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20091223 Stop placating the special interest groups. It's insulting to the judges... John A. McMunagle

20090410 NY appeals court denies parental rights to lesbian

20090410 Bridge protesters found guilty of mischief

20090410 Hamilton children locked in basement

20090410 Stockwell Dai goes to China Globe

20090409 My husband is married to his business

20090409 18-year-old can seek custody of brothers in brainwashing battle  - Globe

20090408 Police ethics adviser quits over sponsors National Post - Christy Blatchford

20090408 People should build their own nations and liberate their own wives

20090407 Quebec dad sued by daughter after grounding loses his appeal

20090407 Fathers 'reduced to ATM status' by the courts ... National Post

20090407 Video evidence urged for domestic violence cases

20090407 Multiple divorces increase dropout rate

20090407 Family courts open to media but not bloggers  UK Timesonline

20090406 Lorne Gunter: Promote equal parenting

        2090406 commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre re "Promote equal Parenting"

20090406 Father 'sorry' he failed to protect boy  National Post

20090406 Canadian accused of terror ties denied passport   National Post

20090406 Six-month-long trial was slow and costly exercise in justice Globe

20090406 A marriage of fear and xenophobia - Globe -

20090406 Fast track to freedom

20090405 Police Say Man Killed Kids Over Wife's Exit Washington Post

20090505 Ontario man found guilty in HIV murder trial   CBC News

20090405 Canada expects Afghan family law will be changed, ministers say CBC News

20090505 Methodical madness

20090405 Women's refuges told they must admit men

200090404 Controversial women's law to be reviewed: Karzai CBC News

20090404 3 officers slain responding to call, Pittsburgh police chief says

20090403 Ontario court documents will be more open to the media

20090403 Children harmed by sole custody, report says

20090403 Charges to proceed on alleged subway pusher

20090403 Flouting custody orders to cost mother $35,000 Globe

20090403 Cosgrove resigns ahead of ouster

20090403 Malawi judge refuses Madonna's adoption bid

20090402 Law legalizing rape in marriage prompts outcry Globe

20090402 Mother guilty of feeding cocaine to toddler Star

20090402 Support men who are battered

20090401 Mother arrested in deaths of daughters

20090401 Slain toddler at centre of parental custody war - mother tried to deny father access to boy, court documents show

20090401 Parental alienation syndrome leaves bruises deep inside

20090331 Airport security breaches persist, auditor warns Globe

20090331 Remove judge, judicial panel urges The Toronto Star

20090331 Family court orders children live with father after mother's negative comments

20090331 Quebec man wants name stricken from birth certificate of child who isn't his

20090328 Gender bias evident in parental alienation cases

20090328 Mother charged in baby boy's death

20090426 Judge chastises Norway after woman, daughters flee Canada

20090326 Tory plan to eliminate '2 for 1' jail credit not so clear - National Post

20090325 France Seeks Arrest Of Russian Mother Moscow Times

20090325 Ottawa girds for polygamy challenge

20090325 Marriage benefits us all  National Post

20090325 Judges reject role in child-custody bill

20090324 Ontario to forge ahead with sales tax reform

20090324 Dads who fight win favour in custody cases

20090324 U.S. fugitive nabbed in Montreal - Globe , capture of child sex abuser

20090322 Manitoba needs more services for abused men: Experts Star

20090320 The road to lower taxes leads to New Brunswick

20090320 Former judge Einfeld gets at least two years jail ... all for lying about a $77 traffic fine

20090320 Einfeld drove his fate and reputation over a cliff

20090319 The other divorce talk: breaking it to your folks

20090318 Jailed Canadian in Ethiopia gets day in court at last

20090316 Millionaire ordered to pay $31,015 a month in temporary child support

20090316 It's the Hells Angels: They want their stuff back

20090316 Crown won't appeal Radwanski acquittal

20090316 Harper v. Mulroney

20090316 Officer charged with attempted murder, arson  

20090315 Charged with attempted murder

OPP Det. Const. Cecile Fournel  -  Kellyann Drive in Timmins.

20090316 Jail for woman who shot husband

20090315 Personal Best - How the mentally ill beat assessments

20090314 Military padres a rare breed

20090314 Facebook user poked - by the courts

20090314 Man found dead in cell 2 days after guilty plea

20090314 How to deal with 'toxic' parents

20090313 Judge denies adoption in surrogacy case

20090313 Prisoner who plead guilty to historic murder found dead

20090313 Western premiers unite to combat violence Globe

20090313 'Mr. Big' police stings spark debate The Star

20090310 Justice Harvey Brownstone on family law issues - and the questions he failed to answer !  - The Star

20090310 Teen enters brainwashing battle to seek brothers' release from parents

20090309 How long will this madness last? Don't ask the historian

20090309 The living wage mystery

20090308 Forum told: Punish those responsible for wrongful convictions

20090308 Crying out loud: mothercraft theories clash

20090307 Judge makes final plea to save career

20090306 Canada envy, amid a global meltdown

20090306 How the mental health system failed Vince Li

20090306 Mother furious after school confines son

2009030 6 Ten years in NATO thanks, Canada -Globe's refusal to allow comments

20090303 Divorce law and the family -Brownstone's propaganda

20090304 Wife Knifes Husband in Eye For Refusing to Peel Potatoes

20090303 Ottawa man charged in attempted Montreal abduction tried to snatch boy in 2005  CBC News

20090303 Top officer faces sex harassment charges -Staff Insp. Steve Izzett of  Toronto Police

20090303 Ottawa man from mental hospital charged with kidnapping girl

20090303 Ohio police charge breast-feeding driver with child endangerment

20090303 Defence to focus on mental health in beheading trial

20090303 Defence to focus on mental health in beheading trial

20090302 Abducted children to stay

20090302 Men urged to make sperm will

20090301 Last resort: DOCS removes 90 children from home a week NSW

20090229 In the jaws of work psychos

20090227 Insider look at family court lauded

20090226 Ottawa moves to toughen anti-gang laws Toronto Star

20090226Tories unveil anti-gang legislation Globe & Mail

20090226 Watchdog warns of information access 'crisis'

20090226 Cornwall sex abuse accounts not unique, lawyer says

20090226 Justice Arthur Gans in hot water - again (for straight talk!)

20090225 Judge's sarcasm from the bench forces costly retrial

20090225 'War' mentality erodes rights, report says

20090224 Open child-death files: NDP

20090223 Officer's crusade fuelled belief in Cornwall pedophile ring: inquiry

200902323 Advocate a voice for kids in care

20090223 Why did 90 children die?

20090223 2,000 called for jury duty in bikers' trial

20090223 MD father suspected of killing his two children

20090223 Fatherless teenagers find help online

230090221 Adenir DeOliveira experienced 'auditory hallucinations' to kill people, judge told

20090221 Subway suspect to undergo evaluation

20090219 Supreme Court revises divorce settlement

20090218 Frustrated father stages one-man protest

20090217 Brampton Justice of the Peace exonerated of misconduct

20090217 Lawyer argues defamation law outdated

20090214 Wife guilty of exercising husband to death

20090214 Psychiatric evaluation ordered for subway suspect

20090214 U.S. soldier who committed suicide in N.S. had twice served in Iraq

20090213 Desperate mothers fuel India's 'baby factories'

20090213 Court ruling could allow access to IP addresses without warrants

20090213 Judge's ruling could let police access IP data without warrant

20090213 Information gathering has become the stuff of KGB, Gestapo fantasies, privacy experts warn

20090213 Where you've been on Net not private, judge rules

20090213 Cops spike safe injection site

20090212 Mounties restrict taser use

20090212 After 15 years and a recession, Bob Rae finally has his day

20090212 Montreal police conducting raids

20090212 New law to give police access to online exchanges

20090212 Judges told to forget 18 per cent pay hike

20090211 Opposition urges Khadr's return

20090211 Lafleur to stand trial

20090211 Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash

20090210 China unhappy as accused smuggler gets Canada permit

20090210 Family will suffer if U.S. war dodger deported: lawyer

20090210 B.C. man shot dead by RCMP investigating domestic dispute

20090209 Kids must come first in custody battles

20090209 12 really angry people

20090209 U.S. revenue crunch could clear the way for progress on cigarette smuggling

20090207 In shrinking workforce, women may surpass men

20090207 China's most-wanted man hopes to sell real estate here

20090207 The medieval price an author pays for insulting Thailand's monarchy

20090206 Dads opt for buyouts to spend more time with kids

20090206 The winners in equalization decision: lawyers

20090205 Teen arrested in fire that destroyed Lieutenant-Governor's home

20090205 Hunt for Nazis' 'Dr. Death' ends in Egypt

20090205 60-year-old Calgary woman gives birth to twins

20080205 Ottawa's deficit promise may be too rosy

20090204 Premier now singing from Tory's songbook

20090204 Divorce ruling takes recession into account

20090204 Nurturing improves memory

20090204 Ontario faces daycare losses: advocate

20090303 Sadly, killer moms are not uncommon

20090203 Officer admitted kicking homeless man in head: court testimony CBC News

 20090203 Help for children alienated by a parent Researcher reports signs of progress in kids from `toxic' relationships

20090202 The 'evil stepmother'

20090202 Order to take off niqab pits law against religion

20090202 Judges send children to U.S. quacks, expert charges  Toronto Star

20090202 Daycare crisis? A single-parent speaks out

20090201 British seek power to expel wayward lords like Conrad Black Toronto Star

20090201 Anguished dads unite over Darcey

20090131 Single mother of octuplets obsessed with having children, her mother says

20090130 Barbara Kay: Brainwashing the kids to spite the ex

20090130 Canadian convicted of killing daughter to keep boyfriend

20090130 MELANIE PHILLIPS: To place children with two gay men when an adoptive mother and father are available, just to uphold a brutal dogma, is a sickening assault on family life Scotland

20090130 'You'll never see your grandchildren again': Social worker's warning to couple after they spoke out over gay adoption row Scotland

20090129 Court backs parental right of known sperm donors

20090129 Barbara Kay, Nunavut Minister is Stripped by Big Sister of his Cabinet Post for Telling the Truth

20090129 Project truth hears from last witness

20090129 Australian 'throws girl to death' - mentally ill

20090128 Okalik criticizes Aariak for removing justice minister over email   CBC News

20090128 Manitoba wants to bar media from child welfare trial


20090128 RCMP agent was instigator who broke law: defence

20090127 Jailed dad still deserves child support: court

20090127 Secrecy of bail hearings reduced by high court

20090127 Devastated by divorce court

20090127 No jail for Montrealer, 93, in sex abuse case

20090126 Publication ban law too broad, court rules Toronto Star

20090126 Publication ban law too broad, top Ontario court rules Globe and Mail

20090126 Things I learned from dad

20090126 Complex citizenship laws anger adoptive parents

20090126 A last look at Guantanamo

20090125 Parental sine qua non

20090125 Surrogates told to pay support

20090124 Parental sine qua non

20080124 The wrongfully convicted get a rightful donation

20090124 Blending taxes an option, McGuinty says

20090124 Judge removes children from mother's control

20090124 Mom loses custody for alienating dad

20090124 Property rights eroding state of marriage

20090123 Khadr comment pleases Liberals

20090123 Common-law partners watch wealthy Quebec couple's battle

20090122 Half Aussie women drink while pregnant

20090122 Obama makes Harper look bad

20090122 Khadr gets a ray of hope

20090121 High-profile businessman bankrolls Quebec common-law case

20090121 Obama rolls up his sleeves

20090121 Khadr trial suspended

20090121 Cracks show in FBI agent's testimony on Khadr

20090121 Accused sex-doll thief 'left DNA at scene'

20090120 Mr. President

20090120 Full text of Barack Obama's Inaugural Address:

20090120 Woman seeking alimony after common-law marriage

20090120 Trial puts wiretap expert on hot seat

20090120 Schizophrenia and bipolar may be the same disease

20090119 Former Liberal MLA to represent Blackmore on polygamy charges

20090119 'We're proud of Sept. 11,' Guantanamo court told

20090119 Sydney Harris, 91: Judge was defender of rights

20090119 Quebec billionaire's partner launches challenge for alimony

20090118 Beer industry request behind rise in Ontario prices: Document

20090118 Hells Angels acquitted of murder charges

20090118 Downed jet lifted from ice-laden Hudson

20090117 Child access rights for grandparents  Aus

20090117 Police break search rules in grow-op trial

20090117 Khadr hearing still on despite requests for delay

20090116 Ontario judge declares secrecy law unconstitutional

20090115 Biology, not heart, provokes infidelity

20090115 Kids with Nazi-inspired names removed from home

20090115  Why so many minds think alike - explanation for pressures to conform -

20090114 Do suicides go up when the economy heads south?

2009-0114 Khadr fails to evoke sympathy   -   A courageous article  by Thomas Walkom 

20090114 Father convicted of killing daughters a no-show   The Nelson Heart Saga

20090114 Police shouldn't be investigating themselves: Ontario ombudsman

20090114 Crown's case 'devastated' by tattoo evidence exclusion, court told

20090114 Star wins 'landmark' court fight over records

20090114 Over two hours TV a day hurting kids - study

20090114 Medvedev Decorates Prolific Parents   Russia promotes family values

20090114 Star wins 'landmark' court fight over records

20090113 Doubt cast on 1983 verdict National Post -Ivan Henry strory

20090113 Case reopened for B.C. man convicted of rapes -more on the Ivan Henry story

20090113 Elite school to pay $5M for abuse allegations

20090114  Pilot mutters "die" as run from law ends

20090113 Man caught after apparently trying to fake own death pathological liar - pilot

20090113 Hells Angel witness called the 'Wayne Gretzky of lying'

20090113 Stepfather killing: 10,000 sexual abuse images seized

20090113 Obama's chess master talks strategy

20090112 Why your brain can't always make good decisions

20090112 Would-be judge 'forgot' drunk driving conviction Toronto Star

20090112 Mix-up caused missed conviction record Globe and Mail

20090112 Lawyer says client jailed on wrongful rape conviction CTV

20090112 Lawyer urges court to reopen Ivan Henry case

20090112 Lawyers defend 'two-beer' defence

20090111 The man behind Murphy's Law

20090110 Watchdogs of sexual harassment as eager to bite as they ever were Another great article by Christie Blatchford of the Globe and Mail - this is a typical example of her passion for justice

20090110 Divorced couples fight over shrinking assets

20090110 Crown accuses Toronto police of racism

20090109 Sopranos actor gets 10 years in prison

20090108 The good divorce

20090107 Court lets dad appeal Dr. Smith baby case

20090107 Men's rights groups thrive on anger -(see example of censorship by Toronto Star on commentary)


20090109 The allure of the accused - Lori Brown

20090107 Man who didn't father twins must pay child support

20090107 Polygamy charges in Bountiful

20080107 Man who didn't father twins must pay child support


Statement on Bountiful special prosecution

Woman sues Google over blogger's comments

The art of cross-examination

20080106 Judge grants appeal in Smith baby case

20090104 Internal hearing turns ugly for Julian Fantino

20090104 Law targets rogue lawyers

20090103 Justice at last for gay war widower -Now its time for Canadian men who are victims of Ontario's Gender Apartheid laws to file similar claims.

20090102 Retroactive Child Support and Special or Extraordinary Expenses