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20061205 Ontario vows to stop 'disturbing' spending at children's aid societies


20061027 Couples urged to seek counselling


 20061009 The war on fathers


20060726 Former Teacher Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Student

20060627 Courts should uphold the law, not fashionable opinion


20060715 Private and public schools build artists together

20060522 Pembroke teen 'all around, good guy' (Michael Rutz)

An autopsy will be performed today on the body of an 18-year-old man who was found on the side of a rural road, just south of Pembroke, on Saturday.     


20060419 It's the testosterone, man

20060418 Healthy babies a matter of timing

20070418 Women need a boost

20060418 The monster-in-laws 

20060418 Appeal blow for man who paid maintenance for another's children Liam Magill story

20060417 Court overturns paternity judgement the Liam Magill story

20060415 Man found guilty of mischief for stunt

20060413 Judge offered humour in bad times Mr. Justice James Farley

20060413 Antifreeze murderer's bid for appeal rejected - Scott Dell RIP

20060413 Medic jailed for Iraq duty refusal

20060413 Couple apologise over sextuplet scam

20060413 One bad gamble

20060413 Jeffrey's parents apologize

20060413 Lenience for baby-killer Selena Odette killed her own baby.

20060413 Body identified as missing man

20060412 Woman convicted of killing daughter gets protective order

20040612 Jury awards former OPP officer $125,000 in lawsuit against ex-supervisor, Citizen

20060410 Parent Trap? Litigation Explodes Over Paternity Fraud

20060410 Coroner finds no DNA evidence in Truscott case

20060410 'It's Bandidos that got killed'

200406098 Tragedy dominates discussion

20060408 Man dies in bingo mugging -Toronto

20060407 Judge: Mom who killed baby insane

20060407 The other face of domestic violence

20060407 Teague's killer was 'sexually motivated'

20060407 Officer sues over Peel arrest

20060407 Women's group says advice was ignored

20060407 Shots fired before blaze

20060407 Family shot before fire was set

20060407 Police cleared in man's death - yes man ends up dead after meeting the Ottawa Police at the Ottawa Airport and no one knows why

20060407 McGuinty surprised by plea bargain that would see criminals paying victim

20060406 VICTIM LAID TO REST Jack Craig was yet another man knifed to death by his wife -note the small amount of news this received

20060406 Risk of depression rises with approach of menopause: studies

20060406 Study links drugs, birth troubles

20060406 Possible inquest months away

20060406 Tragedy in Cumberland Photos

20060406 GIRL'S EX CHARGED - Cornwall , more allegations

20060406 Babies behind bars

20060406 Pregnant woman beaten, shots fired at 'baby shower gone bad'

20060405 Cops: Teacher allegedly had sex 28 times with 13-year-old

20060405 Child Support Gold Diggers

20060405 Killer had voluntarily begun counselling  

20060405 The Mailly family Murder-Suicide in Ottawa

20060404 Mistrial declared in child abduction case

20060404 Entire family slain

20060404 Clues to family's last hours lie amid fire's devastation

20060404 Understanding an act of madness that can never be fully explained

20060403 ‘Miss G_’ wants women’s studies in high school

20060403 Husband dead in explosion - Frank Mailly 2413 Dunning Rd.Cumberland

20060331 Former judge gets 5 years for hospital fraud scheme "the crime went undetected for so long because of the men's high professional and social status."

20060331 Ontario Crown prosecutors to get big pay boost

20060331 Head used as ball: Deserter

20060331 What's Happening to Boys?

20060331 Family law overhaul passes Senate

20060331 Zoe Zou 'obsessed' with killing lover's wife  

20060330 SELF DEFENCE? "Clair MacDonald killed her husband like a sniper and got away with it

20060330 Victims of alleged abuse must testify to heal city, lawyers tell inquiry

20060330 Charged mother the main caregiver for children

20060329 French government eyes 'le baby boom'

20060329 Inside the mind of a mass murderer

20060329 Ensuring justice for rape victims

20060329 Loneliness may be hazardous to your health

20060329 Youth jail stats suggest new act is working, say experts

20060329 Cornwall inquiry doesn't have power to make recommendations to church: lawyer

20060328 Stepfather arrested for daily’ sexual abuse

20060328 Camellia Brown repeatedly violated court orders to stay away from her ex-husband and children

20060328 Austrian mother pleads guilty to killing, then freezing bodies of four children

20060328 INQUIRY FACING TROUBLE - Project Truth -Cornwall

20060328 Woman who killed son avoids jail time

20060328 Family law changes delayed by Fielding illness

20060327 Mom shackles daughter who played hooky

20060327 Divorced dads want equal time with kids

20060326 Police talk man out of home Timmins

20060326 Long arm of law separates them

20060325 'Perfect wife' confesses to preacher's slaying, police say

20060325 Cop fined for 'dishonesty'

20060325 Domestic or workplace issue? Inquest is called as hospital is sued

20060323 Former Argo football player suing police for $14.6 million - Peel Police Ontario

20030622 Taser bust a shocker

20060321 Officer says Bevan blamed him in suicide

20060320 When a mother leaves

20060320 Witness problems delay Yates trial

20060419 Kiwi in UK courtmartial drama

20060319 For him, a new wife; for her, a new trial - Congratulations to Rusty Yates

20060317 Baby boomers: The old and the sexless

20060317 Police officers face disciplinary action Amazing story of how a cop assaulted a woman, did not go to jail and still works as an Ottawa cop 

20060317 Women ready for everything to have unrestricted access to men's flesh

20060317 Feud over fleece jacket led to physical clash between two officers, court told -The Conenzo Story

20060317 Drunk driver who killed mother, son is fit for trial on another charge

20060316 A love and money scam

20060316 Rare, deadly STD in Calgary -lymphogranuloma venereum LGV

20060316 Craving of 'horror film' murderer


20060316 Top court denies alleged Montreal mob boss' appeal - as usual, no reasons given

20060315 Mother admits smothering her baby

20060314 SCOC: Woman can't claim two defences

20060314 Former judge warns of dictatorship

20060313 Roe for men?

20060312 1968 deserter nabbed at B.C. border

20060310 Money for Domestic Violence Programs

20060310 Judge says legal system too costly

20060310 Airport whistleblower has security clearance revoked

20060310 Woman who faked triplets gets 28 months - Michelle Ann Drake

20060309 Men's Center files pro-choice lawsuit in federal court

20060314 No jail for mother who had teen's baby

20060207 Guelph judge cleared of misconduct - Justice Norman Douglas

20060307 Female domestic violence - women licensed to kill by Australian courts

20060307 Wife, 2 children, slain in beds

20060306 A real heartache Marital fights influence hardening of arteries in spouses: Study

20060306 Runaway bride dolls disappear as quickly as she did

20060306 2 children, wife slain, husband arrested

20060304 Tears as 'sniper' woman acquitted of murder

20060302 Child Abductor Demands That Military Dad Post $100,000 to See His Own Son

20060302 Killer dad hopes for conviction clarity

20060302 families connect via web - Calgary Family Court

20060302 Burnaby Batman, a.k.a. Rob Robinson, makes his way into the Victoria Law Courts Thursday in support of Stephen Hodges-Whitaker,

20060301 Stephen Harper balances job, hockey dad duties

20060301 Fathers win in child support revamp

20060301 OPP investigate burned body found inside car near Alexandria

20060301 Police continue investigation after staff sergeant's gun was fired  -Staff Sgt. McCaffery

20060228 Europe's marriage crisis

20060228 Before Saying 'I Do,' Many Couples Are Seeking Help in Resolving Inevitable Conflicts -- to Better Their Odds Against Divorce

20060228 Top court nominee hints at limited role Rothstein faces historic hearing 

20060228 Businessman alleges police brutality in arrest

20060228 Homelessness getting worse, report indicates

20060224 In the name of the father - The story of Jeremy Swanson

20060205 Wisconsin Codifies "Internet Visitation"

20060213 The Cornwall Public Inquiry: Getting to the bottom of a sex abuse scandal



            20060131 Cannibal overturns jail tariff






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