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2008     NEWS ITEMS


20081230 Osgoode Hall Law School vows to weed out fakes

20081230 Fighting War -- and for Custody Notice how they ignore thousands of Male Soldiers who loose custody or who can't even see their kids?

20081228 The Search for a Just and Equitable Standard - Custody Access and Parental Responsibility By Edward Kruk, M.S.W., Ph.D. December 2008 - html version

20081230 Make classroom meltdowns fade away

20081223 Australia's anti-terror laws to be reviewed - Another example of law gone mad

20081220 Meet the unhappiest of families NSW Aust

20081220 Family murders under review NSW Aust

20081220 Monogamy versus a bit on the side

20090119 Charting the psychology of evil, decades after 'shock' experiment

20081215 Dad's the word on discrimination

20081215 Father pleads for help to find abducted sons

20081214 Bullying in NZ, Aust schools among worst in world: report

20081213 The Disappearing Male

20081213 Phony degrees catch up to buyers

20081213 Harper Tories keep big lead in poll

20081213 Prison Parenting Program: Can you be pro-family and pro-incarceration?

20081212 Foreign workers decry 'harsh' dismissals from farms

20081212 Truancy parents face fine of $3000 NZ

20081210 'Perfect mother' massacred her five children by slitting their throats while husband was away

20081210 A slander on Canadian men

20081210 Man found guilty of several sex offences

20081209 Deadbeat parents risk jail, court says

20081207 hock-a-block: state's jails bursting at seams

20081207 Brave Jessica's brutal honesty over baby blues

20081205 Canada loses most jobs in 26 years

20081204 Poverty affects way brain works, study suggests

20081203 Husbands better second time around

20081203 Christmas tips for step families

20081201 Boys read if Dad does

20081128 Ontario to place prosecutors in police stations

20081128 New powers for police in domestic violence cases  NSW Australia

20081128 Roxon to blame for bungle - read this one - she fired Fatherhood Foundation's Warwick Marsh (Australia)

20081127 Unfair family law reform

20081225 Courts put kids at risk -Aus

20081225 New tool to fight domestic violence Aus

 200811125 Accused officer had no occasion to steal fake drugs, court hears

20081124 Ontario introduces new laws to protect women, children in custody

20081124 B.C. teacher sentenced to 6 more years in Thai prison for abusing boy see commentary

20081115 Splitting parenting after the split

20081114 Kidnap plot mum like Jekyll and Hyde, court told

20081114 Up to a third of sperm donors in UK ‘are foreigners’

20081030 Abusers who breach trust get shorter sentences, study shows - See commentary, family court judicial child abusers

20081030 Lawsuit defendant denies bid-rigging

20081030 Toward a more perfect union

20081030 Justice on Target

20081028 Want to build your child's self-esteem?

20081021 Does jealousy begin in the cradle?

20081021 Nunziata denies kicking ex-wife's boyfriend

20081021 Police seize drugs, guns in early morning raid

20081015 Layton's big bet doesn't pay off

20081015 Man who believed he was raped by Sopranos boss jailed over killing

20081014 Criticism of judges goes too far

20081013 New dads can get postpartum depression, too

20081006 B.C. Court orders third trial for woman accused of shooting husband -The Darlene Young Story

20081006 Manitoba to form unit to investigate police following inquiry into fatal crash

200801006 B.C. Court orders third trial for woman accused of shooting husband

20081001 Vengeful wife who fed husband glass sandwiches avoids jail

20080930 New law removes old custody labels

20080923 Grisly killings expose system's failure  He was hearing voices and cried for help. When no one answered, he butchered them

20080915 The more opposition, the merrier

20080911 Guelph woman convicted of infanticide

20080911 Reports of domestic violence on rise among Canada's soldiers: MP

20080910 Father, 93, convicted of sexually assaulting daughters 50 years ago

20080910 Justices seek to scrap family court  The Toronto Star

20080910 Bloc accused of being NDP clone  = No Dads Party

2080910 Judge warned Palin in 2005 to back off brother-in-law's job

20080910 Judge issues wide apology at hearing

20080910 Family betrayal: how Krzysztof B 'fathered his daughter's children'

20080910 Ruling gives border guard his just deserts

20080909 Suspensions fail to stop lethal driver - Gloria O'Neill, a drug addict, hooked on antidepressants and heroin just keeps driving and having "accidents"

20080909 Ontario’s top judge calls for family law reform

20080909 Couple awarded $50,000 in accidental pregnancy

20081109 Children of strangers: a fight for the right to know dad


        20080910 U.S. looks at rebuilding Georgia's military

         20080909 Russian troops to remain in Georgia 'for a long time'

        20090909 Pledges and puffins dominate today's campaign - No Dads Party

20080908 Ohio woman sentenced to life for microwaving her baby to death

20080908 Bush to announce 8,000 troops home by February

20080908 'Gold-digger' Heather Mills breaks charity promise

20080906 Baby could have been deal-breaker

20080905 Fathers 4 Justice sets up chapter in Sault

20080904 Baby, my genes made me do it

20080904 Judge unfairly maligned official, hearing told

20080904 A 'super' day for a protest F4J

20080904 Fathers' message delivered F4J

    20080904 Cheney vows backing for Georgia, condemns Russia


20080903 Former police officer gets another 30 days for refusing to testify -More in the Perry Dunlop story

20080903 Ontario judge apologizes to police, Crown - re Justice Paul Cosgrove

20080903 Strong arm of the law reaches into two-tier system  Now the police decide if you can protest and how much you pay first.

20080902 Demonstators march for equality in the courts

20080828 Should you put the brakes on flirting?

20080830 Australia suffering 'man drought'

20080830 Georgians effectively blocked from homes, UN says

20080829 America has lost its way in the world - By Malcolm Fraser former Australian Prime Minister 1975-1983

20080829 Georgia severing ties with Russia

20080829 U.S. stoked Georgia war: Putin

20080828 Divorced Fathers Claim Gender Bias in Family Court

20080827 Divorced Fathers Claim Gender Bias in Family Court

20080828 'Superheroes' for parental justice

20080827 Will the PM get away with his risky election gambit? Probably

20080826 SuperHeroes at Galaxy Cinemas entrance this Saturday


20080826 Russia eyes annexing Georgia, president warns

20080825 B.C. court upholds $1-million legal bill for complex divorce

20080824 PM eager to escape his own trap

20080715 Batman arrested

20080815 Police say mom had 12-year-old girl drive her to bar

20080815 Harper threatens election to end 'dysfunction'

20080815 Don't abandon Georgia to Moscow's 'sphere of influence' re Georgian invasion

20080814 Top doctor fined over estranged wife

20080813 Hear the Other Side Karen Selick

20080813 Suspended chief's resignation shrouded in secrecy

20080813 'If you see this DVD, I love you'

20080812 Mountie found guilty of assault with taser

20080812 Father killed in crash with 'suicidal' man

20080812 The Ontario Government tramples on legal rights! The Mark Bogan Story

20080812 Russia orders halt to war in Georgia

20080812 Dumbstruck and downtrodden, refugees relieved to be in Russian hands

20080810 Canadians deported from China following pro-Tibet demonstrations

20080808 Charges laid after 'superheroes' climb NDP office roof

20080804 Restraining Orders Gone Wild

20080727 Breastfed bubs' expansive taste

20070826The new, improved, disposable father

20080725 Speeders just don't get it - Constable Robert A. Sinclair Badge #9011 1000 Islands detachment

20080725 OPP present annual awards

200080725 Victim's wife carried another man's child

20080724 Lock-'em-up laws infect entire neighbourhoods

200780724 Brumbys plead for privacy invasion by protest?

20080722 Supporters rally for Teresa Craig

20080722 Some genie, some bottle

20080722 Give men a go, says sex commissioner

20080722 Neo-Nazis try to tempt recruits with rent money

20080718 Saskatchewan’s first female chief justice

20080718 Law firms can help lawyers deal with depression

20080718 Courts struggle to balance privacy and openness in giving access to court files over the Internet

20080715 Canada deports U.S. army deserter

20080714 Canadian officials knew youth was being tortured

20080713 Sex offender had an alibi: family

20080712 Judge's daughter faces robbery charges

20080711 Shark's ex takes $100m bite

20080711 China cuts off hepatitis patients

20080711 Men on a slippery slide in future hermaphrodite world

20080710 Two feet found on B.C. coast from same person

20080710 Arrest in hunt for missing boy -Classic story of meeting a lady on the internet

20080710 Limits eyed for Ontario's young drivers

20080710 No evidence 5 feet were severed, say B.C. RCMP

20080709 Celebrated soldier dies tormented by war memories

20080709 War resister's deportation on hold

20080708 Give dad a chance - Barbara Kay National Post

20080708 News of imminent deportation shocks U.S. army deserter

20080708 Former local cop in child sex sting

20080707 Lawyers becoming a luxury, magazine warns

20080707 Guns and ammo among evidence presented at Khawaja trial

20080706 Lawyers could go the way of the dodo, magazine suggests

20080706 Are Divorce Courts Anti-Dad?

20080706 Discipline difficulties

20080805 Shame factor jeopardizes psychiatric treatment

20080705 Police probe officer's bar ownership -Toronto Cops

20080704 'I practically told the jury to find him guilty'

20080604 U.S. deserter wins appeal in fight for refugee status

20080704 'Hitman' model's sentence 'too lenient' - 2 years ! Just imagine the sentence if she was a man.

20080703 Two Toronto police officers charged in grow-op bust


20080701 Stab suspect 'cut baby from womb'

20080701 The law on the lake

20080701 Alone and pregnant on purpose

20080630 Ex blamed for police visit -Family claims man shot dead by cop had been harassed for months -David LeClair

20080630 Ontario boosts rights protection - more fairy tales from our politicians

20080629 Tories stock parole board with former cops, jail guards

20080628 From snow to sons and others - A son's story about growing up with a mentally ill mother

20080627 The branding that devalues

20080627 'High' drivers in police sights

20080626 Margaret Trudeau admits driving drunk

20080626  Melbourne sheik backs calls to legalise polygamy

20080626 Lawyer for exonerated man seeks review of other alleged Bernardo crimes

20080625 Divorce cakes' tiers of joy

20080625 Court clears Ontario man after Bernardo confession CBC news

20080625 Man's innocence exposed in 2007 when lawyers heard of Bernardo confession

20080625 Couple helps end wild car chase

20080625 Why do the innocent plead guilty?

20080624 The daddy shift

20080624 Public servant finds she can't have it both ways

20080624 Unreliable testimony requires acquittal: defence

20080623 Canadian dads take more parental leave

20080623 The orphans of medicare

2080623 Man dies in police custody after being Tasered

20080623 Let's stop trying to turn girls into probationary sexpots

20080623 Ex-cult members speak out

20080622 A modest proposal for dealing with unwanted husbands

20080622 Money is the root of all evil "daddy tax'

20080622 Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools

20080622 Ottawa mined judges' personal tax information

20080621 Senate should be spanked for reopening settled debate

20080620 The son who vanished - SCHIZOPHRENIA How a typical teenager was stolen away - Jesse's story

20080620 Bernardo confessed to sex-crime Ontario man was convicted for\

20080620 Some are born to endless night

20080619 Speak your mind – and erase a stigma - Edward Greenspon Mental Illness

20080619 Soldier admits he would have killed kids if cops didn't step in

20080619 Girl fighting for rite of passage, lawyer says

20080619 The importance of fathers

20080618 Exposing deadbeat judges Barbara Kat - National Post

20080616 Teresa Craig verdict: Guilty

20080616 Police investigate wife for five dead husbands

20080615 Judge not, lest ye be judged

20080613  The rule of law prevails

20080613 Free speech, eh? Why is Canada prosecuting Mark Steyn?

20080612 Your Reaction: PM's apology

20080612 Speak out if judge napping, lawyers told

20080612 Ottawa tables copyright bill

20080612 Pets help abused women - but may make them vulnerable

20080610 Fees drive justice out of reach, says Hulls -Australia

20080607 Girl talk from a feminist firebrand

20080607 B.C. polygamist leader decries sexual abuse

20080607 The real scandal in Ottawa

20080607 Dion rejects Liberal pleas to trigger election

20080606 If I didn't marry you, you'd be dead'

20080606 Drunk mother lets toddler drive car

20070605 Wife to stand trial for husband's murder

20080605 Mother's breast milk thrown into garbage

20080605 Maclean's columnist blasts rights panel hearing

20080605 Police treatment of suspect leads judge to throw out evidence Ottawa Police violate Charter Rights

20080604 Terror trial begins with notes of divine comedy

20080604 Maternity leave stalls promotion

20080603 Judge rules Ontario JPs can work until age 75

20080603 MPs vote to give asylum to U.S. deserters Globe & Mail

20080603 MPs vote to give asylum to U.S. deserters, Tories say no CBC

20080602 B.C. orders investigation of polygamous sect

20080602 Friends shocked -Couple found dead in Orléans broke up only days ago

20080531 Teacher 'wanted to be boy's sex slave' - Does she look familiar? Remember another Ontario teacher?

20080530 Wife 'felt like a hostage,' expert testifies

20080530 DNA taken from sect leader in inquiry -  Jeffs DNA may lead to more real charges

20080530 Wife 'felt like a hostage,' expert testifies

20080530 Calgary family was stabbed to death, autopsies show

20080530 Texas to return sect children starting Monday

20080530 Teacher urged teen to treat her 'like sex slave'

20080530 Police focus on father in grisly Calgary killings - another example of the taboo subject of mental health

20080629 Personality tests for traumatized troops called unnecessary

20080529 The decision of the Texas Supreme Court

20080529 Texas high court says sect children should go back

20080529 Ontario judiciary takes on province in bid to raise legal-aid fees

20080529 Khadr judge at Guantanamo Bay relieved of duties

20080628 Teacher's licence revoked following sex convictions

20080528 None of us are even married under … the law'

20080528 Baby survives as five others found dead in Calgary home

20080528 Judge reopens 16-year-old case into death of man's son

20080526 How Harper controls the spin

20080526 Ukrainian president begins Canadian visit

20080524 GTA's secret world of polygamy

20080523 12 children from polygamist sect reunited with parents

20080523 Abandoned baby's parents have 3 other children

20080523 Sacked paramedic's life 'upside-down'

20080523 Bizarre antics possibly 'psychotic': doctor

20080523 Supreme Court swats down fly-in-the-water case

20080523 Judge orders report for mum who murdered sons

20080523 Winning family battles in criminal court

20080522 Court upholds $2.1-million award to Beer Store worker

20080520 Out of a job and out of luck at 54

20080520 Mom not criminally responsible for drowning girls, judge rules

20080519 Stress in pregnancy affects foetus

20080518 'Father' to go from birth certificates

20080516 OHIP to cover sex changes

20080516 Wife 'in turmoil' before she killed sons

20080515 Judge rules father brainwashed son into hating mother

20080515 Older mothers linked to rise in Down syndrome foetuses

20080515 Man denies raping wife throughout marriage

20080512 High-stakes battle over mining rights -Associate Chief Justice Douglas Cunningham told the Algonquins to submit to the injunction or go to jail.

20080512 Chlamydia a tough - but important - topic for teens

20080510 Former coach goes to prison for sexual assault of student  The story of Pamela Balogh -female sex abuser

20080408 Judge bars battling parents from court

20080508 Want to be happy? Don't have kids

20080508 The Pellicano brief: A fool for a client?

20080408 Tim Hortons rehires fired woman

20080506 Who's your daddy?

20080505 'Disturbing' details surround case of slain Toronto girl CBC

20080505 Why wasn't Katelynn Sampson kept safe?

20080503 Woman plotted husband's death - the story of Tracy Browne and Rui Furtado

20080501 Mother, private detective arrested in Maple Ridge child abduction case

20080430 You're a victim

20080430 Australia launches Haneef inquiry

20080425 ‘Patronage’ appointment to Bench draws mixed reviews

20080424 Canada-wide warrant issued for B.C. mom in alleged abduction

2008024 Divorce's atomic bomb: false abuse allegations

20080422 Baltovich goes free  The Globe and Mail

20080422 Baltovich acquitted of murder The Star

20080422 Sick killer's 'lucid' recall - chronic schizophrenia

20080419 United States: Woman wants insurance after shooting husband

20080417 Domestic violence victims to get same-day help

20080415 Former justice minister appointed to Court of Queen's Bench

20080415 Paralegal facing uncertain future

20080415 Crown frees four in terror case

20080415 Don't negotiate the rules - believe in them

20080413 Bringing up baby, and mum's the word for dads

20080413 Fathers around the world

20080412 A witness in need of a blankie, soother

20080412 Merritt police raised red flags over suspect's bail

20080411 Do I stay put to avoid risking custody of my kid?

20080411 Angry wife severes husband's penis

20080410 Case of the disappearing dads

20080409 Who’s oppressing who?

20080409 'I want him acquitted,' jailed pregnant witness says of boyfriend

20080409 Conduct unbecoming a free society

20080409 Warring couples misuse courts, judge says

20080408 Police hunt father in children's deaths

20080408 Pregnant woman 'never calling the police again'

20080408 15 years' jail for baby killer

20080408 Mother keeps healthy son in wheelchair

20080407 The knife, the gun and the hot dogs

20080407 Ruling debunks custody diagnosis

20080406 Feminist activism -- paid for by you and me

20080406 Urban girls hope country road leads to love

20080401 Cornwall sex abuse inquiry extended into fall

20080401 Star argues 'responsible journalism' in libel appeal

20080401 Father knows best: Dad cleared of assaulting rebellious teen daughter

20080401 Your eggs, my uterus: shared motherhood

20080329 Judicial power, size of juries could be system cures

20080328 Police don't have to pay when they seek third-party information, says Supreme Court

20080328 Ford called cops

20080328 Toronto councillor called police night before arrest

20080328 Human noses 'can detect danger'

20080326 Outspoken Toronto councillor charged with assault

20080324 Judge denies Arenburg's bid to fire lawyer after violent outburst in court

20080319 Judge slams Mills's muddled grasp on reality

20080319 At a glance: McCartney Mills ruling

20080317 They sought help, but got exorcism and the Bible

20080314 Khadr interrogator convicted in prisoner's torture death

20080314 Dying man acquitted of 1975 murder conviction

20080305 6 months in jail for former Cornwall officer

20080305 Former policeman charged over child porn

20080304 Halton officer charged after standoff

20080304 Video helps those who can't afford a lawyer

20080303 Obesity new factor in grading parents


20080229 Bite mark evidence disputed in murder cases

20080227 Killer cop's $1.2M legal aid bill a 'fiasco'

20080226 My parents' fighting is out of control

20080226 Financial pressures forcing couples to settle for smaller families

20080225 Father shoots three children and his wife

20080224 Toronto mom charged in baby's death

20080223 'Suspicious' deaths

20080223 Domestic abuse cycle breakers -Tasmania Australia

20080222 'Men have to change' -Vern White (promotes hatred towards men while ignoring that both genders are equally violent)

20080220 Enough already: Dunlop must testify

20080218 Study shows stress affects brain growth

20080218 Ex-cop who refuses to testify can still avoid jail

20080217 Mounties round up reluctant witness - Perry Dunlop gets arrested for contempt

20080217 Homeless 'coffin guy' has vanished

20080215 Mum 'entirely remorseless' for raping daughter

20080215 Bringing up baby while behind bars Lisa Anne Whitford shot Anthony Ryan Cartledge in Prince George

20080215 Half-sister offered to care for baby

20080215 Who's the daddy? Website must reveal IDs of sex auction winners

20080215 Fired watchdog appeals to court - Linda Keen asks for a Judicial Review

20080214 Soldier Loses Custody of Child After Iraq Tour

20080213 Dads DO matter: Why children brought up by BOTH parents are happier and more successful

20080213 Boy babies 'worse for depression'

20080212 School's in for dads

20080212 The right of a judge to discard jury upheld

20080212 Harper vows compromise on Afghan mission

20080212 Twenty-two nabbed in Ontario porn sweep

20080211 Giving mom a second chance

20080211 Cop offered fine relief for sexual favours

20080211 Provincial prosecutions unit flawed, experts say

20080210 Developer's cost claims raise fears of legal chill

20080208 Police: Women attacking, robbing men at Dallas bars

20080208 Mum pulled baby's nails, court hears

20080207 Killer to raise baby in prison  Lisa Anne Whitford shot Anthony Ryan Cartledge in Prince George

20080207 Mom can take baby to prison

20080207 Mother-child prison program investigated

20080206 Top judge says access to justice a problem

20080206 Three parents produce one embryo

20080206 Wife jailed for killing husband

20080206 'Rogue' police bullied witnesses, Blair says

20080206 Ex-drug officer fined for soliciting prostitute (Ned Maodus)


20080205 Pregnancy 'impairs memory'

20080205 Warrant for man released by angry judge

20080205 Expelled for committing assault with a deadly pen

20080205 Man attempts new defence – driving while BlackBerrying

20080205 Baby microwave mother 'admits' killing

20080203 Courts in online revolution -Australia

20080203 Concern mounts over rising troop suicides

20080203 Men behaving badly -Australia - "Narcissists have no real empathy for others"

20080202 Criminals fingered the cops (Central Field Command)

20080202 When love is a crime: the horror of Britain's 'honour' killings

20080202 Maternity right 'undermined'

20080202 Smith accused of another lie

20080201 Now Brits ban 'mum' and 'dad'

20080201 Suspicious spouses turn to spyware

20080131 U.S. Army suicide rate soars

20080131 New plan for HIV marriage tests

20080131 Police seeking person who dumped baby in Toronto parking garage

20080131 Mother Bear v. Ghost Dad: Nobody wins

20080130  Feminist Lawer Carole Curtis became a Superior Court Judge

20080130 Judge’s ignorance of AIDS draws fire

20080130 Texas mom arrested for leaving her 8 kids, going to Africa

20080130 Co-pilot shackled to seat after outburst

20080130 Flight to London makes emergency landing after co-pilot suffers mental breakdown

20080130 Co-pilot `not in control of his senses’

20080129 Co-pilot's illness forces Air Canada jet to land

20080129 Air Canada flight diverted after co-pilot falls ill - 'He was swearing and asking for God, and was very, very distressed'

20080129 Father was a demon, court hears

20080128 Authorities Issue Warrant For Dunlop's Arrest

20080128 Ottawa lawyers lambaste Harper bench boost

20080128 Court issues warrant for stonewalling inquiry witness

20081028 Bra size at 20 may predict Type 2 diabetes risk: Study

20080128 Woman's web ad: I need a hitman

20080126 To flash or not to flash, for cops?

20080125 Prosecution concealed proof of alibi, lawyer says

20080125 Lawyer outraged evidence was suppressed

20080124 Regimbal would have dropped the Amber case - TIMMINS Crown's Attorney's Office, Timmins Police and DR. CHARLES SMITH

20080124 Defence possibly misled, prosecutor admits

20070124 Post-traumatic stress disorder

20080123 Proof of suspect's alibi concealed, court told

20080124 Beware the runaway husband

20080125 Killers grin at sentencing  -Lesbian killers

20080124 Females more likely to commit property crimes

20080124 Citing 'a hatred so vile,' judge denies bail request

20080124 'Domestic' ends in death on footy field

20080123 Dad was murdered Schizophrenic man in Ottawa murders his father

20080123 Police: Mom Set Herself, 2 Children Ablaze

20080123 Quebec man accused in Ohio deaths says wife attacked him

20080122 Friends shocked by deaths of Quebec wife, kids

20080122 Death plunge father pleads not guilty - attempted murder by a mentally ill man

20080122 Attempted murder: woman suffers head injuries -

20080121 Too much caffeine raises risk of miscarriage

20080121 Sex adventure turned to torture in handcuffs, court told

20080119 Murder-suicide by walking into traffic - a double murder by a mentally ill woman

20080118 A father’s battle, a father’s love

2080118 LSUC bencher Carole Curtis gets judicial apppointment

20080118 Attorney General Announces Four Judicial Appointments  - Long time Feminist lawyer CaroleCurtis appointed

20080117 The optimism of young parents comes to this

20080117 Ghost dad, not deadbeat

20081015 Kids with stressed moms more likely to develop asthma

20080114 Finding a `lifeline' through divorce

20080114 Unqualified mediators prey on broken families

20080114 Finding a `lifeline' through divorce

20080114 Six D.C. employees to be fired in slain kids case

20080113 After holiday season comes annual divorce rush

20080111 Separated at birth, U.K. twins got married

20080111 Parted-at-birth twins 'married'

20080111 Pastor guilty of sexual assault

20080111 Harper takes new swipe at nuclear watchdog

20080110 Harper stands behind Lunn

20080110 Mother killed her 4 daughters, police believe

20080110 Crack addict father tosses children off bridge

20080109 Study reveals bias against fathers

20080109 Judge faces rare hearing on conduct

20080107 Canadian killed by Thai police officer

20080107 Paralegal spared jail sentence

20080107 New caesarean warning with 'killer scar' pregnancies on the rise

20080105 Britney's public meltdown

20080104 The curse of the meddling parent

20080104 Spears loses her kids

20080103 Britney's lawyer's quit

20080103 Dad freed days before killing

20080103 Push on for equal gay and de facto couples' rights



20080102 Affairs blamed for NI divorces






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