Appellant)



    COUNSEL: James Foord for the appellant, Philip Perlmutter for the respondent


    December 10, 2004

    On appeal from the decision of Justice Power of the summary conviction appeal court dated October 17, 2003.

    A P P E A L B O O K E N D O R S E M E N T

    [1] The Crown concedes that the trial judge [Power] and summary conviction appeal court judge erroneously relied on inadmissible hearsay in finding that the Cadillac was owned by a person known to the appellant. We agree with this concession and we agree that the error [by Power] requires a new trial .

    [2] Leave to appeal is granted. The order of Power J. is set aside, and a new trial is ordered on the two counts the appellant was convicted on.






Some highlights of Peter Roscoe's costs submissions to Power J.


The applicant notes that his Honors decision goes against all Supreme Court precedent including R v Sarson and R v Sheppard that his Honor professed to be familiar with, before attempting to justify the violation with obscure atypical lower court exceptions. The applicable precedent is clearly laid out in one of the Supreme Courts most recent cases. The applicant believes it to be a violation of his oath of office that he will not abide by the precedents set by the highest court in the land. It is purposeful discrimination against the applicant. The matter clearly is not res judicata until he receives a ruling on his grounds. He demands an explanation why he can be denied equal benefit of the child support laws



 So the applicant thanks his honor very much for such a considerate ruling and a continuation of the ongoing fairness he has experienced in the past by the court only considering the respondents case as usual. Another false pretense of finality when in fact the order is actually the exact opposite and undoubtedly designed to assist the legal industry in extracting his last cent. An attempt to sweep the violation of his rights under the rug to cover up the ongoing unfairness to fathers inflicted at whim. To make him forfeit his rights through attrition. He does not know why he bothers to state any of this as his Honor must know full well all these details of his decision and has obviously done so on purpose to further abuse the applicant for the crime of being a loving father who wishes to have a life and relationship with his child.




In April 2009 Peter Roscoe

Peter was arrested by the Ottawa Police on a FRO warrant. The police falsely claimed the "smelled gas" as an excuse to have the fire department break down the door to enable them to arrest him.

For this incarceration we can thank an order of Justice Denis Power who knows very well just how bad those jail conditions are 20040902  Inhuman conditions at Ottawa jail denounced by judge


-The list of innocent fathers sent to this jail is bound to increase - rapidly -

- you could be another of  his victims-

Several years ago, Justice Denis Power issued a vexatious litigant order and an order striking pleadings - against Peter Roscoe.

Power's order effectively set in place an eventual order that Roscoe would be indefinitely and repeatedly incarcerated for ever, simply for being a father asking for access.  Peter Roscoe is currently incarcerated for failing to pay child support that was ordered, based on an income that he did not earn, never did earn, and never will earn.


The injustices against Peter Roscoe are very lengthy they generally include, a complete failure of the Ottawa Judges to "read his pleadings" they decided to 'screw him over" because he was "self represented".

They imputed fictional assets, based on fabricated evidence by his ex wife's lawyer, and imputed income from assets that no longer existed.

His ex wife had him arrested on a DV charge, convicted, and on "overturned on appeal". Peter did an incredible job attempting to represent himself and truly deserves every bit of support that anyone can provide.

Peter was subsequently released 30 days later after spending a month without pain medication or reading glasses.

When arrested he had multiple broken ribs, as a result of an accident falling out of tree while pruning branches. He repeatedly asked for medication and it was refused. He repeatedly asked for his reading glasses which a friend had dropped off at the jail. Reading without glasses caused him excruciating pain that would have been avoided IF the jail had simply given him the reading glasses that were dropped off for him. He did not receive those until he was released.

Footnote: Peter was released a month later. During that time, the jail refused to give him his reading glasses which caused him continuous pain. They also refused to provide pain medication.




In separate cases, Power J ordered