The Honourable Madam Justice Maria T. Linhares de Sousa is probably one of greatest criminals in Canada who abuses her judicial powers for her own personal hatred towards men.

This is another feminist judge who has a long track record of making decisions to remove children from fathers.

She also has a long history of making favourable decisions for the Children's Aid Society and will turn a blind eye to blatant criminal offences committed to me.

She is an "expert" at creating fatal prejudice to fathers.

First, she will refuse to hear motions by fathers to stop an abuse of process.

Second, she has a long history of putting herself on cases where she sees herself as having an opportunity to exact revenge.

If you are a father don't be surprised if she suddenly becomes seized of your matter in order to

prevent any other judge from making a different decision.

She protects criminals and child abusers and husband batterers.


Linhares de Sousa refuses to hear cases to cause prejudice and then will install herself as a judge to hear "all motions" become seized of the matter to leave a trail of destruction.

Amongst the lawyers of Ottawa, she is famous for her promotion of hatred towards men.

When it comes to Evidence Maria T. Linhares de Sousa will do what ever it takes to get a decision for her cause. Her decisions are entirely predictable based on the parties.

If it's an assessment of a mother, Maria T. Linares de Sousa will tear it up and call the author a hired pen. If it's about a father, then she will treat it as gospel.

Justice Maria T. Linhares de Sousa is a saviour to the lowest forms of life in Ottawa such as  corrupt cops, CAS workers, CAS lawyers  and lawyers who commit criminal offences such as Obstruction of Justice, Fabrication of Evidence and perjury.

If you are a father or got the CAS on the other side, the decision is foregone conclusion.