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New - see study of Judicial bias against fathers by Peter Roscoe


Canadian Judicial Council Letter regarding "bias"



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20051227 Tony Lofaro talks to some of the women who are altering the city's judicial outlook.

20051220 Judicial selection

20051028 Court trims provinces' powers over judges
Federal judge's ruling favours Paul Cosgrove

20050904 Playing to millions but playing dad better

20050903 Board rehires teacher who sent sexy letters to student - Laura Sclater

20050831 Steak-stealer gets jail time

20050831   The  FRO  under scrutiny

20050830 WSIB experience leaves Timmins man frustrated

20050830 Retroactive spousal support wrong - court

20050829 Scalia blasts 'judge moralists' in law school speech

20050829 Is there a right to have a baby?

20050829 Karla Tape

20050829 B.C. woman avoids prison in death of secret lover

20050829 Daughter pleads guilty to killing parents - schizophrenia - Australia

20050828 Burlington's first murder of the year

20050827 Mountie fired for sex on job

20050827 Pedophile should go free eventually, hearing told - Cory Newton

20050825 Ontario pledges $2.5M for domestic violence victims

20050825 Ontario pledges $2.5M for domestic violence victims

20050825 Ex-boss wants Homolka in jail

20050825 Dutch TV show seeks sperm donor

20050825 Dads On the Run Canada

20050825 Hardware-store owner's Homolka allegations being greeted with skepticism

20050825 Parents' magazine selects three 'outstanding' area schools

20050825 Mother of triplets asks for help- Kinston Melanie Molaro

20050824 ‘Look — one, two and three’ - Sudbury Triplets

20050824 Homolka's on move again

20050823 Drug unit may get larger - Timmins Police, Timmins Children's Aid Society

20040823 Painful truth: women do suffer more

20050823 Court: Gay parents must pay child support

200508221 Parents must pay $7M to son's victim

20050821 Dream date gone Lost

20050821 Sex twice a day normal, claims former fiance

20050820 Booster seat rules almost law

20050820 Police believe fugitives are in the city Sudbury

20050820 Group files complaint over 'wild theories' that blame Jews for 9/11

20050820 US firm to fight drug onslaught Vioxx $253.4m (£141.07m) damages

20050819 Militant fathers' group finally hangs up its superhero outfits "Matt O'Connor says he is going to become more legitimate"

20050819 ...so Feds want to monitor YOUR computer & cell

20050819 Judge ditches assault case against officer - Kingston Police

20050819 Man once charged with murder sentenced for obstructing justice Trenton

20050819 RAPE HYSTERIA, REDUX Carey Roberts

20050819 Parents without custody to be given bigger say -Australia

20050819 Working as a High Court judge* Australia

20050819 McHugh's angels: 10 women fit for High Court, says top judge -Australia

20050818 Molester lived months beside day care - Kingston

20050818 Wrongfully convicted man denied pardon USA

20050818  Man forced onto medication recovers slowly

'Physicist' who starved himself over treatment for mental illness still not ready for release: doctor

20050818 Top court to hear child support case -Toronto Star

20050818 Supreme Court to rule on child support Ottawa Citizen

20050818 Erotic images linked to blindness

20050817 Doctors may disregard 'need for a father' when deciding on IVF

20050817 Ban on sex selection could be lifted

20050817 High school dropout rate soars 45%

20050814 Police: Retired judge kills wife, self

20050814 Clients without lawyers disturb chief justice
`Complex problem' due to lack of money, but money alone won't help

20050812 Ontario help to hire 1,000 officers

20050812 Judge orders stay of execution for three dogs

20050811 Roberts’s Rules of Order - the characteristics of judicial activism

20050811 Fugitive Couple From Tenn. Nabbed in Ohio

20050810 One in 25 fathers 'not the daddy'

200500810 Enter the super teacher, fit for schools and unis

20050809 Man Gets 27 Years for Ohio Shootings -heard voices talking to him - auditory hallucinations - 

20050809 Runaway bride draws lawn mower duty

20050808 Man forgets wife at gas station

20050807 Husbands for sale in Cuba 

20050806 Judges Message to parents

20040806 Texan Sentenced to Do 320 Hours of Needlework

20050806 Straight pals want to marry - for tax breaks Toronto 

20050805 Dad Brings Federal Challenge to Alaska's Child Custody Laws

20050805 Cop spared jail in videotaped assault - Ottawa Police - Const. Martin Cardinal

20050804 Police: Woman tries to open door during flight

20050804 Hicks trial 'an abuse of law'

20050804 Fears of bias by judge Sydney

20050802 Gatineau cop stabbed Ottawa Paranoid psychiatric patient volunteers for assessment

20050801 DNA evidence frees man after 19 years


20050801 Pot activist is scared,fiancée says

20050801 Sportcaster's legacy lives on after his 1995 shooting death, as Susan Sherring explains

20050730 ‘No place I would rather be now,’ PM says -Riopelle Timmins latest Liberal nominee"

20050730 Staff Sergeant Doug Farrell looks forward to working with council and the Timmins Police Services Board to get the new building up.

20050729 Phone technology aids UAE dating

20050729 Men move from work to welfare

20050727 Beyond the baby blues

20050727 Teacher, Big Brother faces child porn charges 

20050727 RCMP ignored 911 call before woman's slaying

20050727 Remorseful man gets second chance

20050726 Wining, dining best courtship strategy: study

20050726 Ending bias in domestic assault law

20050726 Police officer guilty of assaulting woman

2050723 Feminist bunk will cause society's collapse

20050723 If fight's about money, it's likely serious

20050723 Private citizen, public peril - Kingston

20070722 Murder-free city in rare company

20070722 Mending Morality

20050721 Oursien's Preliminary Timmins Justice Martin Lambert

20050720 'Tragic day' for toddler' Lost both her mom and dad'

20050720 Violent struggle killed wife

20050719 Most Testicular Cancer Survivors Can Have Children

20050719 Husband of pregnant Edmonton woman appears in court cbc

20050719 Husband charged with murder

20050719 Edmonton man faces court on murder charge

20070519 Judge ends con artist’s ‘career’ Kingston

20050718 Woman infected partner with HIV

20050717 The woman behind the Charter

20050717 "A Canadian Dream" by annon

20050715 Common-law abuse is higher

20050715 Baby drunk at birth; new mother charged

20050715 Ont. pledges $58.3 M to mental illness

20050715 Man to be retried in girlfriend's murder


20050714 Ont. pledges $58.3 M to mental illness

20050713 Man threatened to blow up ministry

20050713 Grosu Vasilica Iulian sets himself on fire as he runs with a placard calling on Romanian President Traian Basescu to help him to get back his seven-year-old son

20050713 Vibrator sales all the buzz in the drugstore business

20050713 Canada's top court is model for U.S.

20050713 Abduction charge dropped in baby-murder case

20050713 Centre would focus on women's health -Toronto

20050713 Bringing up baby ... later

20050712 New adoption death alarms Russia 

20050712 Legal pioneer 'wrote the book' on women, courts

20050711 How the system failed me or "how one woman can manipulate the crown and police into pressing charges simply because she has the power of the press behind her.

20050710 Sexual assault: my awful ordeal  How a fire breathing feminist columnist got her wish to have a 24 year old lose his job. 

20050710 US evangelist's daughter charged - Virginia Graham Foreman

20050709 Wrong man hanged says author

20050706 Repeat violent offender back in custody after 1 week Jean Guy Tremblay

20050706 Court reverses Amertek decision Ontario Court of Appeal judges MacPherson, John Laskin and Russell Juriansz overturned a courageous decision of Justice John O'Driscoll.

20050706 Homolka hiding in Montreal apartment: Lawyer

20050706 Won't get fooled again

20050706 Divorce law on trial - Canada

20050705 Study casts doubt on bisexuality in men

20050705 Homolka appeals restrictions
Lawyer calls Section 810 release conditions unconstitutional limits on her freedom

20050705 Homolka interview a 'performance': Danson

20050705 Voices: Homolka's TV interview

20050705 Still pulling the strings Homolka

20050705 Victims' families want to keep Homolka leashed: lawyer

20050705 Bernardo/Homolka timeline

20050704 Transcript of Homolka interview

20050704 Judge says Homolka still poses threat, imposes strict conditions on her freedom

20050704 North Bay:  criminal harassment

20050704 Rickets rise linked to mothers who cover up

20050704 Republican appointees disappoint again

20050704 An Ottawa father's law suit against the feds. 

20050703 Vatican to be named in Cornwall sex abuse suit

20050703 Missing toddler dead, police say Father could not see son due to court order.

20050702 Mother sues state for racketeering Detroit

20050702 Aunt fears suspect in abduction won’t co-operate - (boys father) “He doesn’t even know where they live,”

20050702 How a killer turned a victim into an activist

20050702 Break-in suspect dies after police use Taser gun

20050701 Ont. man dead following stun gun arrest

20050701 Violent offender moves into capital - Jean Guy Tremblay


20050630 Violent Domestic Offender Released to Ottawa - Jean Guy - Ottawa Police Warning

20050630 Special court will handle sex crimes - Australia

20050629 Better off dead

20050629 Top court keeps search warrants accessible

20050629 In Scrushy Trial, Jurors Chose Defense's Portrait

20050629 Homolka tries to stop media coverage

20050629 Homolka seeks ban on media
`She's very afraid,' her lawyer says
Injunction would stop any reporting

20050629 Same-sex bill gets final approval

20050629 Ruling alters spousal support
Landmark case allows changes in court orders, redefines `till death do us part'

20050628 A loophole may have saved Ned Kelly from noose

20050626 Trials & tribulations

20050625 Lethal loophole: Suspended drivers free to renew licence plate stickers - Kingston Ontario 

20050625 Right decision - Ten years was too little in this horrifying sex assault case - Peterborough

20050625 Crown, lawyers take offence -Belleville

20050625 Race study proves nothing: Experts Kingston Police

20050625 Husband killer freed for children's sake Australia

20050625 Teacher fights law with no room for tolerance

20050624 Custodial parents to face stricter laws -Australia

20050624 Public anger 'right,' Homolka told lover 

20050623 Dads gets baby blues too

20050623 Grandmother Charged With Leaving 6 Kids In Hot Car

20050623 Police still slow sharing key data -Toronto

20050623 Watchdog calls for stronger information law

20050623 U.S. cities can seize property for private use

20050623 U.S. doctors linked to POW `torture'

20050623 Obese mums 'harm baby fertility'

200050623 Male infertility 'is increasing'

20050623 'Drowned' girl's back broken, sources say

20050622 ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ get prison time - Timmins

20050622 Could Scalia be next chief justice?

20050622 B.C. father sentenced to 16 years minimum for killing daughter

20050622 Court orders TB patient jailed -Ottawa

20050622 New family laws passed by House

20050622 Fatal standoff spotlights issue of child support 

20050622 Strangers volunteer to help freed Homolka

20050621 Timmins Police Association Excited for New Building

20050621 A visit to hell in Bernardo Wing

20050621 Fathers 4 Justice Split Up

20050621 Queensway shutdown to cost city's economy at least $2.5M -Brian McGillivray Ottawa

20050621 Tough bosses make dad miss family time

20050621 Abuse trial: 'man lied to get attention'

20050621 Britain's fertility timebomb

20050621 Bomb squad closes 417 - Brian McGillivray Ottawa

20050621 Undercover police sting ends with arrest of shocked murder suspect 

20050621 Abstinence makes sperm lose edge

20050621 Man killed by police opposed child
support policies

20050620 Man bilks mother out of $240,000-Kingston

20050620 1,000 pop in for Father's Day race

20050620 Case closed, but was justice served?

20050620 Bomb threat snarls traffic - Ottawa 417

20050620 Homolka longs to be the girl next door

20050619 Daddy, what did you do in the men's movement?

20050619 Where's Dad?

20050619 Fighting for Their Right: 

20050619 Fathers fight for rights

20050619 Being innocent always helps

20050618 It's not your Mother's Fathers Movement anymore

20050617 Deadbeat site a waste

20050617 Happy Father's Day, mom

20050617 Toronto police arrest mother of beaten, burned boy

20050616 Is parent obligated to work to help support kids?

20050616 Right to counsel 'not absolute,' Supreme Court rules

20050616 Jackson's dirt-diggers made the difference

20050615 Six in 10 to pay less for children -Australia

20050615 Police: Ex-trooper kills wife outside court

20050615 Fighting to keep wife's killer locked up

20050615 A day in the life of Canada's abuse shelters

20050615 X-Copper loses suit, $25,000 to client

20050615 Canadians in fear after son convicted

20050614 Jackson walks on sex rap

20050614 'Anti-American' teen guilty in school bomb plot   NOTE: This crazy conviction was overturned on Appeal.

20050613 Coroner to probe case of Ottawa man stabbed to death in his cell 5 years ago - -The Donald James Mongeon Story - Collins Bay Jailhouse Killing

20050612 Police concerned for Homolka's safety

20050612 Gay advocates fight churches' charity status

20050611 Father wants justice for daughter wrongly accused of murder - Sudbury

20050611 Fighting for the right to refuse treatment: Part 1 bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

20050611 Fighting for the right to refuse treatment: Part 2

200506110 Six volunteers sworn in Timmins Police

20050610 Senator calls curbs on Homolka ‘totalitarian’

20050610 Sex victim turned to drugs, prostitution

20050609 Separation or divorce can hurt credit rating, experts say

20050609 Delay in DNA tests unacceptable: Nfld. lawyer

20050609 McGuinty Government Makes Ontario A Leader In Enforcing Family Support Payments Note: McGuinty does nothing to enforce access or jail mothers in contempt of court orders. McGuinty is CORRUPT and by his failure to encourage our corrupt judges to enforce access orders or control our corrupt judicary, McGuinty is a CHILD ABUSER

20050609 Government reopens 12-year old murder case following Citizen report

20050609 BAIL RULING PENDING Momin Khawaja

20050609 Islamic group slams racist tactics

20050609 Cop acquitted of molestation raps

20050609 Kingston race study attacked

20050609 Doctor's affair ends in violence

20050608 Montrealer accuses Kingston officer of mistreatment

20050608 Race study distorts 'the truth' Kingston

20050607 Race study results under fire Kingston

20050607 SIU awaits air passenger death report                

20050607 Boyfriend jailed in bizarre abortion

20050607 Justice hit, cut by shoe

20050607 Latest propaganda  from Fathers 4 Justice UK in attempting to exert total control

20050607 Ontario launches probe of pathologist's work

20050607 High-school dropout? Don't expect wedding bells

20050607 Liberal MPs plot to kill same-sex marriage

20050607 Foster kids to get chance at 'home'

20050607 Fighting for her daughter

20050607 Marriage linked to education: StatsCan

20050607 New adoption rules ease way for wards

20050606 Ottawa Father accused of abusing children wins sole custody

20050606 Senator claims abuse

20050606 Top U.S. court bans medical marijuana

20050606 Bill Exiles Those Who Wed Foreigners

20050606 A Look at a Rehnquist Legacy

20050605 Homolka saw Quebec as place to blend in: Reports

20050605 Ontario to lower adoption hurdles

20050605 Judges Are Seeking Cover on The Bench  Washington Post

20050604 Fearful neighbours pose roadblock to recovery

20050604 Ottawa doc fears for public Ottawa Sun

20050604 Kin's lawyer: 'Once a psychopath, always a psychopath' Ottawa Sun

20050604 Killer put on tight leash Ottawa Sun

20050604 A new start to life under Section 810 Globe & Mail

20050604 Secret memo rocks inquiry

20050603 Homolka must follow strict rules after release Globe & Mail

20050603 Restrictions Homolka will face Globe & Mail

20050603 Groups plan to help Homolka in return to society Globe & Mail

20050603 'Brutal period' over for victims' families Globe & Mail


20050603 She's still a danger, court rules

20050603 Man behind Homolka hearing a meticulous risk-taker

20050603 Karla leashed, for now Toronto Star

20050603 Judge imposes tough restrictions Karla's new conditions

20050603 Cops find newborns in freezer

20050603 Crown begins last-ditch attempt to block total freedom for Homolka

20050603 My dad is my dad, but who gave the sperm?

20050601 Closing the loopholes Homolka - Alan Young

20050601 Fathers' Rights Victory In Massachusetts

20050601 Mum spared jail for attack on kids

20050601 Judge restrains pedophile nicknamed Slushie man Kingston

200506010 Chief’s apology too little, too late for Wallen

20050601 Fathers' Rights Victory In Massachusetts

20050601 Officers ‘wounded’ by publicity given to racial profiling study Kingston

20050531 After the deal, a dozen years in jail Homolka

20050530 From 17 and in love to murder and hate Homolka

20050530 Gender politics

20050529 How could we have known? Homolka

20050529 Batman Joins IsraelFathers Rights Demonstration in Tel Aviv

20050528 HIV-positive mother charged

20050426 Canadian government funds anti-Catholic website

20050527 Kids N'Dads Walk

20050527 Kingston study proves racial bias

20050527 Mentally ill jailed despite judge's order Ottawa Citizen

20050527 Not tonight (or ever) honey, I'm on the pill

20050527 Doctors call for kitchen knife ban

20050527 DeLay angered by 'Law & Order' mention

20050527 Police end standoff

20050527 Checking the male

20050527 Woman loses fight to have dead husband's baby

20050526 Military instructor faces sex assault charges

20050526 Stop breaking up families: Ombud

20050525 "Daredevil dads plead not guilty"

20050525 "Super dads or duds?"

20050524 Does race influence police officers? Results of project to be unveiled soon

20050524 Bridge climber pleads not guilty

20050524 Fathers seek support in custody battles

20050524 Men who climbed Jacques Cartier bridge in court

20050524 Pow! 'Robin' strikes for fathers' rights

20050524 Holy rash stunt, Batman! Mischief charge pending

20050523 Protest stops Jacques Cartier Bridge traffic

20050523 "Protestor shuts down Jacques Cartier Bridge"

20040523 Demonstrator stops traffic on Montreal bridge [Arrested]

20050523 Man climbs Jacques-Cartier bridge


Under a father's watchful eye

Today's dads are advising their daughters about dating and other sensitive issues.

20050615 Where have all the real men gone? Not to France By KATHLEEN PARKER

20050614 The lost boys, thrown out of US sect so that older men can marry more wives

20050511 Crickets loose in courthouse - Yellowknife

20050507 Protecting mentally ill offenders

20050523 Demonstrator stops traffic on Montreal bridge

20050421 Top court won't hear repeat abuser's bid

20050421 Feminism, the WKKK, and the Gender-Lynching of Michael Jackson

20050306 Sperm Wars: program one

20050218 Chief Richard Laperierre presented Constable Mickey Auger with his 30-year medal on December 22, 2004. Timmins Police

20050117 Lawyer faces hearing after criticizing judges

20050211 Cst. Auger's Lawyer Talks - Timmins Police  officer charged with assault causing bodily harm and still working!

20050204 Lobby group criticizes Ont. court ruling on custody limits 

20050102 Some 'rights' are just plain wrong

20040102 Ripper doll insensitive to pain here, women's groups say

20050102 Court denies pregnant wife divorce

20050101 Rehnquist defends job security for judges

20050101 Gender as a factor in the Domestic Violence Courts - fathers.ca

20050101 Better times ahead in 2005







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