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20131118 Ottawa officer killed in car crash had bright future ahead of him, chiefs say

20131118 Charges against Ottawa police constables withdrawn after criminal acquittal - Ottawa Citizen

20131115 Cabbie accused of sexual assault wins bail - Gary Dimmock Ottawa Citizen - Lawyer Henry Burr

20131114 Ottawa taxi driver charged with sexual assault of passenger

20131107 Canadian soldiers warned not to use ‘Rank My Sarge’ website

20131107 Justin Trudeau hosts ‘ladies’ night fundraiser despite controversy over ‘patronizing’ ad

20131024 20131024 Married teaching assistant 'had sex with pupil 40 years her junior'

20131102 Stephen Harper performs in rare nightclub gig following convention speech in Calgary

20131030 Taxpayers funding 'lesbian haunted house' in Toronto

20131030 Vote on three senators’ fate possible Friday after Tories move to limit debate

20131030 Kelly McParland: Obama doesn’t need opponents to land himself in trouble

20131030 Conservatives could soften suspensions by letting senators keep health benefits

20131029 Wife-beater says he converted $500Gs into gold, trashed it

20131029 U.S. lawmakers cracking down on internet adoption

20131024 Officers need better training to deal with growing threat from potentially aggressive ‘sovereign citizens,’ police say

20131019 Rocco Galati: the lawyer who lives to take on the government

20131018 Crime law to target 'most heinous' offenders: Peter MacKay

20131018 Terminally ill mother accused of killing daughter won't face 2nd trial

20131018 How geo-tagged photos put you at risk

20131018 Canada, EU unveil ‘historic' free-trade agreement

20131016 Barbara Kay: Real family-law reform must start with shared parenting

20131013 Ottawa to cut cross-border price gaps but doesn’t say how it will do it

20131014 Nazi war criminal Priebke refused church funeral in Rome

20131014 Huronia’s Child 1751 lies unremembered no more: Map reveals unmarked grave

20131014 Federal government expected to apologize for bungling Nova Scotia child molestation case

20141014 Church and state refuse Rome funeral for Nazi, an SS captain who participated in notorious massacre

20131313 Baby Hope identified, arrest made as NYPD cracks case of girl stuffed in picnic cooler 22 years ago

 20131013 Long-forgotten political prisoners included among 1,610 Canadians currently imprisoned abroad

20131011 Child kidnapper Randall Hopley high risk to reoffend if released: Psychiatrist

20131010 Conservatives look to fill new session of Parliament with ‘tough-on-crime’ agenda

20131009 Woman’s custody battle highlights problems in legal aid system

20131009 Psychiatry bible blamed for manufacturing a host of ghosts in complex inner human world

20131005 Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop speaks to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Igor Morgulov regarding Aussie Greenpeace

20131005_Foreign_Minister_Julie Bishop_Transcript_Bali_doorstop

20130105 Julie Bishop raises piracy case with Russians

20131005 Bishop meets Russians over Greenpeace Aussies

20131001 Consular help for Aussie in Russia jail - Julia Bishop ignors plight of 4 year old Australian children overseas who are being  treated unfairly.

20131004 Are men oppressed? Male rights activists maligned as ‘sexists’ fight to have movement recognized on campus

20130407 When Police Fabricate

20120615 Five Worth the Drive: For Dad this father’s day weekend

20120520 Robyn Urback on shocking anti-male hatred on the Simon Fraser University campus

20120517 Mum severed daughter's head - inquest A DEVOTED young mother

20120427 Police who lie: National police body says justice system needs to act over lies

20120425 Police who lie: False testimony often goes unpunished

20120425 Police who lie: How officers thwart justice with false testimony

20120424 Wife jailed for killing husband with spear gun

20120410 Judgement in the case of the Crown versus Cecile Fournel

20120409 Toronto man claims to have up to 1,000 siblings through single sperm donor

20120408 Examining child custody issues in Canada: Part Two

20120407 Examining child custody issues in Canada: Part One

20120406 Arson victim dreads suffering through another trial if convicted arsonist wins appeal process.

201020405 OPP officer, convicted arsonist, sentenced to five years in prison.

20120405 Timmins Police seeking answers about death reported on March 20th

20120403 Man who punched bus driver spared jail time due to his native ancestry

20120402 Trial judge should have viewed videotapes of rape crime

20120330 Afghan women punished for fleeing domestic abuse, while perpetrators walk free

20120329 Divorce rates drop across Canada

20120329 Conservatives' budget to reset retirement at age 67

20120325 NDP sheds ‘comfy sweaters’ for battle gear

20120319 Ontario top court blasts, overrules judge Howard Chisvin for freeing accused criminals over late attorney

20120316 In Shafias' hometown, Harper talks about ‘honour’ crimes

20120316 Why Mulcair should be the next NDP leader

20120304 Death-row innocents trapped in a living hell

20120302 Doctors' new challenge: foreskins have got to go

20120223 Special justice for police officers

20120223 The myths of motherhood

20120222 Ontario court judge upbraided for conviction

20120220 Cuts to Ontario’s justice system necessary to stave off rising debt: Drummond report

20120217 Canada's drowning in a procedural legal swamp

20120214 Anonymity of egg or sperm donors at centre of appeal

20120214 Judge Anne Molloy has history of gutsy decisions

20120209 Why interviews are a lousy way to judge candidates

20120208 Karen Selick: Your honour, what’s with the bulletproof glass?

20120208 Two-child families becoming the norm in Canada

20120207 Does the state have a role in promoting married family life?

20120206 Giving divorced dads more rights could be 'dangerous', Ken Clarke says

20120206 Lesbian parents 'betrayed' by gay father demanding to see his son

20120206 In search of red flags in the Shafia case

20120204 Riot TV: When do cameras belong in court?

20120204 Child killer study finds diverse motives for men and women

20120202 Children win legal right to see both parents after divorce

20120202 Federal bureaucrats posed as ‘new Canadians’ on Sun News citizenship ceremony

20120202 Children used by warring parents in bitter family law cases

20120201 Shafia wife killed because she was despised by husband, second wife

201202   Officer guilty of arson, drugging   - South Porcupine OPP Officer Cecile Fournel,

Acquitted by judge of attempted murder charge

20120131 In the NDP race, Cullen’s the one to watch

20120131 We have failed to protect Muslim women under threat

20120131 Child-protection workers face reality of lethal family violence

20120131 Do moms discriminate against dads?

20120126 Kingston courthouse evacuated minutes before Shafia murder trial was to hear Crown’s closing arguments Who are the Kingston Cops in this picture?

20120126 Ontario dismisses entire board of air ambulance service

20120123 Man jailed 4 months for sexually assaulting wife - Justice Michael Quigley plays psychiatrist

20120119 Ottawa expels Russian diplomats in wake of charges against Canadian

20110119 Neeman backs nixing custody law favoring moms  -Jerusalem

20120118 Arsonist cop cleared of attempted murder  - South Porcupine Timmins Ontario OPP Officer Cecile Fournel

20120114 Opposition sees red over ORNGE

20120109 Parental abductions go unpunished, Canadian dads say

20120106 Clogged traffic court system gives breaks to guilty drivers

20120106 'Slow parenting' lets kids flourish, advocates say

20120106 Rapist gets 32 years for framing victim


20120105 Kids safe and sound - Amazing stuff to read from the Timmins Police

20120105 AMBER ALERT — Missing Timmins children found safe

20110205 Amber Alert ends; Timmins children found in North Bay

20120105 Amber Alert issued for two children allegedly abducted in Timmins, Ont.

20120105 'There is nothing this system can do to prevent Nancy Tyler's murder': ex-husband's eerie message to former wife as he's sentenced to 70 years in jail

20110104 Colleagues sued for for bogus sex allegations

20120103 Boys raised by traditional families 'do better at school'

20111227 Amber Alert pivotal in son’s return, dad says

20111226 Surge of migrant women in refuges  - Australia

20111221 Supreme Court takes firm stand on spousal support payments

20111216 Divorce and tax rules still maintain an uneasy balance

20111115 B.C. Family Laws Face Sweeping Change

20111214 Infant caught in custody dispute as mother faces deportation

20111212 Prison psychologist accused of faking rape

20111212 Ontario's Integrated Domestic Violence Court Safeguards Women's Rights

20111206 Barbara Kay: A new front opens in the hate campaign against men

20111205 Is Divorce Getting Nicer?

20111108 Toronto doctor who signed off on welfare dietary forms stands by his intentions

20111107 Harper’s crime bill is government by angry old uncle

20111102 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition

20111027 Victim was one of city's crime elites: Cops

20111024 Woman cleared of murder still treasures locket with photo of man she killed

20111020 Boys falling dramatically behind girls by the age of five

20111017 Even good Supreme Court nominees need public scrutiny

20111007 NDP Leader Horwath vows to work with other parties

20111007 McGuinty’s treacherous path: Where party line meets compromise

20111006Battleground Ontario: Key ridings to watch on election night

20111003 Being mayor means never having to say you're sorry

20111003 McGuinty emboldened in home stretch of tight campaign

20111003 Horwath’s promises will hurt province

20110929 Cop’s honesty under fire, DUI charges dropped

20110926 Abducted girl reunited with dad after 3-year international search

20110923 A rare look at the inner-workings of the Supreme Court of Canada

20110920 The Conservatives’ crime obsession is not magnificent

20110920 The humiliation of Barack Obama - The process of justification

20110913 Chief justice calls for new family court system

20110912 Impregnators Are Not Fathers

20110912 Hudak defends planned cuts, refuses to apologize on foreign workers

20110912 Brian Topp makes it official: He’s running for NDP leader




20110830 The GG sets the tone

20110829 Nearly half of Canadians oppose greater integration with U.S. law enforcement

20110828 Can I fast-track a psychiatric evaluation?

20110826 Layton’s death shows Canada’s hunger for politicians who inspire

20110825 Book excerpt: Jack Layton on a homeless man’s horrific death

20110825 My wife is depressed but refuses to see a therapist. What can I do?

20110725 An emotional return to Toronto for Jack Layton

20110825 Another reason home births are tricky: Proving your baby belongs to you

20110822 Without their bon Jack, the NDP’s position in Quebec is suddenly shaky

20080822 Layton’s last words: ‘Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear’

20080822 Opposition Leader Jack Layton dead at 61

20110821 Of Riots And Missing Fathers

20110817 Stanford prison experiment continues to shock

20110817 Jack-boot Left gives dads a kicking

20110816 Ontario ombudsman to probe allegations of excessive force by prison guards

20110816 Unskilled, unmarried, unwanted

20110814 The problem of a fatherless society

 20110813 Canada's poor ranking in access to courts should be wake up call, Chief Justice says

20120812 Suspect who came at Calgary police officer with a screwdriver shot four times

20110812 Sarah Ferguson storms out of interview with Australia's 60 Minutes

20110812 Woman geography teacher weeps as she admits seducing and having sex with 15-year-old girl pupil

20110811 'Kids for cash' judge gets 28 years in Pennsylvania bribery case

20110811 Barbara Kay: The legal price of being too darned cute

20110811 Kelly McParland: Two centuries of social reform go up in flames in London

20110809 Second marriage? Why you need to talk money early and often

20110808 New Democrats call for end to military mission in Libya

201108080 Watchdog says prison violence on rise; Toews says it has decreased


Trustee's idea for float in Pride parade backed by chair

20110807 Chief magistrate hits tough-on-crime plan

20110731 Turmel tries to keep NDP party profile high

20110729 Female violence society’s “dirty little secret,” especially in Alberta

20110729 Modern prescription for mental illness: go directly to jail

20110728 Nycole Turmel confirmed as interim leader of the NDP

20110728 Judge releases cellblock video of alleged mistreatment by Ottawa police

20110725 Tough kid-snatcher laws could backfire

20110725 Judicial Interviews of Children in Custody/Access Disputes

20110725 Layton’s illness jolts Ontario New Democrats

20110725 Brutal fights becoming the norm in packed detention centre

20110724 Everything I do is wrong campaign - milk lowers symptoms of PMS

20110723 Got apology? Milk board tones down sexist PMS-themed ads after 'Everything I Do Is Wrong' campaign sparks fury

20110723 Tories judge evidence of falling rates inadmissible

20110721 Clare's Law: should abuse history be revealed to new partners?

20110720 Canada Revenue rule on child benefits upsets dad

20110719 Lottery dream home win the focus of messy divorce

20110718 Three months of hell' The Yellowknife -  Andreas Tesfaye story

20110718 Ontario changes divorce protocol

20110718 Officer faces charges for excess force Kevn Jacobs

20110717 Divorces to be easier in Ontario

20110711 Threat to shared parenting

20110711 California woman cuts off husband's penis

20110630 Ottawa pumps up military role in citizenship ceremonies

20110625 'Balance lost' in trial cross examinations UK

20110624 Shared Parenting Orders Bill (HC Bill 56)

20110622 Burned by complacency in summers past, McGuinty now in the hot seat

20110622 Girl, 17, admits she lied over Bolton taxi driver 'rape'


Mom accused of killing baby in microwave

20110621 Angela Epstein: Absent fathers can't be likened to killer drivers


Province provides glasses to JK students

20110621 Gay tolerance teaching mandatory in Toronto schools

20110621 Questioning our judges

20110621 Rock your kid’s party on the cheap

20110621 The NDP’s message: We’re not a fluke

20110620 Who oversees children’s aid societies?

20110619 Do It For Dad draws record-high attendance

20110619 Still socialists, NDP guns for government

20110619 No home, no rape, but still locked up

20110618 NDP will 'stand up' for postal workers in Parliament, Layton says

20110617 Man who set himself on fire had a history with courts

20110617 Number of stay-at-home dads on the rise

20110617 Anti-Semitic vandal defends Nazis

20110615 Tasha Kheiriddin: An equal parenting reality check


Tories 'welcome' Ocean Lady arrests

201106014 Strike forces New Democrats to fly on non-unionized airline

20110614 Former Gatineau cop charged with sex assault

20110614 MPs vote for more air strikes against Libyan strongman John Baird

20110614 Mega-jail plan for western suburbs Australia

20110713 Push to curb abductions by parents

20110613 Appeal judge critical of fed's prostitution claims

20110613 Sex trade on trial: Court considers prostitutes’ right to work safely

20110613 Ontario mother smoked pot, had sex with 14-year-old foster son

20110613 We can get things done’: Tories, NDP team up on mega-trial bill

20110613 Prostitution ‘not a constitutionally-protected right,’ Crown argues in landmark case

20110613 Sex trade on trial: Court considers prostitutes’ right to work safely

201110611 Cop unmasked: Meet Const. Glenn Weddell, the officer ID'd in G20 assault

20110610 These Conservatives have a Liberal fiscal bent

20110610 Court integrating domestic violence, family court cases opens in Toronto


Drug court at risk


B.C. abuse case highlights domestic slavery


20110610 Bridge climb protest man pleads not guilty - Michael Fox Sydney Harbour Bridge Protest

20110609 How to do laundry, fend off a shark and other skills Dad never taught you

20110609 The most bizarre use of Facebook in a divorce case ever

20110609 My life with borderline personality disorder

20110609 RCMP cash crunch puts squeeze on organized-crime investigations: audit

20110608 Woman dead, suspect and police officer injured in Tweed, Ont.

20110607 The invisible domestic violence – against men

20110607 Study finds diversity lacking in Toronto law firms

20110607 Murder charge withdrawn against mother who spent 14 years in prison

20110607 'Mentally ill' mother pleads guilty to killing child

20110606 Judge clears extradition of Ottawa man accused in Paris synagogue bombing

20110606 Judge clears way for Ottawa man’s extradition to France

20110606 Canada to extradite accused Paris bomber

20110605 Malaysia 'obedient wives' club: Good sex is a duty

20110603 Sterilisation: North Carolina grapples with legacy

20110603 Video: A business card for love "Cheekd"

20110603 ‘To survive, the NDP has to turn left,’ diehards tell Layton

20110602 Libyan woman claiming rape by Gadhafi troops sent back to Libya

20110602 For $41-billion, Canadians deserve a straight answer

20110602 Parents group says Rihanna's video sends a disturbing message

20110602 No apology or inquiry into G20 ‘secret law,’ McGuinty says

20110602 Censors must not arbitrarily black out public documents, panel rules


DP demands different decorum in House

20110602 Appointment process denies military judges necessary independence, court rules


Feds should apologize to disbanded Airborne Regiment

DiManno: Supreme Court’s consent ruling infantilizes women

Four years of optimism to counter fake outrage

Don't call them 'chain gangs' unless they're chained: Sheriff

20110528 Canadian soldier dies in non-combat incident in Afghanistan


20110528 Canadian soldier dies in Afghanistan  - Bombardier Karl Manning

20110528 Judge throws out beer cooler seized by cop

20110527 DiManno: G20 policing black eye isn’t fading away

20110526 Fathers for Justice crusades in Goderich

20110524 Is a policeman's life worth more?

20110524 Widow wins right to frozen sperm

20110524 Layton’s budget wish: ‘Lift every single senior out of poverty’

20110523 Pay packages for prison guards reveal lack of restraint

20110523 Cops arrest man in domestic in west end

201110523 Killer told to relax and take a shower

20110520 CSIS fails to meet Supreme Court’s accountability standards: report

2011519 Ontario cops receive secret sweetheart deal

20110519 B.C. court strikes down anonymity for sperm donors

20110519 Sperm donor anonymity overturned by B.C. court

20110519 Prison health care leaves something to be desired

Good news for the Justice System

May 18, 2011 The Dishonourable Corrupt Judge Richard Lajoie is NOW DEAD! This incredible stroke of luck for the justice system and fathers, occurred on May 18, 2011 when one of the greatest insults to justice departed this planet. 

20110518 Colleagues morn well-respected judge Richard Lajoie - read our commentary !

20110519 Court colleagues mourn Ottawa judge - Ottawa Citizen

20110519 Judges, lawyers, court staff grieve for popular Ottawa judge

20110519 City mourns loss of judge - Timmins

20110516 Woman sues Ottawa police for $975,000

20110514 Bus driver charged with sex assault on disabled woman

20110513 The coming conservative court: Harper to reshape judiciary

20110513 Bridge stunt chokes city

20110513 Court bans protesting father from going near bridge or his children

20110513 Police concern at media actions as negotiators talked to bridge protester

20110513 Harbour Bridge protest: who is Mick?

20110515 I'm not done yet, says bridge protester

20110511 Convicted ex-senator Lavigne to learn fate June 16

20110509 Even when you win in traffic court, you lose

20110509 Casey Anthony trial begins in Florida

20110504 Father acquitted in infant son's death  Richard Brant Story


20110506 Mounties in Dziekanski case face perjury charges

20110505 Shania-smitten doc’s marriage woes 


'Twainiac' doctor was living the dream

'Twainiac' doctor was suicidal, depressed

20110504 Meet Canada’s youngest MP in history

20110504 Video: Elizabeth May takes army of one to Ottawa

20110503 Family law change 'puts kids at extra risk'

20110503 Televangelist's bodyguard 'strangled wife and sons so he could marry his mistress'

20110503 Bryan Hayes is the new Conservative MP for Sault Ste. Marie

20110503 Ex-Central Texas Jail Guard Sentenced For Having Sex With Inmates

20110502 Massaging the truth about Jack Layton

20110503 Tories won’t make radical change with majority, Harper vows

20110501 Happy warrior’ Ignatieff pushes to get Liberals to vote

20110501 Plywood Man attends All Candidate Meeting With The NDP (No Dads Party)  - f4jcanada

20110501 Video: Layton rallies Montreal supporters

20110501 Does Layton’s rise mean more Tory majorities?

20110429 Layton found in bawdy house: Ex-cop


Layton advocated ban on lap dancing

Man guilty of beating, choking ex-wife
 - More Ottawa injustice

20110428 U.S. ambassador questioned Ignatieff’s leadership, WikiLeaks cables reveal

20110428 Liberals scramble to save own seats in election’s dying days

20110428 Manitoba judge open to cameras in court

20110428 Mother to be sentenced in connection to baby's death

20110427 Life under a Jack Layton government

20110426 Victim fibbed about beating, defence argues  Ottawa Injustice

20110426 Police find missing Sault Ste. Marie girl, mother charged with abduction

20110426 In a first for the U.S., women outnumber men in earning advanced degrees

20110426 Layton rides a wave – but can it take him to 24 Sussex?

20110423 Did postpartum psychosis drive Quebec mother to kill?

20110422 Exclusive: Wrongly deported teen goes into hiding

20110421 Ruling broadens judges’ right to control lawyers’ salary

20110421 Montreal mother, 28, dies after plunge into river with sons

20110421 Law firm changes its scandal-avoidance advice for hospitals

20110421 The New Democrats rise up

20110421 Winnipeg woman who killed daughter gets 12 years


'Disturbing' homicide Mother charged with murder in toddler's death - The murder of Jaylene Readhead story

20110420 Dentists who treat their spouses are sex abusers by law

20110418 Que. Doctor Admits to Killing His Children

20110418 Disgraced cop fails in bid to keep job  - Ottawa Police Constable Jeffrey Gulick - INFO WANTED !

20110419 Ottawa officer loses dismissal appeal

20110417 My dear teacher killed her baby

20110416 Keli Lane learned too late that love hurts

20110415 How Keli Lane's sentence was determined

20110415 Helena Guergis deserves better

20110415 Keli Lane sentenced to 18 years' jail for murder of Tegan

20110415 How hiking maximum jail time can raise crime rates

20110414 Quebec man wins largest award for wrongful conviction

20110414 Surrogate who kept baby gets $785 a month from would-be parents

20110414 Parents blamed for crime

20110413 Which party will fix family law?

20110413 Upholding polygamy law would split families, lawyer argues

20110413 Killer dad's escorted leave may bving van with 3 other kids inside into river

20110412 Couple are ordered to pay surrogate mother £568 a month for the baby they will never see

20100412 Campaign trail falls silent as leaders sharpen their knives for debate

20110412 Tories hold on to single-digit edge; Canadians hungry for policy debate

20110411 Experts can testify at trials involving gang violence, judges rule

20110410 Nova Scotia court issues landmark decision for abused women

20110410 What are Canadians really afraid of when it comes to crime?

20110408 Parkdale mobilizes to protect citizens as attacks continue

20110409Colin Thatcher says Canada shouldn't adopt cameras in courtrooms

20130409 Couple charged in adoption agency fraud probe

20110409 NDP to unveil platform that balances budget

20110409 NDP platform to mix some familiar ideas with the new

20110408 Ignatieff kicks off health transfer pledge blitz

20110408 NDP prioritizes ships over jets

20110408 Shania 'Twainiac' Ottawa doc in court

20110406 $10,000 reward for girl on run with mom

20110406 Schizophrenic killer to remain in hospital

20110404 Women walk the talk after officer's offending ‘slut’ remarks

20110404 The secret to raising happy kids? Mom's the word

20110331 Military domestic violence: Should the Canadian Forces be doing more for military families?

20110328 Toronto police officer charged with sex offences involving boys

20110327 The best – and worst – Harper, Ignatieff and Layton can expect from an election

20110325 Why Canada needs a split from its messy divorce laws

20110324 Ontario eyes prison costs to help rein in deficit: budget preview


20110321 Police: Nevada councilwoman killed husband hour before her suicide

20110321 Legal loophole could identify sperm donors

20110321 Crown seeks 12 years in girl's killing  -Nicole Readhead

20110320 Ignatieff decries ‘unprecedented’ Tory attack on his family

20110319 AVO abuse no game

20110319 One word comes to mind in tussle over judge’s writing: catfight

20110318 Mother of baby killer Lane weeps in court

20110311 Comedian Dave Foley fears arrest, owes $500,000 in child-support - Thanks to Superior Justice Nancy Backhouse who refused to vary his order for support.

20110310 The judge who writes like a paperback novelist

20110303 Libyan warplanes bomb oil regions; International court investigates Gadhafi

20110228 Assange tirade a tired distraction from WikiLeaks' work

20110228 Two mums better than one?

20110224 Canadians leaving Libya on allies’ planes and boats

20110224 Do I have obsessive compulsive disorder?

20110221 Make women’s rights Canada’s postwar priority

20110218 Quebec creates new anti-corruption squad

20100915 Don’t tell us how to divorce

20110211 Read these and weep

20110211 Judges question tabloid's 'attack'  The Alan Howe and Felicity Hampel story

20110211 Access to justice becoming a privilege of the rich, judge warns

20110211- Judge in harassment complaint has role reduced

20110210 How to Tell If Someone Is a Sociopath

20110210 DiManno: Stoney Creek home was ‘house of horrors’ for abused kids

20110210 B.C. teacher sex trial told of 200 encounters - The Debra Ashton Story

20110209 Are girls good for the guilty?

20110209 Jury gets a break for Valentine's Day

20110209 International justice in crisis, Supreme Court judge says

20110206 WikiLeaks' Assange faces extradition hearing in UK

20110203 More complaints surface about Durham’s top cop Mike Ewles

20110203 Teresa Craig walks free Teresa Pohchoo Craig

20110202 Tampa Palms mother covered teens with blankets after killing them, search warrant says

20110201 Sex assault claim hoax: Cops

20110131 Mum's the word for 2011 class of kindie cousins

20110131 Police accused of hiding evidence in rape case - The Fred Martens Story

20110130 Draw a legal line on polygamy

20110129 Slain Tampa Palms children remembered fondly by neighbors, in schools

20110128 Genetic rights: The other half of the family tree

20110128 Former Ontario premier David Peterson is more powerful than ever

20110128 Jack Layton declares New Democrats fit for campaign duty

20110128 Courthouse decorum trumps press freedom, Supreme Court rules

20110127 Shout at your spouse and risk losing your home: It's just the same as domestic violence, warns woman judge Daily Mail

20110127 British High Court Expands ‘Domestic Violence’ to Include Shouting and Criticizing

20110126 Plural wives recount marriages to older men

20110126 Prisons grapple with increase in mentally ill female inmates

20110126 Crown scoffs at former escort's claim she was victim

20110126 Kingston killer will stay behind bars Terry Douglas Kennedy - Justice Douglas J.A. Rutherford

20010124 Beware of Twitter in courtrooms, Russell Williams’ defence team says

20110124 Handcuffed prisoners tumble out of courthouse van

20110122 Free-range schools without rules

20110121 Diagnosing danger in the mentally ill

20110121 Why Canada's prisons can't cope with flood of mentally ill inmates

20110121 The mystery of the man in the snowplow

20110120 Court upholds convictions in ‘bizarre’ incest case

20110121 Suspect in Toronto police death expected in court

20110121 Children of divorce - higher level of suicidal thoughts, says Canadian study

20110120 Father loses parenting rights for forcing homework on his children

20110120 Former justice minister rejects ‘biased’ Bastarache commission findings

20101214 Mysterious woman with Mona Lisa smile

20101214 How Keli Lane's secret life was exposed

20101213 Keli Lane convicted of baby's murder

Wanted for child abduction from the UK. Dana Flaherty aka Helen Gava

20101210 New concerns for missing child last spotted in Toronto


20101209 Family Law Reform In Ontario - Government Propaganda

20101209 Family Law Reform Backgrounder pdf - Government Propaganda

20101209 Family Law Reform Backgrounder HTML Government Propaganda

20110120 Remembering Sgt. Russell

20110120 Man’s murder conviction dropped in baby’s death

20110120 Kidnapped baby reunited with family 23 years later

20110120 NDP girds for ‘next possible election window’

20110119 Dad banned over homework load

20110119 Relaxed Harper reassures his base and broadens his audience

20110119 Take mental illness out of the Arizona debate

20101216 In family court, a judge turns to ridicule to defuse the rage

20101215 As Christmas nears, courtrooms fill with parents battling over kids


20101215 Quebec to appeal common-law alimony ruling

20101119 Remarks by Chief Justice Warren K. Winkler - reform of family law

20110118 Most Abuse Programs Slice and Dice the Truth

20110117 Canadian judge hopes to shed light on terrorism blacklist

20110117 Slain officer's wife to speak at Toronto funeral

20110116 8,000 mourners expected at Sgt. Russell funeral

20110116 Police hope for best at rally, but brace for worst

20110116 McGuinty, Hudak test-drive campaign speeches

20110116 Charges recommended against Kelowna Mountie

20110115 Mother allegedly on Facebook while baby drowned

20110115 RCMP attempt damage control in wake of B.C. video

20110114 Accused in police killing depressed: friends

20110114 SIU reopens G20 case after photos surface

20110114 More witnesses sought in Tavares case

20110113 Portrait, and mystery, emerges of accused in snowplow death

20110112 Cribb: Single dads have little value in dating world

20110112 New photos surface after G20 case closed

20110112 Eek! A Male! Treating all men as potential predators doesn't make our kids safer.

20110112 Include homosexuals in Roman Catholic schools

20110112 Ignatieff looks to women to defeat Harper

20110112 ‘Faggot’ lyric disqualifies Dire Straits hit from Canadian radio play   YOUTUBE Money for Nothing by Dire Straits

20110112 DiManno: As new allegations of G20 brutality surface, police raise their shields

20110111 Palin accuses media of ‘blood libel’ in casting blame on Arizona shooting

20110111 Do Chinese parents raise superior kids?
Yale prof says yes


20110111 Mental health of women in crisis

20110110 Government faces hard sell for thousands of new jail cells

20100110 Cracks in Arizona suspect seen before mass shooting

20110110 Criminal probe ordered after Mountie taped kicking a suspect in head  Constable GEOFF MANTLER kicks Buddy Tavares in the head  

20110110 Bob Rae meets with UAE leaders, fields air landing complaints

20110110 What happens in bankruptcy

20110109 DiManno: Ex-Bernardo groupie accused of stalking young boys

200107 Former Bernardo groupie faces sex charges

20110110 Father and pint-sized son get the festival cold shoulder

20110108 Assange book to get quick release

20110109'Secret US probe' into WikiLeaks

20110107 Father’s conviction should be quashed, Crown says

20110107 Absent dads – Hollywood rarely gets the story right

20110107 What's the price for law and order?

20110107 Exoneration in works for father who pleaded guilty in face of Charles Smith testimony

20110107 Male circumcision helps stop HPV, which is linked to cervical cancer: study

20110107 Assange accusers must show their faces

20110106 153 years of sex discrimination is enough

20110106 Deadbeat parents' credit rating could suffer

20110106 RCMP wants less strict rules on disclosure to defence lawyers

20100105 Julian Fantino: Superstar?

20110105 Son facing double murder charges wasn’t sane at the time, father says

20101104 Sweden's stay-at-home dads

20101104 Part 5: Why Sweden pays dads cash to stay home with the kids

20110104 Father in botched paternity test case settles with lab

20110104 USS Enterprise Sailors Rally to Capt. Honors's Defense for Raunchy Videos

20110104 DNA clears US man after 30 years in jail

20110102 Unrepentant bank robber' gets right to sue


20110103 Woman, 26, charged in Ottawa man's death Jennifer Bird Stanley Ave

20110102 Ottawa police investigate New Edinburgh death

20101231 Billy the Kid won’t be pardoned: Governor

20101231 Older man with an innocent younger woman? Fine, if you hold the sex

20101229 Canada condemns Khodorkovsky conviction as ‘worrying’ about Russia’s rule of law

20101230 No more dog fights in court, judge asks

20101230 Woman arrested in death of 12-year-old Texas boy

20101229 Grits dismiss NDP-Tory détente as electioneering

20101229 Ontario mental health system faces overhaul

20101228 Canada condemns Khodorkovsky conviction as ‘worrying’ about Russia’s rule of law

20101228 Ottawa police management mocked in video

20101228 Winner and losers 2010 - Julian Assange

20101228 'Teen Mom' star charged with domestic battery

20101228 Judge tells perv: 'You have disgraced the military'

20101228 Elton John and his partner become dads

20101228 Tories soften tone with NDP ahead of 2011 budget

20101227 Elton John and partner David Furnish celebrate their first child together

20101227 For former Russian oil tycoon, Khodorkovsky, a preordained guilty verdict

20101227 Judge orders girl, 14, to live with sect

20101226 A new-year toast to paid parental leave

20101226 No CIA conspiracy he raped us, say Assange women

20101225 Male victims get lost in domestic-abuse data

20101224 Assange says 'high chance' he would be killed in US jail

20101224 The truth lies trapped in a web of intrigue

20101224 Assange named a man of the year

20101223 Supreme Court tweets may be possible in non-jury trials: Chief Justice Marilyn Warren  Australia

20101223 Assange to become MEAA member

20101223 Assange issues warning to journalists - 'They're going to be next'

20101222 Women in a tizzy over STDs, says WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange

20101222 Sheppard subway extension: A quarter the stops for three times the cost

20101221 Julian Assange hits back at US Vice President Joe Biden's attack

20101221 Assange to write memoir: report

20101221 WikiLeaks' Assange: I'm the victim of leaks

20101221 Woman who faked cancer gets house arrest, tells court she's pregnant

20101221 House arrest for Timmins woman who faked cancer

20101220 Justin Trudeau plays ShamWow pitchman for indebted Liberals

20101220 Intervention or intrusion? Hospital asks patients about abuse

20101220 Tories target vulnerable ridings that could boost majority prospects

20101219 WikiLeaks' Assange gets leaked on

20101219 Assange's 'promiscuous lifestyle, refusal to test for HIV led to charges'

20101217 10 days in Sweden: the full allegations against Julian Assange

20101217 WikiLeaks chief says he fears U.S. ready to indict

20101221 Female teacher jailed for sex with boys

20101219 Abused women still see partners as "dependable"

20101218 Fur flies over Justin Trudeau’s Christmas card

20101217 It's not enough for men to be men

20101216 In family court, a judge turns to ridicule to defuse the rage Bruni v. Bruni, 2010 ONSC 6568 (CanLII)

20101215 Assange lawyer tries to juggle his many hats

20101215 Swedish challenge to Assange bail to be heard Thursday

20101215 As Christmas nears, courtrooms fill with parents battling over kids

20101216 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange granted bail

20101215 Rengel killer's sentence appeal denied

20101214 Assange issues plea from jail

20101213 Welfare rules forcing people into destitution, report finds

20101212 Manipulation led to years of delays and other criminals will try it, too the murder of John Ruffolo who just wanted a divorce

20101212 Brains alone won’t get you into McMaster medical school

20101212 Justice minister prioritizes ‘tough-on-crime’ legislation before break

20101212 NDP leader Jack Layton tells Edmonton credit card companies are Christmas Grinches

20101212 Ontario expands mediation services to 49 courts

20101212 Wife charged after Didsbury senior found shot dead - Heather Wilson Duncan charged

20101212 Julian Assange: A hero or a villain?

20101211 Julian Assange - victim or villain? Gold coast news

20101211 The warped world of Julian Assange

20101211 Court rejects mental illness defence for child abuse

20101211 Child support too low a priority FRO propaganda

20101210 Harkat to fight security certificate ruling

20101210 Ont. mom convicted of killing daughters appeals

20101210 It's politicians who hide truth

20101209 Social worker is accused of aiding child's abduction Gina Woolaston

20101209 High Court Publicity Order re Perl Rose Gavaghan Da Massa pdf

20101209 Harkat security certificate upheld

20101209 Baton-wielding officer seen in new photo

20101209 The Aussie who blitzed Visa, MasterCard and PayPal with the Low Orbit Ion Cannon

20101208 Top judges giving up silence to embrace the people’s court

20101208 ‘We have a problem,’ acting police chief admits

20101208 Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths

20101208 Julian Assange arrested on sex assault charges, vows to fight extradition

20101208 The curious sex case against Julian Assange

20101207 Assange's arrest won't stop WikiLeaks cables Gold coast news

20101207 Public Statement by Ottawa Police Acting Chief Gilles Larochelle -official propagana

20101207 Outside review of cellblock incidents common practice, experts say

20101206 Vancouver police launch program to combat violence against women

20101205 Most voters want Harper and Ignatieff to step aside, poll finds

20101205 Harper pulls away as ‘fall swoon’ hits Ignatieff in poll

20101205 Harper government delays firearms marking regulations

20101205 Australia says Assange entitled to consular help if arrested

20101204 Digitizing the law

20101204 Land that belonged to 'Unabomber' for sale

20101203 Harper backs ambassador on criticism of Karzai

20101203 WikiLeaks website forced to move again

20101202 How to raise $20,000 in a single night

20101125 AG should resign over assault case: Prof

20101125 Domestic Violence - 100 Thousand women  - youtube hit

20101201 Ontario police can impound vehicles for longer list of offences starting today

20101201 School suspends teen who criticized athletics program

20101201 Bullish PM rolls out welcome mat for Julian Fantino

20121129 Real men do cry - The hidden pain: domestic abuse of men

20101129 Asst. Crown busted for drunk driving

20101129 Cop faces rape charges against three women

20101126 Husband of Belleville police chief gets 30 days for beating her in jealous rage

20101124 Court urged not to jail genital burner

20101123 B.C. woman with 2 partners decries polygamy law

20101123 Canada would become magnet for polygamy if law struck down, court told 20101123_magnet.htm

20101122 Crown ‘making strange faces’ causes murder mistrial


20101119 The man is blamed

20101121 Peel eyes one-stop centre to tackle domestic violence

20101119 Arbitrator assails Fantino’s ‘willy-nilly’ disbanding of police squad six years ago

201018 Province ordered to pay lawyers more money

20101117 Debtor's prison for dads The Suicide of Paul Donavan

20101117 Murdered daughters 'were my life'

20101117 Judge decides cop's fate Friday - Shyldon Safruk, -Judge Grant Radley-Walters

20101117 Teacher busted for kid porn says he's sorry

20101117 DiManno: Caring father hardly the 'monster' described by ex-wife

20101117 Strip-search in police cell 'a travesty,’ judge rules

20101117 Police assault victim wants justice

20101117 Ottawa police brutalize lone, 100-pound female – and aren’t fired?

20101117 Christie Blatchford: Arrested for making the police look bad

20101117 Judges push back against hospitals turning away mentally ill offenders

20101116 Police taped cutting off prisoner's bra

20101116 Woman charged with killing husband

20101116 Stormy marriage detailed in video of accused man  Panghali

20101116 Ontario looks into why fraud charges dropped   Mortgage Faud

20101116 Mother who drowned daughters guilty of first-degree murder

20101115 Cellphone records will help prove man killed pregnant wife, Crown tells trial   the murder of pregnant Ms. Panghali

20101115 Campione guilty of murdering daughters

20101115 Ontario mother who drowned daughters found guilty of first-degree murder

20101115 The gentler side of killer mom's estranged husband  The Leo Campione story

20101113 CAS pressed defendant to relinquish custody of daughters, murder trial told

20101113 Killer mom awaiting jury's decision

20101112 Mother of accused tells murder trial her daughter was ‘disengaged’

20101112 Jury deciding fate of mother asks judge to clarify ‘morally wrong’

20101113 Jury in Campione sisters drowning trial to deliberate for a fifth day

20101111 Law reforms to protect children


20101111 Woman charged after boy assaulted with hockey stick  Timmins

20101110 Abuse victim wants laws changed

20101109 Barbara Kay: Courts get a new way to discriminate against fathers

20101108 Ontario parents who fail to pay support can lose car


20101107 Mom allegedly kills baby in washer

20101105 Prisons plagued by overcrowding, poor conditions, ombudsman reports

20101105 DiManno: What drove a mother to drown her daughters

20101105 DiManno: Mom's video shakes insanity plea

20101105 Woman pleads guilty to incinerating husband (four years!)

20101105 Tactics 'out of whack' with threat to police

20101105 Police kill Oshawa man holding screwdriver - Durham Regional Police Sergeant Alistair Renshaw

20101104 Quebec grants common-law alimony rights

20101104 Longtime foster parent faces more sex charges - Garry Prokopishin

20101102 Conviction tossed out over ‘police brutality’ Constable Will Vander Wier Peel Regional Police & John Sutherland Director of SIU and now Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice

20101101 Lawyers argue for broader scope in Ashley Smith death inquest

20101101 Officer breaks ‘little’ accountant’s arm, but no charges laid

20101031 Police ‘deeply regret’ mistakes that led to man’s 26 years in jail

20201030 Officer who ran over teens was cleared by SIU probe

20101030 Are these cops above the law?

20101029 Anonymity for sperm donors not up to the courts, Crown argues

20101028 Man arrested after south-Ottawa standoff - doing renovations at the ex's home

20101028 Officer who killed grandmother avoids charges, fined $500 -Toronto Police Sergeant Juan Quijada-Mancia. Quijada-Mancia

20101027 Boyfriend killed toddler — lawyer

20101027 CAS hopeful crisis can be averted

20101026 Ottawa Police Lay Charges in Airline Ticket Fraud Investigation

20101025 Khadr pleads guilty at Guantanamo Bay

20101025 Harper discusses human rights in Ukraine

20101025 Woman fighting to find sperm donor dad

20101025 Court case seeks to strip sperm donors’ anonymity


20101023 John Howard nominates divorce laws as most important social legislation  - Aus

20101022 Domestic violence has no gender - time to recognize women's role

20101022 Time to admit female violence exists and examine its role in domestic abuse

20101022 Wife attacked me: Accused killer

20101021 Dismantling the façade of a monster like Russell Williams

20101021 A pyschopath’s monotone act of contrition

20101021 Five things teachers and parents can do to engage boys

20101021 Father found baby in northwest Calgary dumpster

20101018 Are we medicating a disorder or treating boyhood as a disease?

20101018 U.S. schools seek role models for boys

20101018 Failing Boys: The endangered male teacher

20101018 Jogging and yoga help curb anxiety

20101018 Judges unplugged and on the record

20101017 Lawyers get $5b a year from family law - Aus

20101017 Rule changes needed to meet the benchmark

20101017 Acquitted can't afford civil suit

20101017 Judges fed up with drunken violence clogging our courts

20101016 A haze of disbelief and fear, pain and confusion

20101016 Former terrorism suspect David Hicks breaks silence on Guantanamo odyssey

20101016 For the first time, David Hicks tells

20101015 Dragun's suicide may have been avoided: coroner

20101015 Who's going to advocate for boys?

20101014 Deal in works for Khadr guilty plea

20101011 Fantino hints at federal run in Vaughan

20101008 North America's first serial killer ended 'career' in Toronto

20101008 No right to lawyer during police interrogation: Supreme Court


201011007 Woman blames sex with son on 'cocktail of drugs'

20101006 Dry-eyed justice': Judge questions impact of victims on rulings

20101006 Supreme Court ruling will clarify government’s right to keep Canadians in the dark

20101007 Make my day: cop from hell's great barrier grief

20101005 Census change not about complaints: Bernier

20101001 Drop in caseload worries Supreme Court of Canada observers

20100930 Russell Williams undergoing mental health evaluations: Source

20100930 Corporal punishment, the next generation

20100930 Legal Aid scheme ruled unlawful - UK

20100928 Prostitution laws struck down by Ont. court

20100927 Explode the mental illness stigma

20100927 Lottery proposed to fund divorce reform

20100924 It’s time to blow up divorce court

20100924 Jean Charest cites unwritten rule in defending judicial appointments

20100924 Man who fathered 23 children with 14 women sent to prison after missing more than $500,000 in child support payments

20100924 Leave deal for victims of domestic violence

20100919 Stephen Harper – the last Straussian?

20100927 Accused in girls’ deaths described as a model mother

20100917 Mother accused of drowning daughters weeps in court at photos of their bodies

20100917 Calgary man faces rare libel charges for criticizing police online

20100917 Calgary police critic hit with rare libel charges over U.S. website posts

20100917 Charges expected for website critical of Calgary police officers

20010916 Quebec police cadets subject to ‘suitability’ testing

20100915 Jack Layton hopes to capitalize on gun-registry schism

20100914 National Post editorial board: Murder is murder, psychosis is psychosis

20100913 Tories draw a bead on pro-registry opposition MPs

20100912 Cheaters do prosper– but are they psychologically ill?

20100911 Judges have been told to deal less severely with female criminals than men when determining how to sentence them

20100907 Liberals unleash David McGuinty on John Baird

20100907 A 'family affair' to counter human trafficking

20100907 Wife’s lies ruined his world  Dan Major's story

20100904 The desperate search for Pearl

20100903 No jail for fake doctor

20100903 Trail in alleged parental abduction leads to Toronto

20100903 Screening out the empathy

20100903 PM’s top adviser leaving after months of Tory turmoil

20100902 Toronto Police News Release re Perl Rose Gavaghan Da Massa  .pdf

20100902 Controversial ACC rally fires up teachers. Was it worth it?

20100901 Killer mother Donna Fitchett sentenced to 27 years

20100831 Nude photos of judge contained in complaint  - Madam Justice Lori Douglas - sex scandal

20100831 Justin Trudeau admires his mother's 'self-awareness'

20100830 Students' early struggles with math count later on, study shows

20100830 Jack Layton’s potential legacy includes slaying a gun registry he supports

20100827 Judge jails 'tagger' another 30 days for Preston Street graffiti spree - Justidce Lajoie and  Mc Andrew

20100824 Double fatal crash driver 'thought he was in starship'

20100818 U.S. blood analysis lab withheld full reports from defence teams, review finds

20100818 Witnesses: Woman slapped baby on plane

20100817 Ottawa failing its troops, watchdog warns

20100817 Only children: not so lonely after all

20100815 Chief Justice McLachlin suggests ways to cut legal fees

20100813 Judge orders Skype visitation for kids, father

20100811 Belleville police chief says she was victim of ‘domestic incident’

20100810 No time for five babies: Keli Lane accused

20100810 River searched after report of woman throwing newborn from bridge

20100810 Dr. Charles Smith: The man behind the public inquiry

20100809 Omar Khadr’s lawyer says his confession was coerced

20100809 London sergeant reaches out to prostitutes to keep them safe

20100809 ‘The world doesn’t get it’ Omar Khadr's letter to his lawyer Deniss Edney of May 26, 2010

20010805 Woman faked cancer to raise money

20100803 Canadian immigration officials told to flag U.S. war resisters

20100803 Stockwell Day confounds critics, says new prisons needed for unreported crimes

20100803 Crime statistics not accurate, Day suggests

20100802 Ex-CFLer's girlfriend talks

20100729 The Alan Gross Case: Could Twelve Dozen = Five?

20100729 Arizona judge gets it exactly right

20100726 Make hate crimes history, NDP urges for Pride Week

20100726 For jailed artist’s family, Chinese justice is little more than revenge

20100722 Texans wonder if they executed an innocent man

20100722 Helena Guergis wants meeting with Harper

20100722 Daughters groomed as sex partners by their father

20100722  arrested at anti-poverty rally after Liberal party office occupied

20100720 Ontario plans four centres to help sexually abused men get counselling, support

20100719  Time for a road trip

20100719 Cheech & Chong take pot shots at Stephen Harper

20100618 Detained American a Sticking Point in Cuba Talks The Allan Gross Spy Story

20100715 Ottawa barbershop won't cut woman's hair

20100715 Oshawa man hit women in self-defence, lawyer argues

20100715 Liberals would shoot down fighter-jet plan, Garneau says

20100713 'Killer' mum admits spinning child in washing machine: reports

20100713 Complaint against liposuction doctor was a perceptive warning

20100713 How a killer used the system against itself

20100712 Ace earns perfect report card. How did she do it?

20100711 How to reform Children’s Aid

20100709 Ex-policewoman jailed for child sex assault

20100709 Iran’s grave-like prison cells

20100708 Central Queensland tragedy: Mother may have shot herself before crashing car

20100707 Russians on trial for inciting hatred with art

20100707 Lewis’s appointment is a vote for the status quo

20100707 Outgoing OPP chief won't rule out political future

20100708 Shared babies at risk of anxiety - says Femist study

20100707 All the Khadr news that's fit to print?

20100707 Will Tories try to bury spy scandal?

20100707 Senate approves bill to help abused, divorced aboriginal women

20100707 Man who recorded Dziekanski tasering chronicles G20 confrontations

20100704 We have some questions for you, Mr. Fadden

20100626 Queen set to arrive in Halifax

20100626 Justice behind closed doors for those facing G20-related charges

20100626 Ottawa caps number of skilled immigrants

20100625 Toronto fortified but quiet ahead of summit

20100624 It should have been Stephen Harper's shining hour

20100624 NDP MP Olivia Chow slams ‘baseless spy stories

20100622 Divorced B.C. father kept from seeing child

20100622 Canada ‘furious’ over U.S.-backed women’s rights super agency

20100622 Well-educated, older immigrants prefer Canada to U.S., poll finds

20100622 Sentencing act to cost billions: report

20100622 Airport volunteer fired for talking to press

20100621 Abusive mother of 8 jailed for 4 years

20100621 Matt Gurney: Man jailed by courts after courts bankrupt him

20100620 Tax workers use government computers to snoop on ex-spouses, family members

20100618 Arrests in Ottawa firebombing

20100618 Consent for sex didn’t apply to twin, appeal court rules

20100618 Address to legal aid conference

20100618 A double whammy that keeps filling jails

20100618 Top judge targets tough jail sentences

20100617 The loneliest man in Parliament: Stephen Harper

20100617 The gong show’s over – Parliament can use the break

20100617 You can't get away from the exes when you marry the divorced

20100617 Victoria lawyer suspends practice for jury tampering

20100617 Should killer get 'one last hurrah'?

20100617 Court says free expression at stake in suppressed police report

20100616 Jaffer ignores summons, says he 'inadvertently' gave incomplete testimony

20100614 Ottawa cop told to resign from force - Jeffrey Gulick

20100614 Partner-assault unit rife with stress, police officers testify at disciplinary hearing

20100614 PTSD studies should focus on soldiers 'immune' to it as well as those afflicted

20100614 New, more powerful civilian board will monitor RCMP

20100614 Abused wife granted a bigger divorce payout

20100614 California bill would ensure murderous spouses don’t profit in divorce

20100614 The new heavyweight champions - women are out-earning men

20100613 Chrétien’s wise advice to Ignatieff

20100611 Pardon overhaul toughens rules, changes nomenclature

20100611 Working poor shut out of dental cash

20100611 Alfred Apps: shock and awe

201011 Supreme Court muzzles media and public’s right to know

20100610 Bogus ‘dentists’ prey on immigrants

20100610 The Supreme Court sets back open courts

20100610 Court orders DNA test in paternity case

20100609 Despite denials, merger debate continues in restive Liberal ranks

2010609 Boom in 'lonely' singles as nuclear families wane

20100608 Vile gal gets jail in bid to split kids, dad

20100608 Man gets 5 years for abusing stepdaughter

20100608 Groups split on whether woman should be allowed to testify wearing veil

20100608 Ticket cancelling manual released

20100608 Mom, grandma arrested after dog kills infant

20100608 Lawsuit claims OPP officer accused ‘retards’ of lawn mower theft

20100608 A wanderer from Islam with a message for the West

20100607 Man sets himself alight in Brisbane

20100607 Kids of lesbians have fewer behavioral problems, study suggests - pigs fly too

20100606 Harper’s Message Event Proposals reveal ‘hyper-extreme’ political control

20100604 Hope for ending new mothers’ postpartum depression

20100604 Kathleen Worrall jailed for stabbing sister to death after failing to take medication

20100603 Trudeau open about disorders

20100603 Toronto teacher faces sexual assault charges

20100601 I ran a yellow and crashed. Can I fight the ticket?

20100531 What this woman wants

20100531 Belinda Stronach on why girls need their own summit

20100531 Mother and son, together after 33 years

20100531 Mouth-shaped urinal removed from Hamilton eatery - Honest Lawyer Restaurant

20100531 Dad stabbed to death as daughter watched -  This one actually made the front page.

20100529 Layton urges Ignatieff to play hardball with Tories on budget

20100529 We can’t afford to live in health-care denial

20100527 Former Ontario chief justice Gregory Evans dies at 96

20100527 Full parole for RCMP officer who threw wife from Toronto balcony

20100527 G8/G20 security bill to approach $1-billion

20100526 Michael Ignatieff vents spleen over summit costs

20100526 For Michael Bryant, an extraordinary kind of justice

20100525 Charges against Michael Bryant dropped

20100525 Charges against Bryant in fatal crash withdrawn CBC

20100525 One law, many views on keeping the public informed

20100520 Family plans set out by coalition BBC

20100519 Mom accused of killing her kids at resort in Spain

20100518 The best thing you can do for your kids? Put your marriage first: author

20100518 Postpartum depression can affect dads

20100517 RCMP gun confiscations prompt legal fight

20100517 Message to the G8: Put up the money and save the mothers

20100517 Pay legal bills for McCallion’s son, judge tells Mississauga - Another Justice Douglas Cunningham decision

20100517 Helena Guergis: demonized, ostracized and vilified

20100516 Proposed pardon reforms worry ex-offenders

20100516 'Love drug' may help mums bond to babies - the role of oxytocin

20100514 Tory MP takes election-style aim at long-gun registry

20100514 Police shootings link to mentally ill

20100514 Pimp mother jailed for 10 years

20100513 Anti-abortion activists praise Harper’s maternal-health stand

20100513 Marrying a younger man could shorten a woman’s life: study

20100511 ‘Prince of Pot’ will be extradited

20100511 RD demanded money from man in a coma  New Zealand Story of Brendan Hareb

20100511 Storage of newborns’ blood samples raises privacy concerns

20100511 Woman jailed for trying to cut unborn baby out of pregnant friend's belly

20100511 Teacher pleads guilty to murdering daughter's playmate

20100510 Guergis insists Jaffer didn't lobby

20100509 Montreal man dies after jumping from balcony

20100508 'Please, God, not my babies'

20100506 How’d they do it? 20 couples share their marriage secrets

20100506 As in Britain, hopes stir for Canada’s third party

20100506 Police groups join forces in support of long gun registry

20100505 Linguistic feud under way in legal community

20100504 Showdown looms in legal-services turf war

20100504 Khadr ends hearing boycott

20100504 'Sleep lessons' aim to sharpen up grumpy teenagers

20100504 Lack of sleep 'linked to early death'

20100504 Ignatieff promises broadband for all

20100504 Obama's plea for civility is exactly right

20100501 Why weddings matter more than ever

20100429 Stephen Harper stuck between
Speaker’s ruling and ‘legal obligations

20100429 Plea-bargain talks held in Khadr case, lawyer says

20100428 Winston Blackmore will not participate in polygamy hearing

20100428 Vancouver teacher claims Catholic school fired her because she is a lesbian

20100427 Manslaughter charge stayed in death of toddler Calgary

20100423 Ontario denies compensation to wrongfully convicted men

20100423 Allegations send judicial shockwaves throughout Quebec

20100423 Governments feel the sting of private prosecutions  

20100421 Tories seek to renew anti-terrorism powers - Law would restore 9/11-era abilities of police to arrest without charge, judges to compel testimony

201004221 Charges stayed against relentless critic of Ontario Provincial Police in Caledonia occupation

20100421 Rahim Jaffer shunned and humiliated

20100421 The perils of being soft on crime

20100421 Surge in infants taken from mothers after DOCS crackdown

20100420 There’s no justice at the Supreme Court when good linguists beat good judges

20100419 Defence lawyers want inquiry into failed interpreters

20100419 Officer to face impaired driving charges   - Ottawa Police Const. David Dubois

20100419 Homolka eligible for pardon as Tories crack down

20100419 Canadian outlook on crime hardening, poll suggests

20100416 Mother forced daughter, 13, to perform sex acts in truck in exchange for fuel

20100414 Legal battle kicks off between Quebec Premier, former justice minister

20100414 Guergis retains lawyer who negotiated Jaffer’s plea bargain

20100410 Judge gives former Tory MP $500 slap on wrist

20100409 Jaffer avoids criminal charges, leaving questions unanswered

20100409 Wife's suspicions behind child porn conviction

20100408 Soft sentence in racially motivated attack

20100408 Tennessee family adopts Russian boy, 7, then sends him back

20100408 Gay Ricky worth 10 judges, says Kirby

20100409 Federal Tories accused of hypocrisy on Jaffer case

20100409 Why are the exceptions to the support guidelines ignored?  - Lawyer's Weekly

20100409 Judging would-be judges - more self-serving propaganda from Harvy Brownstone

20100408 The story behind Ex-MP Rahim Jaffer's drunk-driving arrest  - A must read story of corruption in Ontario Justice

20100407 Public barred from Afghan detainee hearing

20100204 Ottawa cop in hot water for doing personal searches on police databases

20100403 Biological brothers find each other across the street after 30 years

20100401 Grief-stricken mom kept babies' remains on move

20100331 Guergis embarrassed by letters

20100331 The prison spending boom

20100330 Studying the silent world of male domestic violence victims

20100330 Who will be next to slap Stephen Harper down?

20100327 The judge defence lawyers try to avoid - Australia

20100326 Class actions against law firms raise alarm bells  Ok guys, read this one carefully.

20100325 Opposition fumes as Tories release reams of redacted detainee files

20100325 Mr. Moms get little respect

20100323 Qantas kept sick pilot in the sky - mentally ill pilot wanted to crash

20100322 German home-schoolers seek asylum in Canada

20100322 Women and girls are just not important

20100322 The airline that flew too high, and other cautionary tales - Classic story of how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

20100321 Killer Olson reaps the benefits

20100321 A pedophile and his condo

20100321 Toronto police $100K club continues to grow

20100319 Is Michael Ignatieff engaging with youth
or using kids as props?

20100319 Woman spared jail time for killing driver in crash

20100319 Silver Powers - Mr. Harper fails to recognize a need for Equal Parenting legislation

20100317 Contraception and mothers' lives Harper doesn't care about children's right to equal parenting or Canada's looming economic time bomb.

20100317 Lawyer gets new hearing

20100317 Local judge frustrated with docket overload

20100317 Crowns, police to get domestic-violence training

20100316 No parole for mother who set fire to children

20100309 The serial killer they couldn't cure dies behind bars

20100309 Convicted serial killer won on 'Dating Game'

20100305 Senior barrister 'should be condemned' over courtroom behaviour that led to two retrials

20100303 41 judges who got promotions had given Tories money: study

20100301 Spotlight On Male Victims Of Domestic Abuse

20100226 Woman charged after man found dead

20100225 Violent French husbands 'may be tagged'

20100223 'Truth in sentencing' bill becomes law

20100223 It is not just women who are the victims of spousal violence


20100223 Legislation restricting credit for time served

20100219 Top court bucks tough-on-crime trend

20100218 Why Househusbands Are the Future

20100219 Protecting assessors from disgruntled parents  More propaganda from Nicholas Bala

20100219 - Bala's proposal as sent to the judiciary - more garbage from Bala

20100216 How can a marriage survive a baby?

20100216 Canadian base commander accused of murder directed police to evidence

20100216 SIU continues probe into murder-suicide

20100215 Psychologist, killer in affair

20100215 Domestic Violence-Time For a Change Don Dutton UBC

20100212 My advice to married women out there: Suck it up

20100212 Funeral arrangements set for slain woman

20100212 Woman charged after grandchildren drowned  Jennifer LaMarsh charged with murdering her daughter

20100211 Canadian aid groups told to keep quiet on policy issues

20100211 No longer a registered sex offender, but the stigma remains

20100211 Serial killers can easily live double lives: Experts

20100210 Serial killers become chameleons to get away with murder: Experts

20100210 Fear for partner drove officer to kill teen, inquest hears - (the murder of Duane Christian)

20100210 Protester becomes lawyer, turns tables on police

20100210 Qld revamps law for domestic abuse

20100210 Queensland's domestic killing defence an Australian first


20100209 Utah Legislature: House OKs bill to protect child visitation

20100209 Tire tracks led police to Williams

20100208 Therapist goes from foe to friend

20100208 US soldier charged with 'waterboarding' 4-year-old daughter


20100204 Charge against OPP chief dropped, but activist won't cede fight  (more on the private prosecution of Fantino by Gary McHale)

20100204 Mounties will no longer investigate their own

20100204 De Gwynedd domestic abuse service to include men

20100203 Alta. father didn't know drowned boys were with mother

20100203 Crown withdraws charges against Fantino

20100202 PP chief's pursuit of activist laid bare in e-mails (more on the private prosecution of Fantino by Gary McHale)

20100202 Williams could have had surgery in Canada, cardiac experts say

20100201 Obama unveils $3.83-trillion budget

20100128 Credentials unchallenged in case of man accused of posing as psychologist

20100126 Women's Studies is still with us

20100125 The burden of innocence

20100121 Natives still have Ontario's attention

2010120 Summons served on Ontario's top cop  (the private prosecution of Fantino by Gary Mchale)

20100120 Time to stand up for Parliament

20100122 Are Canadians getting tougher on crime?

20100118 Fiorito: Tenant faces eviction over $8 in arrears

20100117 B.C. set to reveal domestic-violence reforms

20100115 Charge against OPP commissioner put over until February

20100114 Activist outmatched in fight with top cop  (private prosecution of Fantino)

20100109 Groping victim too attractive not to notice, says judge  The moronic Justice Robert N. Fournier

20100109 Fantino vows to fight allegation of illegal influence

20100108 Activist a nagging thorn in Fantino's side

20100108 Fantino summoned on allegations of influencing elected officials

20100109 Pulled over by the cops: Now what?

20100107 Female psychopath admires Bernardo

20100107 Want more sex? Time to start vacuuming

20100101 Decoding the Decade - James Lockyer, His wrongful-conviction crusade shook up the system.

20100106 Misconduct draws 6-month suspension

20091229 Ottawa police officer dies in hospital stabbing

20091226 14 retrials due to judge errors

20091221 Violence reports soar at youth jail

20091221 Profile A

20091221 Profile C

20091221 Diabetic youth says he was repeatedly denied insulin in jail

20091222 New libel defence allowed: Supreme Court

20091221 Mental illness common in male and female killers

20091217 Proposed changes to family law in Ontario applauded

20091215 Inquiry draws no firm conclusion on abuse ring claims

20091211 'Gang rape' victim lied to get pity

20091211 Child killer mums clash behind bars in New South Wales

20091210 'Witch' was wicked, police say

20091207 Montreal massacre death cult

20091130 Are you raising a bratty kid?

20091127 Accused murderer killed children in psychotic act, psychiatrist testifies

20091126 U.S. journalist says she was delayed at border, questioned about speech

20091125 Don Jail prisoner charged in beating of fellow inmate

20091125 Men swear to change

20091123 The search for a sperm-donor father

20091123 Ontario stands behind stunt driving law despite ruling

20091120 Lawyer Joe Groia called to disciplinary hearing

20091119 Our own little Abu Ghraib?

20091119 Too tired for takeoff

20091119 More homework rebels speak out

20091117 How one family won the battle to ban homework  Differentiated Homework Plan pdf

20091116 Third of family break-up children lose contact with fathers in ‘failing’ court system, poll

20091113 Shouting: it's the new spanking

20091112 It's hockey first, immigrants told

20091112 Attempted murder suspect found dead in charred home

20091111 Ottawa moves to remodel Canada's image

20091111 A rare celebration of life

20091109 Catholic priest faces sentencing for sexual abuse

20091109 Judge reverses parental alienation ruling

20091109 Low birth rates put hundreds of schools at risk of closing

20091109 Superjail for youth raises troubling questions

20091108 Regina police shoot, wound gun-toting man

20091106 Students who question murder convictions under investigation

20091106 Mother who gave rat poison to children sentenced to four years' jail

20091105 Lovers shared plan to kill, court told

20091103 Create prison psychiatric units, report urges

20091103 Newborn brains are similar, so nurture makes the difference

20091102 Domestic Violence Suspects Get Another Day In Court

20091102 How a simple marshmallow can predict your future

20091101 Women have never striven more for less

20091101 Stop behaving badly, boorish lawyers told

20091031 'Abused' man guilty of de facto's manslaughter

20091030 Ontario agency trying to break legal-aid boycott, lawyers say

20091030 Jury hears boy, 7, describe how mother attacked him and his brother

20091030 Woman fired over pregnancy wins $35,000 in rights case

20091029 Parental Alienation: A Mental Diagnosis?

20091027 Psychopath named long-term offender

20091023 When motherhood isn't a joy

20091022 Ignatieff gets his facts wrong in Arar case

20091022 A case of innocence executed

20091015 Texas Gov. Rick Perry defends 2004 execution despite questions about evidence, calls convict 'a monster'

20091020 Excessive scrutiny of volunteers

20091013 Fiorito: 1 old man died. Shame on us

20091008 Mother killed son on day custody awarded to gran: court hears

20091007 Mother who poisoned children 'on verge of being insane'

20091007 Federal lawyers pressure diplomat at detainees probe: lawyer

20091004 The good divorce - The Titus story

20091004 Shattered: even tough guys get the blues

20091003 Mother charged in attack on daughter

20091002 West Virginia Domestic Violence Lawsuit - A Must Read decision for all men everywhere - this decision is a precedent example of  the finest legal writing around.

20091003 Lack of comprehensive approach to domestic violence is the rule in B.C.

20091002 Woman jailed for false rape claim

20091002 Divorced dads can't catch a break

20091002 Top court eyes joint care for parents

20090927 Proposed civilian unit to look into police not all it seems

20090930 Manitoba police, Crown accused of cover-up

20090928 B.C. budget cuts nix domestic-violence programs

20090928 Spanking hurts — more than you think

20090927 Former terrorist wants to be lawyer

20090924 Polygamy charges tossed out

20090925 Why custody labels matter

20090924 Projected costs of new stations rising

20090923 My husband's mistress moved into the guest house

20090923 The war on women - Afghanistan

20090922 Mother jailed for killing teen daughters

20090921 Restrictions eased on terror suspect

20090919 Crown delays endanger case against Kenk

20090915 Judge makes case for space

20090915 'Tragic' affair ends teacher's career

28 year old Ottawa woman charged with attempted murder Angela Arvisais

20090912 Woman shot in Orangeville

20090911 B.C. gets new chief justice

20090910 Rat poison mum guilty of manslaughter

20090909 Police chief to testify at disciplinary hearing

20090909 Ottawa lawyers join legal aid boycott

20090909 Veteran cop to lose job for stealing gas

20090906 Enduring 'white torture' in Iranian jail

200909-6 Finding the will to live - The Paula Wriedt Story

20090906 Dads still a rare sight at playgroup

20090906 Missing boy found alive, hidden in grandma's secret room

20090905 The Afghan war for sexual reform

20090905 In a shrinking workforce women outnumber men

20090905 Crumbling legal aid system gets boost

20090905 Making every head count

20090905 Meet the woman who will defend Michael Bryant -Globe

20090905 Crown faces challenge in giving former A-G a fair trial -Globe

20090905 Spinning the first week of Michael Bryant's new life

20090905 Is Michael Bryant's life over - or has it just begun?  More spin for Bryant

20090904 Unique problems of boys unrecognized, untreated: Study

20090904 Mulroney doubts Schreiber affair will tarnish his legacy

20090904 Crown faces challenge in giving former A-G a fair trial

20090903 Layton: PM must 'reach out' to avoid election

20090903 Brain's 'rage system' cuts rational response

20090903 Car crash dad was 'mentally unstable': ex-wife

20090902 Friends, ex-colleagues stunned by news -  "Navigator has been retained to provide assistance to Bryant", "Friends, ex-colleagues stunned by news"

20090902 Other Canadian politicians who have had a brush with crime and punishment

20090902 Woman charged in beating of Winnipeg baby

20090902 Bryant leaves helm of Invest Toronto after cyclist dies  CBC

20090901 Michael Bryant charged in cyclist's death - Criminal Negligence Causing death and Dangerous Driving causing Death

20090901 Ontario's ex-AG Bryant held after fatal accident   CBC News

20090901 Marriages at 20-year high as break-ups decline - After Australia introduced mandatory shared parenting

20090901 Michael Bryant in police custody

20090831 Wanganui bans gang patches - New Zealand

20090830 How evil goes undetected in our midst

20080829 Cop faces sex-related charges -Jean-Guy Beaudet Kapuskasing OPP

20090829 Adhocracy - Back on the soap box  The Body Shop Story

20090828 Abuse law blasted

20090828 Task Force to Reform Access to Family Justice in the Province of New Brunswick

20090827 Shared care system under family law spotlight Australia

20090827 'Penis burning' wife accused of murder

20090824 Canada-wide warrant issued in shooting

20090821 Chief on hand for ex-cop's sentence

20090821 Equal shared parenting a real gamble

20090821 Stranded, abandoned, abroad -  From Mexico to Nairobi, they wait in vain for help from 'amateur-hour' Canadian officials

20090820 Judges' ages threaten court cases

20090820 Ontario legal aid plan faces $56-million deficit

20090820 Mother charged for leaving child in car

20090820 Judges' ages threaten court cases

2090818 17-hour hijacking a hoax

20090817 Kids' interests No.1 priority in divorce, justice minister says

20090815 Making more babies: a stimulus plan

20090814 Daughter Victoria turns the tables

20090814 Freedoms are losing out to fear

20090814 Sydney priest 'groomer' caught on webcam, court told

20090811 U.S. judge sentences man to 6 months for yawning

20090811 Can a busy female politician give reliable evidence? A judge says no

20090811 Tim Hortons withdraws donation to anti-gay event

20090807 Psychopaths' brains biologically different

20090810 Dads learning from dads

 20090810 Crooked cops cost Ottawa force $300,000

20090806 Newlywed Dalia accused of hitman plot

20090805 Want to be a corporate criminal? Move to Canada

20090805 Break my heart, prepare to suffer

20090805 Want to be a corporate criminal? Move to Canada

20090805 Men in suits happy to keep Irish women in pyjamas

20090805 Police seek four women in stabbing of man, 34

20090805 Mayor upbeat about trial outcome

20090806 Tale of sticky revenge takes a twist - Predictable outcome

20090805 Women stuck it to serial cheater in lovers' quadrangle, court told

20090804 Cabbie who assaulted fare should do jail time, Crown argues

20090804 Hell hath no fury like 4 women scorned

20090804 Is Karlheinz Schreiber finally out of secrets?

20090804 Clinton headed home with freed journalists

20090803 Rough justice - Victorian style

20090803 Cheating husband's genitals glued to his stomach

20090703 DJ fired after stunt reveals girl's rape

20090803 Canadian sentenced to life in Ethiopia

20090801 Mentally ill man held not criminally responsible for libel

20090801 US mum 'used attic as lockup for kids'

20090731 Creditors band together to salvage bankrupt adoption agency

20090729 Trevor the dog in fight for life in Yukon Supreme Court

20090728 Obama's inter-racial picnic: Is it a way out?

20090727 Mother says devil made her decapitate baby

20090726 Police pursue fresh probe into Theophanous

20090726 Theophanous saga demands hard questions be answered

20090724 Supreme Court upholds photo rules

20090723 Ontario police officer charged with stunt driving; cop vehicle impounded - Const. Jeff McNorgan, Elgin County

20090723 Sex offenders living under Miami bridge to be moved

Check out Peter Roscoe's blog

20090724 Why you never, ever get righteous on a street cop

20090724 Crackdown on violence in the home Aus

20090721 Women bring rapists to justice

20090714 Ping-pong children to play a new game

20090713 Makeshift border restarts traffic

20090711 Make it harder to divorce: Abbott

20090710 Security laws not shield for embarrassment: judge

20090710 Female workers come into their own

20090710 Bikies rev up at 'apartheid'

20090709 Embarrassment no reason for security shield: judge

20090706 Father ordered to pay $20,000 punishment

   20090707 Lucien Khodeir replies

20090706 First three years key to school success: study

20090705 Polygamy prosecutor points to marijuana ruling

20090805 Ottawa mayor upbeat about trial outcome

20090805 Women stuck it to serial cheater in lovers' quadrangle, court told

20090805 Hell hath no fury like 4 women scorned

20090804 Is Karlheinz Schreiber finally out of secrets?

20090804 Clinton headed home with freed journalists

20090804 Rough justice - Victorian style

20090804 Cheating husband's genitals glued to his stomach

20090704 Ignatieff and PM square off on attack ads, crime in Stampede speeches

20090703 Teaching your baby a foreign language

20090703 The value of reading

20090603 Elephants in the (Back) Room

20090703 Londoner has a far-reaching reputation for tackling violence against all humans

20090703 For Pakistan's female refugees, a silver lining

20090703 Legal aid boycott gathering strength

20090703 Polygamist had 9 child brides and 101 children, RCMP say

20090702 Commentary: Let's end disposable marriage

20090702 Woman left newborn in portable toilet, police say

20090702 Cornwall Island dispute

20090701 Untangling Blackmore's unconventional family

20090701 Universities launch scholarships for children of fallen soldiers

20090701 Lawyer slams Oppal on polygamy case

20090701 Canadian charged in Iran over protests

20090630 Daily sex 'best for good sperm'  BBC

20090629 Frank Lombard, Duke Univ. Official, Charged In Child Sex Case

20090629 High-conflict households

20080628 Swift blow to O’Brien defence

20090628 How much Harris is there in Tim Hudak?

20090628 City data sheds light on enclaves popping up beyond downtown

20090628 Saudi courts in stand-off over Montrealer facing beheading

20090628 Ex-Brethren father loses battle for children

20090625 15 months for avenging abuse  -Woman part of attack that killed city man - the murder of father, Ferenc Pal in Hamilton

20060625 Ban the burka? No, but ...

20090624 Inspector orders Ottawa's detention centre to clean up air system

20090624 Kingston lesbian couple targetted by vandals

20090623 Paramedic charged in sex assault

20090622 Abdelrazik versus Harper

20090621 Stay-at-home v. working mothers

20090619 Why not grade the teachers?

20090619 Thunder Bay man accused of rogue flight to U.S. indicted

20090619 Ottawa agrees to bring Abdelrazik home

20090619 Top court orders clerks to keep quiet

200090619 Alberta minister apologizes to those offended by remarks on child-rearing

20090619 The war on men

20090618 Tories seek to widen police access online

20090617 MPs hear soldiers 'scream'

20090617 A girl's first hero

20090617 Gender gap in birth weight shrinking, study finds

20090617 Harper, Ignatieff hash out EI deal in bid to stave off election

20090616 Publication ban ordered at hearing on jury checks

20090616 Why Women Are Unhappy

20090616 Father's fury as 12-year-old daughter falls pregnant

20090615 Will women one day father children?


20090615 Daddy's lost his job – now he's got a blog

20090615 Ottawa not saying if Canadian linked to al-Qaeda can return

20090615 Ignatieff to Harper: Meet key demands or face defeat

20090614 Take over daycares, Ontario schools told

20090613 An Afghan veteran's rage

20090612 Prominent lawyer files for bankruptcy - Les Vandor

20090612 Woman accused of hiding dead babies lived in shelter

20090612 Bad mom really needed jail time

20090611 Depression can often be more serious for men

20090609 Pregnant woman found dead with baby no longer in womb

20090609 Tracy Grimshaw slams Gordon Ramsay over 'lesbian' jibe

20090609 Lack of legal aid leads court to overturn conviction

20090607 Who are they kidding? Lawyers love legal aid

20090606  Suspended sentences: Forging a school-to-prison pipeline?

20090605 Not guilty verdict in lesbian axe murder

20090604 Big pension for troubled ex-judge

20090604 Ottawa pushes for new chapter in free trade with U.S

20090604 OPP asks if tow-truck firms paid off policeman

20090604 Mother kicked three-year-old daughter, lesbian ex tells court

20090603 Time for more than unhappily ever after

20090602 Prison system near breakdown, watchdog warns

20090602 Khadr at Gitmo rejects his military lawyers

20090602 Darling, this baby is coming between us

20090601 Sweeping change proposed for sex offender registry

20090601 Make terrorists pay up, PM says

20090531 Girl in swastika case abandoned, grandmother testifies

20090531 We keep secrets, but does anyone care?

20090531 It's a legal maze for Canadian authorities abroad

20090531 Mother ‘too stupid’ to keep child

20090531 Emotions high as veil around adoption lifts

20090531 PM plans law to allow lawsuits against terrorists

20090529 Withdrawn charges can stay on record, court rules - Man says police check with false accusations ruined job prospects

20090529 Michael Bryant: "I will keep my trap shut'  - Globe

20090528 MPP backs up Kilrea's account of alleged offer

20090526 Deadbeat Dads' an insult to reality


20090528 Defence minister breaks arm in rugby match

20090527 Court orders spy agency to reveal information


20090526 Opening adoption records in Ontario prompts few requests for secrecy

20090526 Mother of ‘missing' 10-year-old girl arrested in B.C.

20090526 Steps to better bonding with dad

20090526 For some, Father's Day is a sad and bitter occasion

20090525 Buying cocaine is 'giving money to war'

20090524 How a spouse swap affected two families

20090522 Bikie laws sideline the rule of law

20090521 Child-care centres to focus on preparing children for school

20090518 Single mothers to be forced to name fathers on birth certificates UK

20090518 Women gives birth to twins with different fathers

20090516 Once upon a time, there was a certain logic to publication bans -Christie Blatchford

20090516 Baby survives 8-storey plunge

20090615 Russia lashes out at Finland over kidnapping

20090515 Officer gets_zander.htm chance to explain actions

20090515 Mothers' talk is key to kids' social skills, study says

20090515 Another Selwyn House staffer faces sex charges

20090514 Officer convinced cop betrayed him - Ottawa Police Cst. Daniel Bargh Ex. 1686

20090514 Parental alienation cases draining court resources

20090513 Life in the cockpit 'a recipe for an accident'

20090513 JP denies he grabbed colleague's derrière

20090512 Colleague groped me at court, JP says

20090512 A black eye for public life

20090512 Switched at birth, women learn truth after 56 years

20090511 Mandatory minimums: three good reasons why jail alone is a bad idea


20090508 Margaret Trudeau is solo, sane, 60 – and irrepressible as ever

20090504 Honey, I Killed a Cop. I'm Sorry :(

20090503 Ignatieff plots path to power

20090502 Public scrutiny in family courts

20090502 Liberals gather to fete Dion, skewer Harper

        E Q U A L P A R E N T I N G - Canada needs a Legal...

20090502 Judge calls for urgent changes to family law

20090502 Bringing the focus back to what counts: little Tori Stafford

20090501 Judge moves fast to restore brothers to mother's care

20090430 New hearing for mother convicted in son's death

20090430 Legal 'tweaks' imperil boys' custody deal

20090429 Lawyers and judges spit out their own medicine.

20090429 Grooms: Brides Manipulated System

20090429 Justice Brownstone on parental alienation  -yes, the live one !

20090429 Take the plunge: deferring marriage is unhealthy and un-wealthy

20090429 The curious case of a mother's mystery benefactor

20090529 Recognize parental alienation

20090429 Victim's skull split, MD testifies, at trial involving lesbian lovers

20090428 Accused of murder, man set free

20090428 Liberal policy on domestic violence 'devastating' for women

20090428 Mom denies she breastfed to spite ex

20090427 'Miracle' baby survives cold night in woods

20090427 Ontario woman charged with webcam sex assault on child, dog

20090427 Father gets 'clean break' on spousal costs

20090427 Canada's crisis in children's mental health

20090426 Might be time to ditch archaic infanticide law

20090425 Solicitor General assailed over traffic violations

            The NDP have created an issue, traffic tickets aside...

                    There may just be another explanation for those speeding...


20090424 That toxic tug-of-war  - Justice Harvey Brownstone

     ( lots of comments regarding Justice Brownstone - read them at the above link)   

20090424 Teen tries to quiet the voices caused by schizophrenia

20090424 Employers fire mothers-to-be

20090424 Morning sickness leads to smarter kids: Study

20090423 Supreme Court won't hear medical marijuana appeal

20090422 Top court backs police in seizure of property

20090422 The fight to prevent cashing in on crime

               Canada is riddled by corrupt judges who make political...

                        Lets focus on the issue - which is not Thatcher's guilt..

                                Lets focus on the issue - which is not Thatcher's guilt...

                                        Read the publisher's preface - Notice how everyone...

20090422 Convicts and convictions

                  Canada is riddled by corrupt judges who make political...

20090421 D'Angelo not guilty of sex assault

20090421 Witnessing a democracy's decline

20090421 Teacher, 33, guilty of raping boy, 10

209090420 Vancouver NDP candidate steps down over racy photos

                 NDP again revealing their true rainbow colours Rainbows are beautiful, gender hatred is not,

20090419 Custody battle 'beyond tragic'

20090419 How we judge judges is an injustice - by Alan Shanoff of the Sun Media

20090418 PM champions free trade at Americas summit Globe - commentary

20090418 Iran convicts U.S. journalist of spying

20090417 Women in the field: what it's like to work in Afghanistan

         If a visitor from the past for future arrived now in...       

                Try being a male in Ontario Family Court - If our esteemed...

                1 - Taliban oppression of women also causes generational...

                        2 - Communications are probably the only way that this...


20090417 Love triangle drove killing, court told

20090416 How a reviled Afghan law on women went from a magazine to a maelstrom

20090416 Vellacott releases results of new equal shared parenting poll

20090416 No legal training, but JPs earn $150K

20090416 Father of missing 10-year-old Montreal girl found in Vancouver anxious to reunite

20090415 Boyfriend in female lovers' way, trial told

200490417 The constitutional challenge of polygamy

20090415 Wife shot then cut up husband

20090414 Afghan parliamentarians furious at anti-woman law

           Canada's loud mouth attempt to dictate family law to

20090414 Jailhouse informants virtually phased out

20090414 Kidnapped Girl Found in Hungary - Moscow Times

20090413 Jail a mother, condemn a child

20090413 Be bold, Ontario: Shift dollars from health care to education

             Has Preston has gone Stark Raving Mad?

              Ontario's Economy could improve IF - we ensure the...

                2 How to solve Ontario's economic problems.Our judiciary...

                  More Sad Stories of the RefoRm party. At my first job...

                        Read anyone's writing, and, you gain an insight into.

20090412 Liberals on best behaviour in bid to woo women

20090412 Daughter seeking sperm donor dad hits legal dead end


20090412 Parenting v. working

                Source -   Male Lawyers are Parents Too - More propaganda from...

                 Sarah Hyndman Fitzpatrick will be laughing to the bank...

20090422 Law and order, Palestinian-style

20090412 Playboy sent to slammer  SMH

20090411 Afghan cleric defends contentious marriage law

20090407 Melbourne dad finds kidnapped sons and shows up Swedish cops

20090410 NY appeals court denies parental rights to lesbian

20090410 Bridge protesters found guilty of mischief

20090410 Hamilton children locked in basement

20090410 Stockwell Dai goes to China Globe

20090409 My husband is married to his business

20090409 18-year-old can seek custody of brothers in brainwashing battle  - Globe

20090408 Rape law saps support for Afghan mission, poll finds Globe

20090408 Police ethics adviser quits over sponsors National Post - Christy Blatchford

20090408 People should build their own nations and liberate their own wives

20090407 Quebec dad sued by daughter after grounding loses his appeal

20090407 Fathers 'reduced to ATM status' by the courts ... National Post

20090407 Video evidence urged for domestic violence cases

20090407 Multiple divorces increase dropout rate

20090407 Family courts open to media but not bloggers  UK Timesonline

20090406 Same sex couples names to appear on birth certificates

20090406 Lorne Gunter: Promote equal parenting

        2090406 commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre re "Promote equal Parenting"

20090406 Father 'sorry' he failed to protect boy  National Post

20090406 Canadian accused of terror ties denied passport   National Post

20090406 Six-month-long trial was slow and costly exercise in justice Globe

20090406 A marriage of fear and xenophobia - Globe -

20090405 Police Say Man Killed Kids Over Wife's Exit Washington Post

20090505 Ontario man found guilty in HIV murder trial   CBC News

20090405 Canada expects Afghan family law will be changed, ministers say CBC News

20090505 Methodical madness

20090405 Women's refuges told they must admit men

200090404 Controversial women's law to be reviewed: Karzai CBC News

20090404 3 officers slain responding to call, Pittsburgh police chief says

20090403 Father reunites with sons after Swedish alleged kidnap attempt

20090403 Ontario court documents will be more open to the media

20090403 Children harmed by sole custody, report says

20090403 Charges to proceed on alleged subway pusher

20090403 Flouting custody orders to cost mother $35,000 Globe

20090403 Cosgrove resigns ahead of ouster

20090403 Malawi judge refuses Madonna's adoption bid

20090402 Fathers fight back

20090402 Arrest made over Aussie kidnapping

20090402 Law legalizing rape in marriage prompts outcry Globe

20090402 Mother guilty of feeding cocaine to toddler Star

20090402 Support men who are battered

20090401 Mother arrested in deaths of daughters

20090401 Slain toddler at centre of parental custody war - mother tried to deny father access to boy, court documents show

20090401 Parental alienation syndrome leaves bruises deep inside

20090331 Airport security breaches persist, auditor warns Globe

20090331 Remove judge, judicial panel urges The Toronto Star

20090331 Family court orders children live with father after mother's negative comments

20090331 Quebec man wants name stricken from birth certificate of child who isn't his\

20090330 Why do the innocent plead guilty?

20090328 Gender bias evident in parental alienation cases

20090328 Mother charged in baby boy's death

20090426 Judge chastises Norway after woman, daughters flee Canada

20090326 Tory plan to eliminate '2 for 1' jail credit not so clear - National Post

20090325 France Seeks Arrest Of Russian Mother Moscow Times

20090325 Ottawa girds for polygamy challenge

20090325 Marriage benefits us all  National Post

20090325 Judges reject role in child-custody bill

20090324 Ontario to forge ahead with sales tax reform

20090324 Dads who fight win favour in custody cases

20090324 U.S. fugitive nabbed in Montreal - Globe , capture of child sex abuser

20090322 Manitoba needs more services for abused men: Experts Star

20090320 The road to lower taxes leads to New Brunswick

20090320 Former judge Einfeld gets at least two years jail ... all for lying about a $77 traffic fine

20090320 Einfeld drove his fate and reputation over a cliff

20090319 The other divorce talk: breaking it to your folks

20090318 Jailed Canadian in Ethiopia gets day in court at last

20090316 Millionaire ordered to pay $31,015 a month in temporary child support

20090316 It's the Hells Angels: They want their stuff back

20090316 Crown won't appeal Radwanski acquittal

20090316 Harper v. Mulroney

20090316 Officer charged with attempted murder, arson  

20090315 Charged with attempted murder

OPP Det. Const. Cecile Fournel  -  Kellyann Drive in Timmins.

20090316 Jail for woman who shot husband

20090315 Personal Best - How the mentally ill beat assessments

20090314 OPP officer charged with attempted murder - Constable Cecile Fournel,

20090314 Military padres a rare breed

20090314 Facebook user poked - by the courts

20090314 Man found dead in cell 2 days after guilty plea

20090314 How to deal with 'toxic' parents

20090313 Judge denies adoption in surrogacy case

20090313 Prisoner who plead guilty to historic murder found dead

20090313 Western premiers unite to combat violence Globe

20090313 'Mr. Big' police stings spark debate The Star

20090310 Justice Harvey Brownstone on family law issues - and the questions he failed to answer !  - The Star

20090310 Teen enters brainwashing battle to seek brothers' release from parents

20090309 How long will this madness last? Don't ask the historian

20090309 The living wage mystery

20090308 Forum told: Punish those responsible for wrongful convictions

20090308 Crying out loud: mothercraft theories clash

20090307 Judge makes final plea to save career

20090306 Canada envy, amid a global meltdown

20090306 How the mental health system failed Vince Li

20090306 Mother furious after school confines son

2009030 6 Ten years in NATO — thanks, Canada -Globe's refusal to allow comments

20090303 Divorce law and the family -Brownstone's propaganda

20090304 Wife Knifes Husband in Eye For Refusing to Peel Potatoes

20090303 Ottawa man charged in attempted Montreal abduction tried to snatch boy in 2005  CBC News

20090303 Top officer faces sex harassment charges -Staff Insp. Steve Izzett of  Toronto Police

20090303 Ottawa man from mental hospital charged with kidnapping girl

20090303 Ohio police charge breast-feeding driver with child endangerment

20090303 Defence to focus on mental health in beheading trial

20090303 Defence to focus on mental health in beheading trial

20090302 Abducted children to stay

20090302 Men urged to make sperm will

20090301 Last resort: DOCS removes 90 children from home a week NSW

20090229 In the jaws of work psychos

20090227 Insider look at family court lauded

20090226 Ottawa moves to toughen anti-gang laws Toronto Star

20090226Tories unveil anti-gang legislation Globe & Mail

20090226 Watchdog warns of information access 'crisis'

20090226 Cornwall sex abuse accounts not unique, lawyer says

20090226 Justice Arthur Gans in hot water - again (for straight talk!)

20090225 Judge's sarcasm from the bench forces costly retrial

20090225 'War' mentality erodes rights, report says

20090224 Open child-death files: NDP

20090223 Officer's crusade fuelled belief in Cornwall pedophile ring: inquiry

200902323 Advocate a voice for kids in care

20090223 Why did 90 children die?

20090223 2,000 called for jury duty in bikers' trial

20090223 MD father suspected of killing his two children

20090223 Fatherless teenagers find help online

230090221 Adenir DeOliveira experienced 'auditory hallucinations' to kill people, judge told

20090221 Subway suspect to undergo evaluation

20090219 Supreme Court revises divorce settlement

20090218 Frustrated father stages one-man protest

20090217 Brampton Justice of the Peace exonerated of misconduct

20090217 Lawyer argues defamation law outdated

20090214 Wife guilty of exercising husband to death

20090214 Psychiatric evaluation ordered for subway suspect

20090214 U.S. soldier who committed suicide in N.S. had twice served in Iraq

20090213 Desperate mothers fuel India's 'baby factories'

20090213 Court ruling could allow access to IP addresses without warrants

20090213 Judge's ruling could let police access IP data without warrant

20090213 Information gathering has become the stuff of KGB, Gestapo fantasies, privacy experts warn

20090213 Where you've been on Net not private, judge rules

20090213 Cops spike safe injection site

20090212 Mounties restrict taser use

20090212 After 15 years and a recession, Bob Rae finally has his day

20090212 Montreal police conducting raids

20090212 New law to give police access to online exchanges

20090212 Judges told to forget 18 per cent pay hike

20090211 Opposition urges Khadr's return

20090211 Lafleur to stand trial

20090211 Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash

20090210 China unhappy as accused smuggler gets Canada permit

20090210 Family will suffer if U.S. war dodger deported: lawyer

20090210 B.C. man shot dead by RCMP investigating domestic dispute

20090209 Kids must come first in custody battles

20090209 12 really angry people

20090209 U.S. revenue crunch could clear the way for progress on cigarette smuggling

20090207 In shrinking workforce, women may surpass men

20090207 China's most-wanted man hopes to sell real estate here

20090207 The medieval price an author pays for insulting Thailand's monarchy

20090206 Dads opt for buyouts to spend more time with kids

20090206 The winners in equalization decision: lawyers

20090205 Teen arrested in fire that destroyed Lieutenant-Governor's home

20090205 Hunt for Nazis' 'Dr. Death' ends in Egypt

20090205 60-year-old Calgary woman gives birth to twins

20080205 Ottawa's deficit promise may be too rosy

20090204 Premier now singing from Tory's songbook

20090204 Divorce ruling takes recession into account

20090204 Nurturing improves memory

20090204 Ontario faces daycare losses: advocate

20090303 Sadly, killer moms are not uncommon

20090203 Officer admitted kicking homeless man in head: court testimony CBC News

 20090203 Help for children alienated by a parent Researcher reports signs of progress in kids from `toxic' relationships

20090202 The 'evil stepmother'

20090202 Order to take off niqab pits law against religion

20090202 Judges send children to U.S. quacks, expert charges  Toronto Star

20090202 Daycare crisis? A single-parent speaks out

20090201 British seek power to expel wayward lords like Conrad Black Toronto Star

20090201 Anguished dads unite over Darcey

20090131 Single mother of octuplets obsessed with having children, her mother says

20090130 Barbara Kay: Brainwashing the kids to spite the ex

20090130 Canadian convicted of killing daughter to keep boyfriend

20090130 N.S. woman admits she strangled daughter to keep boyfriend

20090130 MELANIE PHILLIPS: To place children with two gay men when an adoptive mother and father are available, just to uphold a brutal dogma, is a sickening assault on family life Scotland

20090130 'You'll never see your grandchildren again': Social worker's warning to couple after they spoke out over gay adoption row Scotland

20090129 Court backs parental right of known sperm donors

20090129 Barbara Kay, Nunavut Minister is Stripped by Big Sister of his Cabinet Post for Telling the Truth

20090129 Project truth hears from last witness

20090129 Australian 'throws girl to death' - mentally ill

20090128 Okalik criticizes Aariak for removing justice minister over email   CBC News

20090128 Manitoba wants to bar media from child welfare trial


20090128 RCMP agent was instigator who broke law: defence

20090127 Jailed dad still deserves child support: court

20090127 Secrecy of bail hearings reduced by high court

20090127 Devastated by divorce court

20090127 No jail for Montrealer, 93, in sex abuse case

20090126 Publication ban law too broad, court rules Toronto Star

20090126 Publication ban law too broad, top Ontario court rules Globe and Mail

20090126 Things I learned from dad

20090126 Complex citizenship laws anger adoptive parents

20090126 A last look at Guantanamo

20090125 Parental sine qua non

20090125 Surrogates told to pay support

20090124 Parental sine qua non

20080124 The wrongfully convicted get a rightful donation

20090124 Blending taxes an option, McGuinty says

20090124 Judge removes children from mother's control

20090124 Mom loses custody for alienating dad

20090124 Property rights eroding state of marriage

20090123 Khadr comment pleases Liberals

20090123 Common-law partners watch wealthy Quebec couple's battle

20090122 Half Aussie women drink while pregnant

20090122 Obama makes Harper look bad

20090122 Khadr gets a ray of hope

20090121 High-profile businessman bankrolls Quebec common-law case

20090121 Obama rolls up his sleeves

20090121 Khadr trial suspended

20090121 Cracks show in FBI agent's testimony on Khadr

20090121 Accused sex-doll thief 'left DNA at scene'

20090120 Mr. President

20090120 Full text of Barack Obama's Inaugural Address:

20090120 Woman seeking alimony after common-law marriage

20090120 Trial puts wiretap expert on hot seat

20090120 Schizophrenia and bipolar may be the same disease

20090119 Former Liberal MLA to represent Blackmore on polygamy charges

20090119 'We're proud of Sept. 11,' Guantanamo court told

20090119 Sydney Harris, 91: Judge was defender of rights

20090119 Quebec billionaire's partner launches challenge for alimony

20090118 Beer industry request behind rise in Ontario prices: Document

20090118 Hells Angels acquitted of murder charges

20090118 Downed jet lifted from ice-laden Hudson

20090117 Child access rights for grandparents  Aus

20090117 Police break search rules in grow-op trial

20090117 Khadr hearing still on despite requests for delay

20090116 Ontario judge declares secrecy law unconstitutional

20090115 Biology, not heart, provokes infidelity

20090115 Kids with Nazi-inspired names removed from home

20090115  Why so many minds think alike - explanation for pressures to conform -

20090114 Do suicides go up when the economy heads south?

2009-0114 Khadr fails to evoke sympathy   -   A courageous article  by Thomas Walkom 

20090114 Father convicted of killing daughters a no-show   The Nelson Heart Saga

20090114 Police shouldn't be investigating themselves: Ontario ombudsman

20090114 Crown's case 'devastated' by tattoo evidence exclusion, court told

20090114 Star wins 'landmark' court fight over records

20090114 Over two hours TV a day hurting kids - study

20090114 Medvedev Decorates Prolific Parents   Russia promotes family values

20090114 Star wins 'landmark' court fight over records

20090113 Doubt cast on 1983 verdict National Post -Ivan Henry strory

20090113 Case reopened for B.C. man convicted of rapes -more on the Ivan Henry story

20090113 Elite school to pay $5M for abuse allegations

20090114  Pilot mutters "die" as run from law ends

20090113 Man caught after apparently trying to fake own death pathological liar - pilot

20090113 Hells Angel witness called the 'Wayne Gretzky of lying'

20090113 Stepfather killing: 10,000 sexual abuse images seized

20090113 Obama's chess master talks strategy

20090112 Why your brain can't always make good decisions

20090112 Would-be judge 'forgot' drunk driving conviction Toronto Star

20090112 Mix-up caused missed conviction record Globe and Mail

20090112 Lawyer says client jailed on wrongful rape conviction CTV

20090112 Lawyer urges court to reopen Ivan Henry case

20090112 Lawyers defend 'two-beer' defence

20090111 The man behind Murphy's Law

20090110 Watchdogs of sexual harassment as eager to bite as they ever were Another great article by Christie Blatchford of the Globe and Mail - this is a typical example of her passion for justice

20090110 Divorced couples fight over shrinking assets

20090110 Crown accuses Toronto police of racism

20090109 Sopranos actor gets 10 years in prison

20090108 The good divorce

20090107 Court lets dad appeal Dr. Smith baby case

20090107 Men's rights groups thrive on anger -(see example of censorship by Toronto Star on commentary)



20090107 Man who didn't father twins must pay child support

20090107 Polygamy charges in Bountiful

20080107 Man who didn't father twins must pay child support


20090107 Statement on Bountiful special prosecution

20090107 Woman sues Google over blogger's comments

20090106 The art of cross-examination

20080106 Judge grants appeal in Smith baby case

20090104 Internal hearing turns ugly for Julian Fantino

20090104 Law targets rogue lawyers

20090103 Justice at last for gay war widower -Now its time for Canadian men who are victims of Ontario's Gender Apartheid laws to file similar claims.

20090102 Retroactive Child Support and Special or Extraordinary Expenses