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New - Justice Kathr..\judges\Justice_Kathryn_N_Feldman.htmyn N. Feldman


New - see study of Judicial bias against fathers by Peter Roscoe


Canadian Judicial Council Letter regarding "bias"



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200312 Fathers’ Day - Peter Cornakovic citizen’s arrest of Justice Terrance O’Connor in Burlington

20031226 Charles backs fathers

20031218 Custody protest earns man libel charge

20031216 A penetrating criticism of unbridled judicial activism

20031204 Equality before the law
There's no place for parallel legal systems in Canada

20031125 Doctor convicted of sexual assault faces deportation

20031110 Women overlooking short men

20031103 How the internet is killing real relationships

20031030 A woman's case for the transparent - sperm donors Australia - Michael Linden


20031020 Female Viagra found in woman's cleaning closet


19930930 Cambridge woman cheers for Teale : Killers often attract fans, expert says

20090929 Teale 'groupies' fascinated by court case

20030925 Levelling with our daughters about 'billable' hours

2003 09 15 Identify judges in complaints: watchdog

20030912 Geldof attacks courts over fathers' rights


20030908 Heatherington pleads not guilty to mischief

20030729 Inside A 'Batterers Program' for 'Abused' Women - Women Violating Women

20030629  Police brutality comes full circle

20030616 Heatherington speaks out on disappearance

20030611 Lethbridge alderwoman faces new charges

20040529 Attacks On Father's Groups By Feminist Orgs To Be Funded By Canadian Feds

20030520 Heatherington gets deal from U.S. prosecutor

20030507 Adopting the parent trap - Tasmania

20030507 Australia rated great for mothers - even if their numbers are declinining

20030507 Advice for the marrying mother - ditch your daughter

            20030330 Dads get laws, not justice

20030328 Estranged parents don't have rights says Martin Cauchon

20030323 Justice isn't just blind -The Suicide Factor

20030215 Father fights for son’s health records
Non-custodial parents barred from CHR data

20031127 Martha Steward's Juiced-up Judiciary

20031119 Canada's ambitious court becoming too meddlesome: Judicial arrogance border on monarchical



 20021214 Mommy's little secret - paternity fraud

20030115 "Domestic-abuse industry will lie low, wait for bad publicity to pass" Dave Brown Ottawa Citizen


20021224 Child support laws discriminate against fathers, Montreal lawsuit claims

2002 12 15 Is the wrong man behind bars?

20021125 Violence prompts closer look at plight of divorced fathers

20021125 Batterers by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

20021118 Dads are 'dying' -Suicide note is a grim reminder that our family laws are flawed

20020905 "Double standard in abuse cases: Study"

20030903 Cases of wrongful conviction a Canada-wide phenomenon

20020827 Postnatal depression 'missed by doctors'

20020826 Ottawa: Family Law Specialist Speaks Out on Proposed Amendments to the Divorce Act

20020722 Politically correct letter to the Ottawa Citizen by Leonard LevonCrown

20040627 Clearing the fumes -Rosie Rowbotham -National Post

20020627 Dont cross the cops FREE SPEECH / Kyle Rae loses libel case, city pays up


20020626 Angry father tried to arrest

20020624 Test for post natal depression

20020513 The formula from hell -A divorced dad uncovers a deliberate policy to drive separated parents apart Ottawa Forum

20020212 Anti-depressant advice 'misleading'

20020415 Legal Bloodletting - Maintenance Enforcement Programs are ruining too many lives

20020101 Contemporary Family Trends DIVORCE: FACTS, CAUSES, AND CONSEQUENCES  (Useful Stats)

20021123 $70,000 paternity fraud ruling sets precedent  - Australia

20020112  Avoiding court is best defense Dave Brown Ottawa Citizen

20011220 Debtors's Prison is Alive and Well

20001221We need protection from the protectors Dave Brown
20000205 Another deadbeat slips the net -re Marvin Davids -Toronto Star

20011205 Burying the ghosts of a violent past - The Kevin Kinsella Story

20010908 Real Crime Starts in Family Court  Kamloops Daily Press

20010828 Man acquitted of rape faces accuser - Cathy Fordham and Jamie Nelson story

20010818 Best Interests of the Child – Reflections on Clayton 

20010720 Schizophrenia 'linked to lack of sun'

20010716  Minister has let bureaucrats take over Justice, critics charge

20010630 Why mothers kill their babies

20021025 Ottawa perjurer sent to jail -The Cathy Fordham & Steve Brown Story

20010621 Why Dads Matter - Glen Sheriton Ottawa

20010520 Divorce survey prejudicial: fathers' groups Federal poll aims to stall changes to custody, access, they charge


20000522 Most divorcees try again, study finds

20010217 End Gender Profiling in Family Law

20001104  No Man's Land - by  Mary Cleary of Amen Ireland 

20010210 "She liked his nervousness" Dave Brown

20001018 Denis J. Power of Ottawa is appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa.


20000727 'Dangerous' woman guilty of mischief - Cathy Fordham


20001001 Reluctant father, now 85, wins damages - Judge orders housekeeper to pay $6,700 in profoundly unusual' case

20000613 Mormon Mother with Cerebral Palsy Looses, Newborn To Grandmother - Justice Jennifer Blishen Ottawa Superior Court Unified Family Court Ontario

20000608 Mormon Family's Custody Challenged Because of Father, Not Mother's Disability - Justice Jennifer Blishen

20000409 The Hurricane Meets Mumia

20000401 Suicide may speed divorce reform -Darrin White Story

20000320 Mothers 'suffer post-traumatic stress'

2000 The Special Joint Committee A Threat to Women's - Bonnie Diamond & Carol Curtis speak out


19991127 Sask. doctor sentenced for rape

2009 Experiments in Living:
The Fatherless Family

200812 'It's so sad, it's so sad' Dr. Suzanne Killinger-Johnson - mental illness


19990511 Ottawa buries plan for equal parenting rights Groups slam response: Minister wants more consultation before changing custody law

19990701 Madam Justice Southin not known to back down

1999 04 And justice for none Family court in Ottawa is getting a face-lift­ but the deep scars in the system may be too hard to erase By Lynne Cohen

19990312 Student wants to start Men's Centre

1999 March Parental Alienation Syndrome:
How to Detect It and What to Do About It


19990213 Girls just wanna have fun

19990212 Schizophrenia linked to pregnancy problems

19981121 'One-stop divorce shops:' A letter of support from a shelter is proven to be enough to win custody battles (Part 2 of 3)

19981118 Schizophrenia link to Caesareans

19980727 Sadistic Behaviour cited as sign of deadly spiral -Accused gunman spent previous day killing cats

19980612 Tougher Laws Set To Guard Children Expects changes to laws to be implemented by the fall. Legislation will be changed to keep abuse victims safe, Ecker says

19980513 FINALLY, SOMEBODY IS LISTENING Special Joint Committee on Access and Custody Ottawa hearing

19980402 Deadbeat judges worse than greedy lawyers Ottawa Citizen

19980202 Deadbeat judges worse than greedy lawyers

19980128  Proceedings of the Standing Senate - Karen Selick "Bias against fathers in local court"

1998 Women's shelters under veil of secrecy Ottawa Citizen Dave Brown

19980100 RCMP Spousal Abuse training material


            19970301 A small but vocal group : of estranged fathers is fighting for fairness and equality


19971117  COURTS IN TATTERS, JUDGES SAY by Kirk Makin - Judicial Sychophant - disciplined for "making up quotes"

19970928 Feminist Legal Theory

19961016 The Suicide Letter of Andrew Renouf, a man whose life was ruined by the Injustice of the system.

            19960928 Divorced dads find strength in numbers

            19960911 Fathers fight back - dadscanada

19960906  Dads will rally against "deadbeat moms" - dadscanada protest

19960807 New Times, New Fathers

19960410 Priest fights C.A.S. over abuse of power that put him through hell

19931124 Judicial Inquiry re Judge W.R. Hryciuk a Judge of the Ontario Court (provincial division)


            19931013 Loyalty to the court vs. loyalty to human values

            19921222 Selva Kumar Subbiah showered his tender young victims with praise, prose and paper roses.







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